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Being Sick is the Worst

Wooo. Back. Please excuse the hiatus as my family had the plague. Gah. Tested negative for the ‘vid, but whatever this virus was-not recommended. Ouch. Brooke is still enjoying a lingering cough and possible sinus infection.

While workouts took a swift downturn, I lucked out in that my main week of illness happened during a recovery week. Couldn’t have timed that one better as I wasn’t overly freaked out about missing miles-and also, let’s be honest, it is still solidly winter.

A few highlights from the past few weeks…

A gorgeous skate ski in Ponderosa!

We have had some killer sunsets. There has been PLENTY of cloudy days here this winter with lots of snow, so it has been nice to be able to see the sun go down-and at almost 6 pm now! Come on longer days!

We went down to Boise for Ken’s holiday party and stayed at a lovely hotel. The pool had been drained and cleaned and JUST opened the morning we were there. Talk about feeling pretty good about the cleanliness of a public pool 😉

Also, FINALLY found a fiddleleaf. I have been looking each time we have made the trip down to Boise and had yet to find one. Really hoping I can keep him alive-his tag says 60-90 degrees is his favorite and it definitely gets into the 50s in our house overnight. Come on, buddy!

On the temperature note, it was REALLY cold here last week. Ignore the date/time stamp-its very wrong. This was at 7:00 am. Was an indoor workout day 😉

This past week was Winter Carnival here in McCall. It is apparently a really big deal. There are ice sculptures (like really good ones!) all about town. Brooke and I ventured out for a bit to see some of them. There was also a dog sled race. The racer’s went basically right through our backyard-unfortunately they passed through during the night. I lucked out and happened to see a light on our walls after going to bed-Ken was asleep, but I hopped out of bed and was able to see a team pass by. Very cool!

Yesterday was the last day of the carnival and we happened to be in town with some friends. Holy moly, the number of people here was crazy. It took me about 30 minutes to find a place to park! Excited that things should calm down a bit this week.

And that is about the extent of our January. A solid way to start off the year. Ha. Here is to hoping Brooke can jump back in to her skiing this week!

Hope you have a great week! Stay healthy out there!

This week’s workouts
M: 6 miles, treadmill-easy
T: Pyramid workout, treadmill (2,4,6,6,4,2,1,30 sec) with warm up and cool down. 6 miles. 2 mile skate
W: 7 mile skate ski
H: 9 miles-hill workout in snow
F: Rest
S: 13.2 mile skate ski. 5 miles, treadmill
S: 10 miles, treadmill

Week of 1/23 (sick)
M: Rest
T: Rest
W: 3 mile walk on treadmill-thought I could jog. funny.
H: Rest
F: 45 minute spin on trainer
S: 1 hour ride on trainer
S: 5.6 mile skate ski

Week of 1/16
M: Rest
T: 7 miles treadmill, 7 miles skate ski
W: Rest
H: 7 miles skate ski
F: 10 miles skate ski
S: 13.3 miles skate ski (the day I realized I was getting Ken’s cold)
S: 3 mile walk

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A Snowy Week

Last week was a snowy one! Over the course of a couple of days, we ended up with close to 2 feet of snow. While it made for some gorgeous landscapes, it was a crazy couple days for those who had to be on the roads-and those who were getting the ski resort ready to open <But they couldn’t complain too much, because no one is made about fresh powder for opening day!

With all of the snow, I opted to switch out a couple of my workouts for skate skiing. I have a fairly good relationship with the treadmill, but want to keep it special for those really terrible days or real workouts 😉 Plus, it is really nice to enjoy some cross training with all the run miles!

The conditions were a bit tough for both of my skiing expeditions 😉 Lots of fresh snow makes things quite a bit harder and quite a bit slower, but some good efforts!

Ken and I ended up going out to do a set of tires in the midst of the storm. It was a little bit crazy with the trailer, but Ken made sure to keep us out of trouble.

It was so thick, we lost the lake. If that doesn’t scream “cold”, I dont know what does!

No biggie…cars were off the roads all over the place.

Was the perfect day to work outside 😉

And then there was the calm after the storm! Absolutely breathtaking!

The weather pushed me inside for a few of the workouts. Not going to lie, the 13 miles on Sunday was a bit much. Luckily, Ken rode the trainer for an hour so he provided company and then I turned on the Hunger Games and that made the second part fly right by!

On Sunday, we headed up to the mountain for a few runs! It was Brooke’s and my first day of the season, so we took it pretty easy. A lot of skiing in our winter plans! Happy to be about 15 minutes from the slopes-that makes it pretty convenient 🙂

Hoping that you have some fun things coming up this week! Brooke and I are taking a little trip. And it involves warmer temps and non-snow covered roads 😉 Running shorts weather?!

Last week’s workouts:
M: 5.1 mile skate ski
T: 8 mile run, treadmill. 2.5 mile skate ski
W: 15 min warm up, 5 x 5 minutes effort/1 min recovery, 15 min cool down-7 miles
H: REST (called for an easy 5 miles, but my body said to rest instead)
F: 8 miles steady, treadmill
S: 9 miles skate ski. 8 miles outside steady, 3 miles treadmill (11 run miles)
S: 13.1 miles, treadmill

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Into the Abyss

Hi Friends! How is your Monday treating you? Did you have a nice weekend? We are having some crazy weather around here….snow/rain…lots of slush and mud! Kind of gross outside to be honest.

We took advantage of the fact that it was snowing on Sunday and headed to the Resort for our last day of skiing (closing day is this coming weekend and we have no intention of braving that crowd).

Visibility was a bit, er, limited on the top.


These two. My heart.


It was some pretty great snow up top and some pretty heavy slush at the bottom.


We were able to show Ken our fave porcupine who was still in his tree!!

Sent Ken up to do a couple of solo runs in the good snow while we played in the gondola. Just happened to get on the Smartwool sponsored “wool room”!



Ken made his last run end near the base and got the truck to move it closer so we didnt have to walk everything back with Brooke. #gamechanger

Since it was early and town was quiet, we popped into our fave Mexican restaurant for dinner! We were literally the only people there for the first 20 minutes or so! Winning for sure!

She can make any hat look good 😉


The rest of the afternoon included couches and the hot tub. And then some work on the couch.

This morning started off dark and early as Ken and I hopped on the trainers before 6 am. Time to get back into the habit until the weather lets us play outside some more!

Ken left for work and B and I got going on her school work. Some math, some letters and then her favorite, science. We made some fun slime and she went to town with her animals.


She worked on abcmouse for a bit while I got in 4 miles on the treadmill. Working towards that race at the end of the month!

Now it is all chores, all afternoon! And then it is conference calls/dinner making and grading all evening. A total Monday 😉

Any fun plans this week?? We have plans to venture into town for some fun and errands tomorrow. Hopefully the road will dry out a little 😉