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We Left the House.

You guys. We left the house today. It was literally 1 week since the last time that we had left the driveway (except for 2 bike rides?) so that we didnt share our cold.  It was fun to drive again, especially since we had Ken’s truck 😉

Brooke received a special gift yesterday. My Mom had sweetly given her Angel (an alien that looks like a bunny) for Easter and Brooke has been hoping for his sidekick, Stitch. Well, thanks Mimi, the two have been reunited and it feels so good! They have not left each other’s side since last night. :-*


This morning, we had our special friend come back to join us. It was nice out, so we spent a lot of time playing outside. That face though!! Between Jasper and Jax, they can have all.the.foods!


Wanna wrestle?


In the afternoon, Brooke, Jasper and I headed up to Steamboat Lake to grab our parks pass for next year. We had a temp one and had to get the real deal. I saw an adult. It was weird. I had to try to not be too awkward. Not sure if I succeeded.

When in Rome…



I am pretty sure that these views could NEVER get old.


Not sure what she is telling me?


Jasper was not mad about our little road trip.


Look, I took an unflattering picture to prove that I actually put on real clothes today. Almost didnt know what to do with myself.


Okay, maybe not the socks (also, Ken will kill me that they are not Smartwool).

Familiar site in the late afternoon…hello, trainer. Did you miss me? Forty-five minutes of interrupted soft pedaling. (I need a snack, I need a drink, my movie stopped….gah!!!).


And then it was time to make dinner, hang out with Ken, put the kid to bed and grade some work! Just your average Thursday. Nothing too exciting, but working our way to the weekend!!

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