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Mega Road Trip 2018 Part 1

Hi, friends! How are you?? I have been off the grid for a while so I thought that I would jump in with some catch up!! The last couple of days have been pretty quiet as we have been unpacking, doing laundry and getting groceries….soooooo, let us have a look at the 10 or so days before that because they were much more exciting! I will spare you the nitty gritty details, but how about some highlights!?

Friday, um, like a week and a half ago (yeah, we didnt have a ton of downtime to catch up!)….we jumped in the truck around noon and picked Ken up from work before starting our epic journey!

Clearly, Jasper knows the drill….


Brooke was pretty excited about her new lap tray.


We made it to Fruita in time for Ken to get in a mountain bike ride and me, Jasper and Brooke to get in a great hike!


Spent the night in Grand Junction before setting out the next morning to find some new trails! Both Ken and I got in around an hour on our mountain bikes (switching off to hang with B) before spending the rest of the afternoon driving.


In Cedar City, we made sure to pick up In-N-Out for dinner. So good.


We had planned to stop in a town surrounding Las Vegas, but due to March Madness EVERYTHING in the area was booked solid. Seriously!?!?!

We continued our drive and ended up in Barstow, CA. Not exactly the cream of the crop of hotels, but it did the job!


The next morning (Sunday if you are keeping count), it was a little chilly in the car.


We spent to morning driving until we made it to Fresno and made a stop at Costco, because…Costco. Grabbed some essentials and made our way to Coarsegold to visit with Ken’s grandma. It was SO green!! Nice to see after white all Winter at home 😉


We had a lovely afternoon (I got in a 6 mile run-all hills) before grabbing some tasty Mexican food for dinner!

Monday morning, we hung out with Grams. She made us a delicious breakfast while Brooke and I played by the fire and Ken moved firewood.


After a quick wardrobe change, Brooke had to show off her skills!

IMG_5188_LI (2)

Rocks make the best playgrounds.









After lots of hugs and some packing, we were back in the car and on our way to Southern California. We made it to my parent’s house just in time to help my mom pick up a vehicle before we left Brooke with her and headed out for a quickie mountain bike ride.




Tuesday was a bit rainy, but we found some windows for workouts! Ken got in a 3ish hour ride and I got in a 5 mile hilly trail run. Meanwhile, Brooke did all the things.


In the afternoon, we headed down to Disney Studios (where my parent’s are working) for a little tour and hang out time.


Brooke was a little unsure of the whole thing.


Maybe she thought she would try to hold up the building as well?


Pretty cool!


Spent the evening grading (dun dun dun)….And then Jasper thought he would join me in bed.


Wednesday was super rainy, so Ken and I did some errand running before spending the evening hanging with my brother and his 2 kiddos. Ken and I opted to run separately as my Mom was working….4 miles for me, 4.5 for him!

Brooke had no fun at all 😉


And that was the first half of our trip (or at least the exciting parts!).

In an effort to not be photo overload….I will go ahead and post the rest tomorrow! A surprise trip to Disneyland may have been involved 🙂

Have a great night! Vacation was amazing, but it is nice to be home!

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More Snow Runnings!

Hey there and happy last day of February! Can you believe that we welcome in March tomorrow? Craziness!

Sorry, I have a been a bit hit-or-miss lately. Lots of things going on and the class that I am teaching is kind of kicking my butt! Lots of students and lots of time returning emails. Needless to say, it has been a bit of a challenge to get some down time.

But hey, here are some highlights!

Sunday….looking pretty #basic for church. It was pretty stinking cold, so totally rocking the puffy jacket with a scarf that a friend brought back from Paris. All I needed was a Starbucks cup and it would have been perfect.


We spent most of the afternoon hanging out and playing. A bit of cross country skiing and I was happy to chill with the fam (they snowshoe-ed (word?) with me!).

On Monday, Brooke and I hung around the house and did chores. We ventured outside to play because the sun was SO nice! Brooke thought it would be a good idea to ride down to the mailbox. Strider for the win! (I had ridden with Ken in the morning and then did a 4 mile run outside earlier in the day).



Seriously, up the snow wall?!



Brooke only crashed hard once, but luckily she had snow clothes on, so it was a non-issue.


Once home, I had a bowl of puffins. And then 20 minutes later, I had a second bowl. Perfectly normal.


The rest of the day involved play time, some grading and 35 minutes of work on Ken’s legs.

On Tuesday, we visited with our neighbor who just got home from Hawaii. She found this adorable shirt and thought it was perfect for me. I think she was right. Super cute!


Since I had already showered and put on makeup (WHAT?!) to go into town, it was a bit of a toss up as to what I could do with Jasper to wear him out before B and I left for the evening. Enter: Cross country skiing. It was brisk out and breezy, so I just put on other clothes for a bit and we headed up the hill next to the house. It was perfect. Didnt get sweaty, I could see the house and the kid could see me the whole time! Excellent. Also, the views!






Just wondering how much hair I should chop off at the end of April…hmmmmm….


Changed clothes and headed to town with Brooke. We picked up some essentials..this was delicious…


grabbed some dinner and then my date and I headed to her FIRST MOVIE THEATER viewing!


She was super excited and did great! It helped that there were literally only 6 other people there 😉 We saw the Peter Rabbit movie that is out and it was really cute!


This morning, we did the usual things and got ready to head back into town for some grocery shopping and ski lessons.

They are cute.


Brooke skied and Jasper and I went up and down a mountain.


Literally….up and down!


It was a great 6 miles and then we headed home!

Ken is doing a fat bike race this evening under the full moon. (He just texted me that he took 2nd!!). I am sure it was beautiful!!


Looking forward to a relaxed day tomorrow around the house!

And now, my friends, it is time to dive back into the world of grading! Have a good night!!

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A Trip Up Emerald and I Need a Nap

Hey there, friends! How is your hump day going?? Doing anything fun today?

Our morning started at 5 with the sound of the alarm clock and a side of the coffee dripping in the machine (Thank goodness for pre-set coffee…am I right?!). It took a little effort, but we rolled out of bed and headed for the basement. Ken did an hour on the trainer and I opted for 45 minutes of riding and 15 minutes of weights. When we were finished, it was pancakes for everyone….and a second cup of coffee!).

The rest of the morning went by in a blur of cleaning up and packing for our trip to town. First stop, grocery store! Loaded up on all the goodies (We have 2 Rtic coolers and they are the buy ice cream every week BEFORE ski lessons and the drive home!).

Once we had everything loaded, we stopped by the gas station to fill up a couple of cans for Ken’s snowmobile. That gave Brooke a chance to finish her snack before getting to Howelsen and getting dressed for skiing! She opted to do the second session and we are all pretty happy about that. 😉

While she shredded the slopes, Jasper and I ran over to the other side of Emerald to do some exploring. It was supposed to be an easy 3 mile day, but how do you do that if you have an hour to yourself?!



Naturally I wore way too many clothes and it was a sweatfest, but I needed pockets and succumbed to the vest. Next time, fanny pack 😉


One happy dog.


It was well worth the views.


We ended up with 6 miles total before meeting up the Brooke. Profile looked like this…


Jasper loves his day to run with Mom 😉

Quick drive home and unloading of groceries and everyone was feeling like this….


Except Brooke who never runs out of energy. She played with all her toys before agreeing to take a break to take a bath (and give me a break!).

I am currently trying to not fall asleep on the keyboard. Maybe Brooke will put me to bed tonight???

Hope you had a wonderful day!! Here is to early bedtimes!!

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