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A Photo Shoot, Swim Lesson, Trip to the Park, Long Walk and the (dun dun dun) Dentist!

Fri_YAY!!!!! It’s finally here!!! Woohoo!!! Here’s to prepping for the weekend 🙂

But first…yesterday!

Thursday was a BUSY day. I am pretty sure that I am still exhausted from our endeavors.

To begin the day, I headed to the basement for a super easy ride. I was down there by about 7:45 because I knew that it would be the only time I had during the day to make it happen. It was a nice and short 45 minute spin (that or nothing!).


Always good when your battery starts getting low. Now, if only I could actually remember to change that today!


As soon as I was done with my spin, it was a whirlwind of getting dressed, getting Brooke dressed and her hair done and then getting all of our stuff together before setting out for the day. I knew it was going to be a long one and we had a lot of different things to pack for!

We left the house around 9:30 and headed to one of our favorite trails just outside of town. Fall photo shoots are just the best and even though the snow last weekend did a number on our trees up here, it was still pretty. Brooke enjoyed playing in the leaves and creek and I took about 280 pictures in the hopes of having about 10 that are awesome 😉 Thank GOODNESS for digital!

Sneak peek!!




From our photo shoot, we headed straight to the pool for Brooke’s last swim lesson of the session. Getting changed is always exciting.


As is figuring out which sunscreen still has something left in it. Clearly it is the end of the summer.


For some reason, none of the other kids were at the lesson today, so Brooke had her own one-on-one session! No complaints about that! I enjoyed a half mile warm up on the treadmill and then some solid arm/back/core work.

After jumping in the pool with B for about 20 minutes, we were both starving and headed to Natural Grocers for a couple things and a sandwich to split. Since we were killing some time, we visited the park for a while for Brooke to climb around.


Rough view


Pretty excited about the 70 degree tank top weather.



After a quick stop at Wal to the Mart, we went to see if we could rent skis for the season yet. Turns out we have to wait until after the 13th. No problem! Brooke found a pile of leaves and HAD to jump in it.



We had about an hour until my dentist appointment, so I convinced Brooke that we needed to go for a walk to the “boardwalk”. I thought it was about 10 minutes away…it may have been a bit longer. She wasn’t impressed and I ended up carrying her all the way back. It was some quality cuddle time, but my arms were TIRED when we got back!


Man, this place we call home is AWESOME!




Dramatic much?





We eventually made it back and walked over to the dentist’s office. They had thought it would take 1-1.5 hours, but apparently, I am an easy fix and they were done in 40 minutes! Brooke was spectacular. We really had no idea that she was even in the room. We took at game and they had a Mr. Potato Head and the girl was set. Everyone commented on how great she was. Proud Mommy.

Dont mind me….just cant feel my face. Ugh.


Any day that Brooke has a package in the mail box is a good day in her book. Thanks, Alle for the sweet books. We read about the puppy last night 😉


Ken got out for a ride when he got home while I made dinner and B took a bath. Then it was time for some eating, some teeth brushing and hitting the pillow! Girl was OUT.

Pretty excited for a quieter day today. Have to find some time to ride (Ken switched my bike to single speed, so no trainer and no trailer). Better get creative!

I hope you have a wonderful day. Just think….tomorrow is Saturday….tomorrow is Saturday….. 😉

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