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Cross is Here

Cyclocross season has officially made its way into our house. Last weekend, Ken raced the first kickoff race of the season. It wasnt exactly in my beginner’s ability range, so I took the weekend off and used it for some good training rides! I mean, when you can have views like this, you are okay with not racing for the day!


It was exceptionally hot last weekend…95+ degrees and no cloud cover. I was pretty excited to be sitting out that race! Brooke and I did our best to spray Ken with cold water every time he went by to help him cool off. He ended up in 6th with some excellent competition so we are going to call it a great start to the season.

This girl did some awesome cheering!


The past week has been a lot of training and also a lot of recovering. Took Monday, Thursday and Friday off the bike (Friday due to weather) and then had bike workouts on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.



Friday morning, my sister-in-law and I braved the 5:15 am alarm for some awesome hot yoga at YogaPod. It was an excellent start to the day and weekend!

This morning, she and I went for a pretty decent tempo ride for an hour before meeting our team for some practice on a grassy course for another hour and then rode the 25 minutes home. My lovely hubby and kiddo met us their and Brooke played with a friend while we worked on our skills. It was encouraging seeing my improvement in riding things that scare me from last year. Seriously exhausted now! Got some new running shoes in the mail yesterday, so we may have to squeeze a jog in this afternoon with the B.O.B!

Hope you are having an active and awesome weekend!

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