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Mailbox Walk and Ski Lessons

What’s up, Wednesday friends? How is your week going so far? Nice weather where you are? It is too nice here, but our forecast is showing some snow at the end of the week! More snow, please.

Still working on battling this silly cold over here. Brooke is back to 100% and Ken is getting there….I feel like I am the struggle bus. It is possible that running whilst sick last weekend sent the thing right into my bronchi. It’s cool, I only sound like death. I feel pretty good!

Yesterday, we hung out around the house doing school work and such. I am getting really good at my coloring 😉


The sun called to us and we ventured out to play in the afternoon. Brooke was telling me all about the bird foot prints. Apparently they were from a “red bluebird”. I’ve got nothing there.


Brooke loves her snow piles. Jasper is a big fan too and spends a lot of time running up and over them.


Maybe I should start to wear makeup on days that I take pictures of myself 😉


We walked the .45 miles to the mailbox. PS You know you are a runner when you can rattle off the exact distance of landmarks within 5 miles of your house.


Thankful for the snowmobile track to walk on!


Love those Zirkels!


Jax came over and Brooke tormented them both with the frisbee.



I am pretty much a professional at regrowing green onions. New life’s work 😉


Today, we headed into town to grab some groceries before venturing to Brooke’s ski lesson.

I was supposed to have a run date with a mom friend, but she made other plans to go to lunch with her husband. Since I had Jasper, we went for a 30 minute walk before hanging out and waiting for Brooke to be done. To be honest, it was probably a better bet for me to walk and skip the run. Things tend to work out!

Also, this Suja drink has Cayenne pepper in it. Hot in such a good way.


Brooke had a blast skiing and gets to move up next week!

We are currently taking a minute to relax and regroup before bath time!

The husband has a bike playdate tonight, so it is just me and the little two this evening! I am sure to be ready for bed by 8 😉

Have a lovely afternoon!

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