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Trainings and We Did a Thing

Well, winter finally feels like it is making its way out! We have pavement back and most of the snow in our neighborhood is gone…if only the trails would follow suit!

Running has been going pretty well. And I am excited that weather has allowed for cycling to return as well. I have never been great with high mileage running, so cross training is my best friend.

Brooke is also pretty excited about the bike. She has come on a few runs with me and it is just the best. Unfortunately, she is much faster now so she gets a little bored waiting for me 😉

The gravel roads are also melting off pretty quick, so I had the chance to get out on those while Brooke was at soccer practice!

And then we did something that I am not sure was a good idea or not. Ha. We welcomed a little pupster into our lives. The loss of Jasper absolutely broke me last year and it took a long time for me to even consider a puppy. Let alone in a season where I am tired all the time and Brooke has so many activities…but we did it. Meet Banner. The first week and a half has been a little rough, but he was only 7 weeks when we brought him home-so very much a baby. Thankfully, it is getting better day by day.

Training has been a little tougher trying to balance timing and such, but I am sure we will figure it out. He sure is cute.

Brooke is still loving soccer. We also like getting to see green grass once in a while 😉 Maybe they will be able to practice outdoors up here sometime soon!

She is also getting used to her sidekick. He is pretty obsessed with her.

They have come to work with us a few time doing tire changes. Nailing it!

And now this will be a puppy-spam blog. Ha.

Have I mentioned that he is cute?

A girl and her puppy.

As with training, it feels like everyday life is a little bit in shambles as well. Balancing Brooke’s schoolwork, finishing up teaching four course, keeping the house at least someone presentable and a puppy happy, while throwing in side work with tire swaps and starting to put the yard together after a very snowy winter….woof. I need a vacation 😉 haha.

Another Saturday of soccer means I will be getting creative with mileage again! This time, Ken and the puppy are joining. Should be a ball 😉

Anyway, a look at the last couple of weeks!

Week of 5/1
M: Rest
T: 6 miles, easy
W: 10 mile cycle. Strength class
H: Rest
F: 10 mile run
S: 20 mile run, rainy.
S: 6 mile run, easy

Week of 4/24
M: 13.4 mile indoor cycle, easy
T: 7 mile, easy-outside!
W: 6 miles easy. Strengthening class
H: 14 mile gravel bike ride, easy. ~1 hour
F: 3.2 miles, easy
S: 14 miles (fitting in around soccer)-with climb to Brundage ski area
S: 33 mile cycle with Ken-hard!

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