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Last Few Weeks and Hells Canyon Adventure Run

Well, I guess it is officially Spring?! That sounds really funny as it has been absolutely hammering snow all day…but, alas, that is what you get for living in the mountains I guess. Could really go for a beach and 75 degrees right now 😉

The last few weeks have been filled with snow running, so many treadmill miles, Nordic miles and DIRT miles!! What!?! 25 glorious (and slightly terrifying miles) on dirt and rock-but more on that in a minute.

At what point do you just give up on trying to look attractive while running in the snow? Even after years of doing it, I still end up in whatever layers I can find that seem like they will do the best job. Very much a function over fashion runner over here 😉 This was the look from my hill repeats a few weeks ago. It was COLD and snowing. This Nike Trail jacket is great because it basically unzips completely up the sides so I could let in cool air when working hard and zip it back up for the recovery/descent portion.

We have been hit continuously by some good storms-great for downhill skiing and summer water supply…not as great for Nordic. Plus it has been warmish. A soft, interesting texture on skate skis.

As the miles per week start to creep up, I notice that I am CONSTANTLY finding myself opening the door to the pantry. Doesn’t matter if I have already refueled well. Just all about the snacks. Ha. Sooo, in order to continue to fit into my clothes I have added in some foods that will help me feel as full as the calories I am consuming. In all fairness, I really wished this was a hamburger the whole time. Even though it was actually pretty delicious.

Speaking of downhill skiing…got out with Brooke and enjoyed some delightful powder!

Another fun side effect of the longer/tougher workouts has been the sweet little notes from my Garmin. 71 hours of recovery. That was cute. Considering I had 10 miles to complete the next day. Thanks for the advice!

A highlight from a week ago was Brooke deciding she wanted to do the last Nordic race of the season! It was totally her choice and it was adorable. She did so good and worked so hard. It was great seeing her out there suffering…um, I mean working hard doing something fun! 😉 Ken also did the race and took 2nd place in the sprint course. It was awesome.

We have been lucky to have a few bluebird days 🙂

This past weekend, I did something that I haven’t done in months! I packed my hydration pack full of food and went on a nice long run on dirt. I only ended up going through about half of the food I had packed (I tend to overpack because if for some reason I end up out there longer than I think-or overnight, I want all the foods!).

We drove down to Riggins on Friday afternoon so that Ken could do some work before we headed to our hotel. Since it was our first time and we were not super familiar with the area, we chose to stay closer with a shorter drive in the morning.

On Saturday, we were up really early and loaded into the car to head down to Pittsburg landing. It turned out that we were really early because the jet boats we were taking were running on Pacific time instead of Mountain Standard….so we had an extra hour to hang while I decided on final outfit choices and food items.

At 7 am, a group of us loaded onto a jet boat (there was also the option to do a shorter run of about 15-16 miles) and headed about 25 miles up the river. The ride was so much fun. It is amazing what those boats can do in rapids. No wonder they are so popular for summer adventures.

The driver of the boat pulled over at a point on the shore and we all unloaded. After a few minutes of getting things together, I set off jogging. I call it that, but it was really like 10 of us trying to figure out where the actual trail was! This run is unsupported, so you carry everything you might need and probably one of the most technical trails that I have done.

The first 2.5 miles were a bit hectic, but eventually we could make out the trail. Since we are coming out of winter with less use on the trails, they were quite covered with grass and brush. Luckily, I only went off course 3 or 4 more times. The trail is also not marked at all. You just follow it and hope it turns up. One thing I did was find the trip on Strava from a previous year and downloaded the GPX file and put it on my watch. I used the navigation function and it would tell me if I went the wrong way. Thankful for that!

While I knew that parts of the trail were very exposed and really, basically on the edge of cliffs, I wasn’t completely mentally prepared for how much we encountered. It was probably a good thing I didn’t know or I might have chickened out. There was a LOT and you can believe I never looked down in those sections 😉 I am pretty terrified of heights and falling. It was a day of conquering fears for sure. But never did I feel like it was unsafe, just that there were areas I needed to walk because my rate of tripping and falling is much higher when I am running.

The views were absolutely amazing! Quite an experience being out there. I went back and forth with some other awesome women throughout the day. It was nice having other humans around. Once we got closer in, I passed a bunch of people that had done the short option as a hike. They were all so encouraging as I ran by (maybe waddled by that point!).

All in all, it was an amazing day. Very thankful for the opportunity to do it and for Ken hanging out with Brooke for the day. It was amazing coming across them with about a half a mile to go! Brooke had hiked out in her BOGS no big deal 😉

This event is not a race, just an awesome day out…but I am not going to lie, it is hard not to be a little competitive. 😉 It was also fun to test the fitness a bit. It was also my first day ever using poles. I really enjoyed having them, but definitely need some practice with them to be more efficient. Every long run at this point is practice for August, so I worked really hard on nutrition and hydration. I was pretty happy with both. I started eating basically 2 miles into the run. It ended up taking me about 5.5 hours with 10 minutes of non-moving time. Let’s just say I wanted to keep things moving forward! Most of that downtime was taking off clothes, etc.

Definitely recommend the experience, but be prepared for some ruggedness. They dont call it Hells Canyon because it is rainbows and butterflies!

Now back to my regularly scheduled snow activities…Happy Spring!

Week of 3/13
T: 8 mile easy run, treadmill
W: 7 miles, treadmill with 7×5 min efforts
H: Skate ski 5.25 miles
F: 4 miles easy, treadmill
S: 25 miles with 4k+ elevation. Rugged. Hells Canyon Adventure Run
S:16 miles (1 hour) bike trainer easy (pretty sore quads!)

Week of 3/6
T: 4 mile easy run, treadmill. 4.4 mile skate ski
W: 7 miles, treadmill with 7×5 min efforts
H: 3 mile easy run, treadmill. 5.5 miles skate ski
F: 10 miles easy treadmill
S: 13 mile skate ski. 7 mile run, treadmill
S: 7.3 miles skate ski. 7.7 miles easy, treadmill

Week of 2/27
M: 5 mile easy run, treadmill
T: Pyramid workout on treadmill (7.5 miles). 6.5 mile easy skate ski
W: 5 mile easy run, treadmill
H: Hill workout in the snow. 2×3 mile power hike, 3×5 mile run efforts, 5×30 second uphill sprints (recoveries for all)=7.1 miles + 6.3 mile easy skate ski
F: 6.3 mile easy skate ski
S: 10 mile treadmill run. 10 mile skate ski
S: 7.7 mile skate ski. 2.3 mile treadmill run

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More Snow Runnings!

Hey there and happy last day of February! Can you believe that we welcome in March tomorrow? Craziness!

Sorry, I have a been a bit hit-or-miss lately. Lots of things going on and the class that I am teaching is kind of kicking my butt! Lots of students and lots of time returning emails. Needless to say, it has been a bit of a challenge to get some down time.

But hey, here are some highlights!

Sunday….looking pretty #basic for church. It was pretty stinking cold, so totally rocking the puffy jacket with a scarf that a friend brought back from Paris. All I needed was a Starbucks cup and it would have been perfect.


We spent most of the afternoon hanging out and playing. A bit of cross country skiing and I was happy to chill with the fam (they snowshoe-ed (word?) with me!).

On Monday, Brooke and I hung around the house and did chores. We ventured outside to play because the sun was SO nice! Brooke thought it would be a good idea to ride down to the mailbox. Strider for the win! (I had ridden with Ken in the morning and then did a 4 mile run outside earlier in the day).



Seriously, up the snow wall?!



Brooke only crashed hard once, but luckily she had snow clothes on, so it was a non-issue.


Once home, I had a bowl of puffins. And then 20 minutes later, I had a second bowl. Perfectly normal.


The rest of the day involved play time, some grading and 35 minutes of work on Ken’s legs.

On Tuesday, we visited with our neighbor who just got home from Hawaii. She found this adorable shirt and thought it was perfect for me. I think she was right. Super cute!


Since I had already showered and put on makeup (WHAT?!) to go into town, it was a bit of a toss up as to what I could do with Jasper to wear him out before B and I left for the evening. Enter: Cross country skiing. It was brisk out and breezy, so I just put on other clothes for a bit and we headed up the hill next to the house. It was perfect. Didnt get sweaty, I could see the house and the kid could see me the whole time! Excellent. Also, the views!






Just wondering how much hair I should chop off at the end of April…hmmmmm….


Changed clothes and headed to town with Brooke. We picked up some essentials..this was delicious…


grabbed some dinner and then my date and I headed to her FIRST MOVIE THEATER viewing!


She was super excited and did great! It helped that there were literally only 6 other people there 😉 We saw the Peter Rabbit movie that is out and it was really cute!


This morning, we did the usual things and got ready to head back into town for some grocery shopping and ski lessons.

They are cute.


Brooke skied and Jasper and I went up and down a mountain.


Literally….up and down!


It was a great 6 miles and then we headed home!

Ken is doing a fat bike race this evening under the full moon. (He just texted me that he took 2nd!!). I am sure it was beautiful!!


Looking forward to a relaxed day tomorrow around the house!

And now, my friends, it is time to dive back into the world of grading! Have a good night!!

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A Trip Up Emerald and I Need a Nap

Hey there, friends! How is your hump day going?? Doing anything fun today?

Our morning started at 5 with the sound of the alarm clock and a side of the coffee dripping in the machine (Thank goodness for pre-set coffee…am I right?!). It took a little effort, but we rolled out of bed and headed for the basement. Ken did an hour on the trainer and I opted for 45 minutes of riding and 15 minutes of weights. When we were finished, it was pancakes for everyone….and a second cup of coffee!).

The rest of the morning went by in a blur of cleaning up and packing for our trip to town. First stop, grocery store! Loaded up on all the goodies (We have 2 Rtic coolers and they are the buy ice cream every week BEFORE ski lessons and the drive home!).

Once we had everything loaded, we stopped by the gas station to fill up a couple of cans for Ken’s snowmobile. That gave Brooke a chance to finish her snack before getting to Howelsen and getting dressed for skiing! She opted to do the second session and we are all pretty happy about that. 😉

While she shredded the slopes, Jasper and I ran over to the other side of Emerald to do some exploring. It was supposed to be an easy 3 mile day, but how do you do that if you have an hour to yourself?!



Naturally I wore way too many clothes and it was a sweatfest, but I needed pockets and succumbed to the vest. Next time, fanny pack 😉


One happy dog.


It was well worth the views.


We ended up with 6 miles total before meeting up the Brooke. Profile looked like this…


Jasper loves his day to run with Mom 😉

Quick drive home and unloading of groceries and everyone was feeling like this….


Except Brooke who never runs out of energy. She played with all her toys before agreeing to take a break to take a bath (and give me a break!).

I am currently trying to not fall asleep on the keyboard. Maybe Brooke will put me to bed tonight???

Hope you had a wonderful day!! Here is to early bedtimes!!

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