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Change of the Plans

Hi Everyone! How was your week? Things were pretty quiet over here, save for lots of grading.

We had plans to go to the desert this weekend, but some things came up at work for the husband so we are hanging at home.


Monday night conference call. Oh so fun! πŸ˜‰ I was lucky in the fact that Ken made it home just as we were starting so I could pay attention (and actually participate!).

IMG_5457 (1)

Not a bad view though!

IMG_5458 (1)

Tuesday was filled with Library time, errand running, coffee getting, pool swimming and a trip to the grocery. The Easter orchids were on clearance….happily brought one home!


Brooke’s dinner requests…perfect. Ken was doing the group ride and didnt get home until later so she ate before us.


We had some super gorgeous weather this week….almost all of the snow melted from the yard. (Spoiler alert: Its back).


We spent a good amount of time playing outside on Wednesday in the sunshine. Even wore out the pup!


Thursday involved chores and packing up the trailer for the camping trip (that isn’t actually happening…had to unpack that this morning πŸ˜‰ ).

Around 2:00 we headed into town to run some errands before this girl had her first ice skating lesson!!


On the trip into town, we came across a tree that had fallen across the road. It was super windy and this guy apparently couldnt hack it πŸ˜‰




Thankfully, we always have work gloves in the truck so I hopped out and moved 3/4 of the tree out of way. I could not budge the large piece but it was plenty for vehicles to pass through.

We made it with plenty of time to get our errands done before skating commenced!



After 50 minutes she was both elated and absolutely exhausted! Loved it!

Since Ken had ridden to work in the morning, the plan was for us to pick him up around 5:30 (since it was a blizzard!). At 5:30 he suggested that we pick up dinner because he still had a bunch of work to finish up. We grabbed some of our fave BBQ and hung out and ate while he and his co-workerΒ  (J) kept working.

Brooke thought it was great and was highly entertaining. Though, she thought they made socks in the copy machine. Hmmmm.

This outfit…gah!


This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland. I thought it was Spring?!!? πŸ˜‰


Hit up the trainer for 45 minutes plus some weights and then got in a 3 mile easy run before lunch.

Jasper embodies my feelings 100%.


And that’s where we stand this week! Not sure what the weekend will hold for us.

I have an 8 mile run tomorrow and Ken has some riding to do…but other than that….projects it is!

Hope you have a great weekend…with a little less snow πŸ˜‰

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Easter, Etc.

Hey, folks! How’s it going??

I was planning to pop in yesterday, but our internet was down ALL day. We had some insane winds, so I am guessing that had something to do with it.

But, anyways, how was your Easter?? Did you have a lovely weekend? Kind of strange having Easter on April 1st? We just let that one go by the wayside in our house.

On Friday, Brooke spotted this guy just after Ken left for work. Glad to see that he is well fed!



On Saturday, Ken left the house around 7:45 am to get started on his ride for the day. It was cloudy and chilly and the threat of snow felt present in the air. He is a tough cookie.

Brooke and I played around the house before it was time to get dressed and head to an Easter Egg Hunt. North Routt puts on quite a Easter Eggstravaganza πŸ˜‰

Ken met us at Vista Verde Ranch around 10:45 am. We had a lovely pancake breakfast before venturing outside to do some exploring. The fire truck was a big hit.


And the helicopter did not disappoint either.



Such a teenager already.


Brooke and her little bestie.


Before we knew it, it was time to let them loose.


The 4 year olds were in with 5, 6, 7 and 8 year olds and the age differences were evident. Those big kids are intense! Brooke found a nice little stash of eggs.



She loaded up about 20 eggs while her little buddy, Bright only ended up with 1. Being the Brooke that she is, she put about 10 of her eggs in Bright’s basket and then my heart exploded. So very sweet.


Once the hunt was over, we headed back home. I had a long run on the books, so the second latte with a side of cookie dunkers was probably not the BEST idea…but hey, at least they didnt suck to taste a second time πŸ˜‰


The wind was pretty much horrible and would have meant running uphill into a headwind on the way home, so I cheated and my sweetest family let me run 82% of my run with a (mostly) tailwind.


Miles 1-9 were awesome, but that last mile was a mix of headwind/uphill/sore knees. But I was super happy with the first 9 πŸ˜‰

Once the fam picked me up, we made the quick drive back home. Ken worked on some projects while Brooke and I did some egg coloring. We used the shaving cream method and it was awesome!




They came out gorgeous!!


Jasper got in some good playtime, so he was more than happy for some relax time!


A dip in the hot tub and some dinner and EVERYONE was ready for bed.

On Sunday, the morning started with a search for Easter baskets. Brooke found hers before I even made it out of bed. Geesh!

We had a lovely breakfast whilst watching the Tour of Flanders before heading to Church.


Church had a second Egg Hunt and the kids were not sad about it! Also, brunch. Yum.

When we got home, I headed out for an 18 mile ride OUTSIDE and even though it was windy, it was amazing. Got home and Ken went out for about 2 hours. We had an early dinner before another trip to the hot tub.

Where is all of the snow going?!?!


Our Monday was filled with a trip to the pool and grocery. Spent most of the afternoon cleaning before hoping on the treadmill for 2 easy recovery miles. Ken had a buddy over to do some work on his snow mobile, so it was an impromptu dinner party.

Today, we have been super lazy! I hung some coat racks in our bedroom and have done a bunch of chores, but things just feel like they are moving slow. Ken has a group ride tonight and I need to get my booty in gear and get my run done (switching my run/bike workouts with tomorrow). Hoping for a 6+ mile progression run on the treadmill….need some motivation!

This has me cracking up….she asked if I wore a mask when I changed her diapers because they smelled! hahahahha.


Should be some fun stuff coming up in the next 2 days. Cant wait to share with you! For now….going to put on running clothes so I dont blow it off!

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Mega Road Trip 2018 Part 2

Welcome back to the vacation recap!!

Last Thursday, we opted to surprise Brooke with a trip to Disneyland. It was going to be rainy, but we were hoping that meant less people (we walked on to 85% of the rides).

We did not tell Brooke where we were going until we were in the parking structure at Disneyland and even then she didnt really believe us until she saw the gates!

We maybe made the mistake of taking her on a roller coaster first thing….took a bit to come back from that! She was a bit overwhelmed with it all, but has talked about how much she loved it since, so I think it just took her a bit to process it!

Pictures in no particular order….





Brooke and I played on some little kid rides while Ken went on the drop ride…no, thanks. hahaha.








I started off the day in a rain jacket, but it disintegrated and I opted to buy a $10 poncho instead of going back to the car for one of the other 2 jackets I had with me.





Brooke LOVED meeting the princesses. It was a definite highlight!


After some quality time in Disney, we hopped over to California adventure for a spin. Brooke LOVED California Adventure!




After about 10.5 hours in the parks, we left and grabbed some dinner before heading home. Brooke fell asleep on the way and went straight to bed. Ken and I ended up in the hot tub with my sister and her husband chatting for an hour before crashing hard!

On Friday, we got up to a much more relaxed day. Ken had plans to meet up with a friend to ride bikes in Malibu. He left around 8 and the rest of us enjoyed some breakfast before deciding what to do with ourselves. Around 10:30, my mom, Brooke, Alle and I loaded into the car to head to Zuma Beach. It was gorgeous out and Brooke had a BLAST playing in the sand!





Auntie Alle even found some sand crabs and B was in heaven!


These guys were also looking for sand crabs πŸ˜‰


Pure happiness


We even saw some dolphins!! Followed the beach up with a delicious lunch (seafooooodd) and ran some errands on the way home!

Once home, Ken played with Brooke and I went out on my mountain bike for about an hour to work on my (lack of) skills. It had that lovely post-rain feel. So green for SoCal.





On Saturday, Ken went for a ride in the airplane with my dad and Alle’s husband (Dave). They headed up to Big Bear and I headed out on the road and up Big Tujunga Canyon. Alle and my mom were kind enough to take Brooke on a hike with them and the pups. It was gorgeous, though pretty cross-windy in the canyon. My first time up and it didnt disappoint.


Saturday night was filled with a birthday/anniversary party for my dad/parents. It was awesome to see some friends that I had not seen in a long time! We left a little early since we had an early wake up call the next day.

Sunday was filled with DRIVING. A lot of driving. It took us 15 hours to get home. Brooke and Jasper were absolute rock stars. We pulled in to our house around 11:15 pm (thanks hour difference), put B in bed and were quick to get in bed ourselves.

Overall it was a fantastic trip…and now it is nice to be home! It looked like Spring was here, though it snowed this morning and is supposed to snow through tomorrow. Guess we better get out the skis again!


And that wraps up most of the highlights!! Hope you had an incredible week! We are excited for some Easter celebrations this weekend and hopefully and not-too-snowy egg hunt!

Any special plans for you??

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