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And Just Like That…

It’s Fall. Whhhhhaaaatttt?!?!?!?!

Yes, I pretty much disappeared for the whole Summer. There was a good amount of fun but there was also a HUGE amount of work in there.

Trying to think back (you know, based on cell phone photos) on what we did!

There was a good amount of outdoor eating and enjoying our partially built railing around the deck. Hoping to make more progress there before snow!


Brooke has enjoyed improving on her new bike. She is crushing the gears!


We purchased the lot next to us (because we couldn’t really handle the thought of neighbors). A rancher friend hayed it for us! Was pretty fun to watch! Now we have 10 acres to play on.



The second weekend of July, Ken and I dropped Brooke and Jasper off with Errin and Colin and we headed to Beaver, Utah to race the Crusher in the Tushar. It was about 69 miles with 10,400 feet of climbing. It was hard. Ha! The trip took a crazy turn when we ended up without a hotel room (luckily we could crash on a friend’s floor-ideal race prep). Not sure where the other 25 people who had the same issue ended up.

The race itself was a lot of fun (though also incredibly painful-ha). I have big plans for redemption next year! Ken did great and finished 12th overall. I struggled in the last 20 miles or so with some serious low back cramping and issues with blurry vision-thanks to super dry contacts. Happy to finish 12th out of 36 the 36-49 year old women.


Back home, Brooke kept up the biking and I switched to running for the rest of the summer.


This guy turned 10!


Even though I switched to running, I couldn’t resist a free entry to the 100 mile gravel version of the Tour de Steamboat. I suffered having not recovered from the Crusher a week prior.


We did some Vizsla sitting for some friends. Hi, Penny! She is 3. And a riot.


The two of them get along amazingly well!



Farmer’s Market and Brooke’s first time trying Cotton Candy. She thought it was okay, but only ate half and was done. I was fine with that. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Had some mornings like this. I got to run through that low fog and it was amazing!


Lots of playing.



Outdoor playing and painting.


I jumped into the Stinger Trail Marathon. On 4 weeks of running. And woke up with a cold the morning of. It was great. Okay, it was a struggle, but it was a really good supported long run.

Ken worked a couple of Triathlons.

Then he looked like this.


And then our lives exploded….hahahahaha. But really. SBT GRVL week hit and it got insane.

Thankfully, we had a LOT of help from family.

When parents show up with giant dinos strapped to their roof!?


Someone thought it was the best day ever. Totally normal yard decor.



Did some VIP decor creating.


Stayed up until all hours of the night, er, morning….yes, that is stage building at 10pm.


All in all, the event was incredible. The amount of happiness shared by the participants was out of this world. Social media exploded. It was amazing. No sleep for over a week, but amazing.

So thankful for all of the help from our families and friends. We really couldn’t have done it without them!!

Brooke got to come visit at the expo and just happened to match our sunscreen sponsor!


Ken made all of my podium dreams come true!


A small peek into the race. Ended up with 1200 starters on race morning! That’s a lot of people!


Photo by our SBT GRVL photo team (they were amazing!).

I spent race day at the start/finish doing all sorts of things!

Alle crushed her first 100 mile race (not to mention she came from sea level!) as well as Colin. (And then we put them to work tearing everything down at the end of the day. Not sure why they still like us.


Robert, Rene and Keith all did great in the GREEN course! After they had been put to work for the days before hand!


My cardio involved things like running for finish line fencing that blew down. Always a good time.


Everyone got put to work. Even the kid ๐Ÿ˜‰


She got to ride too, so she was okay with her jobs ๐Ÿ˜‰


Since the race, there has been a lot of work cleaning up, finding places for storage, redesigning the website, responding to social media, etc. Never a dull moment.

Also thrown in there has been training for my first 50 mile ultra running race. It happens to be this Saturday. 8 weeks of training could have been a little on the low side for something like this. I guess we will see! I finished my last speed workout today and just have 2 tiny runs left this week. Excited and equally terrified for Saturday. Just have to figure out what to wear/take/pack….should be about 35 degrees at the start and then warm to 50s-60s. Most is above 9500-10,000 feet so should be perfect running temps!

And I think that is all of the big things! Looking forward to a little down time sometime soon!

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More Landscaping, a Couple Big Rides, Accidental Long Run…Pretty Much Summertime

Well, hello there!!

Yes. It has been a hot minute. Or two.

Life got real busy there for a sec, but we are back. For a least a couple days, anyway.

Not really sure how to catch up with so much lost time, so I just uploaded the pics I have and I will try to hit a few highlights??

It’s been hot.


And a little weird.


We got some dirt delivered.


The kids were happy….my back…not so much ๐Ÿ˜‰


Been to town a few times….


Built a bookshelf!


Ken was all about the cutting and installation…I did the wood prep.

IMG_6454 (1)

A barn caught fire and there was a minute that we were nervous that it was a wildfire.


Staining business.


There were several days where I ended up on the floor at the end of the day.

IMG_6460 (2)

And then somehow ended up on the trainer at 8:30 at night. With beer.


Fit some school work in with our watermelon eating (plus grading until 11 for a lot of nights).


Finished product!


Our neighbor installed our crown molding in the kitchen.


Hosted Ken’s Big Ride 2nd edition (110 miles on gravel with a pizza stop in the middle and dinner afterwards). Brook and I went to Costco on Thursday and then cleaned and prepped for people on Friday. Luckily my sister-in-law and her husband came up and while he did the ride, she helped with all of the food! 20+riders and then some families for dinner. Always a good time. Always good when it’s done ๐Ÿ˜‰


Made a pinata because I could find a bike one that was under $68.


Mexican themed food=classy decor.


The following day Errin and I rode our own 102 miles. It was great. I took 1 picture. Ken ended up having a meeting about a bike race (details later) so we ended our ride in town and hopped in some friend’s pool and had a BBQ. That was a little bit perfect!


Brooke got some cool clothes from a neighbor. Uhhh.


Jasper trying to beat the heat.


On Monday, E and C were still here so we floated the Yampa River and it was glorious.

Wednesday (Fourth of July!!), Ken was offย  and our company had left. We opted to head up to the Zirkel Wilderness for a hike/run. Ken hiked with Brooke (so much patience required) while I ran for a bit and then would run back and meet up with them. 11 miles for me. Pretty excited with how it felt considering the 100 mile ride a few days earlier.

It was gorgeous and well worth it.





That lake was COLD, folks.


Hot dog.


We had a great time!

Last night we had dinner with friends who are moving to Switzerland. No biggie. Brooke and I made sure to visit the pool to prepare ๐Ÿ˜‰

It has been a busy couple of weeks (complete with full on landscaping-pics to come!). We have baby grass starting to peek up through the dirt. We are all sufficiently exhausted and ready for some fireworks on Saturday night!

I think I need a vacation! Traveling to Ken’s BIG bike race of the summer next week. That counts as a vacation, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope that you have been having a fantastic summer and doing all the fun things!!