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A Trip Up Emerald and I Need a Nap

Hey there, friends! How is your hump day going?? Doing anything fun today?

Our morning started at 5 with the sound of the alarm clock and a side of the coffee dripping in the machine (Thank goodness for pre-set coffee…am I right?!). It took a little effort, but we rolled out of bed and headed for the basement. Ken did an hour on the trainer and I opted for 45 minutes of riding and 15 minutes of weights. When we were finished, it was pancakes for everyone….and a second cup of coffee!).

The rest of the morning went by in a blur of cleaning up and packing for our trip to town. First stop, grocery store! Loaded up on all the goodies (We have 2 Rtic coolers and they are the buy ice cream every week BEFORE ski lessons and the drive home!).

Once we had everything loaded, we stopped by the gas station to fill up a couple of cans for Ken’s snowmobile. That gave Brooke a chance to finish her snack before getting to Howelsen and getting dressed for skiing! She opted to do the second session and we are all pretty happy about that. 😉

While she shredded the slopes, Jasper and I ran over to the other side of Emerald to do some exploring. It was supposed to be an easy 3 mile day, but how do you do that if you have an hour to yourself?!



Naturally I wore way too many clothes and it was a sweatfest, but I needed pockets and succumbed to the vest. Next time, fanny pack 😉


One happy dog.


It was well worth the views.


We ended up with 6 miles total before meeting up the Brooke. Profile looked like this…


Jasper loves his day to run with Mom 😉

Quick drive home and unloading of groceries and everyone was feeling like this….


Except Brooke who never runs out of energy. She played with all her toys before agreeing to take a break to take a bath (and give me a break!).

I am currently trying to not fall asleep on the keyboard. Maybe Brooke will put me to bed tonight???

Hope you had a wonderful day!! Here is to early bedtimes!!

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Early Morning with a side of Crawling Back into Bed.

Howdy! How’s it going? Having a good day??

Our day started out pretty early. The alarm went off at 4:50 this morning so Ken could head up to Buff pass to snowmobile and back country ski. I got up and got his breakfast and lunch together and when he left I crawled right back into bed 😉 Didn’t fall back to sleep but enjoyed some quiet time to myself. That doesnt come around very often!

I guess the early wake up was worth it because he had some pretty epic skiing conditions and they stayed up there longer than they planned. Apparently, that is where all the snow has been accumulating.

Without the noise of us riding in the basement and getting Ken ready for work, Brooke slept in until after 7. It was glorious! She felt the need to get right outside. Girl is crazy.


We had a relaxed morning and around 10:00, I hopped on the trainer for an hour of easy spinning.


While I was riding, FedEx delivered my new Lululemon sports bra. It just happened to match my bibs and socks. I guess I have a thing for blue.


After a quick shower and some lunch, Brooke, Jasper and I headed outside.

The weather today has been so weird. Sunny and gorgeous with moments of wind and hammering snow. Sounds about right.

Recovery week cross training…


Pretty obsessed with these gloves. I go through a good amount of gloves in a year (lots of outside chores) and these are absolutely killing it this winter. They are warm and have proven themselves really durable. Ken has waterproofed them a couple of times (hence why they look so dirty…I promise, they look worse in the picture) and I just love them….you know, just in case you are in the market for heavy duty winter gloves 😉


Some awesome clouds (which later turned into a blowing snow storm).


In his element.


So is she.


Firewood moving break.



And the dinos came out to play.





After taking the quad to get the mail, we were ready for some hot chocolate….perfect ratio of whipped cream:hot cocoa!


And now I am ready for a nap. Kidding. Not really. I guess cleaning up the house and putting away laundry will have to count as relaxation. Or maybe meal planning or putting away toys will….

Hope your day has been great!! Catch ya later!! Town day tomorrow!

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Back to Blackmere

Howdy! Happy Thursday to you. Tomorrow is Fri-YAY!! Yes!! Any big plans for the weekend on the books? We are *possibly* getting some snow tomorrow which could mean that we have to head in to do some skiing over the weekend. I GUESS I could be talked into that 😉

This morning started around 6:30 when the small child climbed into bed with me. I should have set her *wake up light* clock to a later time 😛 I stayed up too late watching a movie last night….Ken asked what chic flick I would be watching (since we do most of our movie watching together), but I ended up engrossed in the movie “Concussion” with Will Smith. It is all about the concussion issues plaguing the NFL. I thought it was really good (and nerdy…just the way I like it!).

After breakfast, Brooke was working on an art project so I popped down to the basement to spin out my legs for 45 minutes. I started the movie “The Circle” and am excited to finish it up when Brooke goes to bed tonight!

Obligatory crappy trainer pic….


But look at that shorts/socks/shoes combo…all the matchies!!!


Post-spin, we played around the house for a bit before having a quick lunch and heading to town. It was SUPPOSED to be warm today, but when we got to the park, it was still showing 17 degrees in the truck. Luckily, we are always prepared for winter and busted out all the warm snow clothes and everyone was happy!



Once Brooke had enough park time, we headed to the base of Blackmere on Emerald Mountain for some hiking! Jasper was probably the happiest about this, but we had a great time too!! Brooke wanted to go up all the steep climbs and had fun sliding down on her butt!




I call it a mega-win that I got all of us in a picture…and even better that 2/3 of us are looking at the camera! We sure missed Ken though! 😦

After our hike, Brooke and I hit up the pool while Jasper took a nap. Since it was 25 degrees by then, he was plenty warm with his jacket on in the truck. He would MUCH rather wait in the truck than be home alone. We had a great time swimming for about 40 minutes before loading back up and heading home.

The snow is supposed to show up overnight, so I took advantage of the warm weather and moved firewood to the porch. Brooke caught up on a dinosaur show for a bit while finishing up her art project. She needed some down time 😉

Now she is hanging in the bathtub before we figure out what to make for dinner!

Tomorrow is clean the house day…with a side of a 4 mile run fit in somewhere…but it is FRIDAY, so we are excited 🙂

Hope you have a lovely evening!!

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