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Road Trip and Classes

Hey there! How was your weekend?? I took a little trip to the Front Range for some continuing education classes while Ken and Brooke stayed home and played! It was a different kind of weekend than the usual.

Last week, we started getting dustings of snow…

IMG_7269 - Copy

Brooke and I made it back to Storytime Stretchers for the first time in forever. She loved it.

IMG_7275 - Copy

We have had a TON of rain/snow/slush. I think we have actually made our way back from our drought summer!


We are all loving the homeschooling over here. This guy has to join in on the fun!


Ken brought this book home for me. He thinks I would be good at it. Ha. I started reading it. They literally move buckets of gravel as an obstacle. Maybe I would be good at it!


Last Friday night, we got dressed up and went to dinner at Mambo’s because: a) happy hour and b) Peach pizza is still happening!

We headed to a birthday party afterwards and stayed until about 9:15. Brooke had a great time once the middle school aged kids got there. She plays up in age groups! hahaha.

She took my phone to capture some important aspects of the party.

IMG_7292 (1)

Good one, Brooke.


We got home around 10 and I finished packing. My alarm went of at 3:50 am. Ouch. Luckily, it was an easy drive and I got to my class about 20 minutes early (started at 8 am). I even got to FaceTime Brooke when she got up!

At lunch, I was able to sneak out on my old training paths…unfortunately, they have paved them since we moved 😦 It was still gorgeous and woke me up for the rest of the day 😉 And, let’s be honest, I had not ridden my bike outside in a LONG time.


Since I skipped the time at lunch to grab food (I forgot my lunch since I left the house at 4 am :/ ), I grabbed a bag of chips from the hotel. Luckily I had grabbed a recovery protein shake and Honey Stinger bar from home!


Finished class, met up with E and C for dinner, hit Trader Joe’s and made it to some of our friend’s house to spend the night.

Sunday morning saw several inches of snow on the ground and some super chilly temps. Made it to class and the instructor was nice enough to let me head home early and finish the remaining 3 hours online!

The drive was a bit nuts and I watched several semi-trucks and cars slide off of I-70.

But by the time I made it out towards my house….dry!


And even some sun!


I was pretty happy to see the fam!

Yesterday was filled with a media meeting, some errands, school work, grading, media-ing (totally a word) and a 4 mile run (oh and an hour on the trainer pre-dawn).

Today we did school, I finished my online hours from my class, started taking down outside furniture and prepping for winter. Got in a relaxed 5 mile run and even a little stretching). Did half of my lab grading. Whew. Time for bed!

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The First Signs of Winter

Howdy, folks! How’s it going??

Winter has shown up this week…mixed feelings! Haha!

Things have been busy over here the last few weeks…sometimes late into the night 😉


Brooke has been making sure that Jasper gets a lot of extra attention from her. He is thrilled.


With 30 miles of running last week (I managed to get a 7 miler in on Sunday-after splitting and stacking firewood for 6 hours both weekend days..that run was TOUGH), I needed some serious stretching. Joined Brooke for some Cosmic Kid Yoga (you got to do what you got to do, right?).


There were some epic battles in the house.


We have been getting hammered with rain and snow. It stops progress on outside projects (and means that it is time to put away outside furniture), but we have made up for the lack of water all summer!


Some dinosaurs got married.

IMG_7234 (1)

Jasper surveyed his kingdom


We have taken a few trips to the library. All she picks out are books on dinosaurs. Help me. She also refuses to look at me.


Someone got some new sweaters! I think she is a fan 😉

IMG_7251 (1)

Over the weekend, we had some AMAZING fog/clouds. I was a bit obsessive.



On Monday, Brooke and I were in town for a meeting. We stopped by the grocery store and when we came out: blizzard.



The weather was pretty good yesterday (I even got to run outside for 4 miles!) so I split some more firewood (almost done!).

Today, on the other hand…..all the snow!


There has been a crazy amount of balancing going on with house things, the class I teach starting up, teaching Brooke (LOVE), bike race meetings, Ken work, Ken working on starting a separate business… many things!! It is rare to find a quiet moment!

And those are the happenings right now!

Managed to grab 3 miles on the treadmill this morning. Was hoping to sneak in 3-4 more outside this afternoon, but it started hammering snow again. We will see how that works out 😉

Have a great rest of your week!!

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Weekend in Fruita

Hi there! How’s it going?? Back to the Monday we go! Anyone else nursing a weekend hangover…and no I dont mean from drinking 😉

We had a pretty great weekend…full of lots of sunshine and our first intro back into “hot”!

On Friday, Brooke, Jasper and I met up with Ken after work and we hit the road for the desert! The drive there didnt look very convincing as we hit a good amount of snow?!



Say, what?!

Jasper takes it all in stride.


We got to camp and climbed in the trailer and were quick to call it a night. It rained a bit overnight, but from there on out we were good!

The trip was a mini-camp for Ken to get in some good riding. I am currently tapering for a race this weekend, so I got to spend most of my time playing bikes around camp with Brooke!

We also did some hiking and such!



The views were incredible…as were the 70 something degree temps 🙂







Saturday morning, Ken went out on his mountain bike for about 2.5 hours while we played around camp. When he got back, we had some lunch and loaded into the truck. Ken and Brooke ventured to a dinosaur museum (which she did NOT like because it was really life-like). While they were in the pre-historic time, I set out for a 6 mile run….in shorts and a tank top. ha!

The run went well (7:59 average) on the pavement and I even saw a friend from Steamboat who was out riding his bike!! Such a small world. Since the museum was a bust, the husband and kiddo went to the bike park. It was a much bigger hit! Played there for a while before grabbing some ice cream and heading to Cabelas to explore.

Once we had enough shopping, Ken dropped us off at the most GIANT PARK EVER and he set out for his second 2+ hour ride of the day.








She was a bit tired afterwards 😉


We made it back to camp and hung out a bit before Ken got back from his ride. Then it was DINNERTIME!! I pre-made a lasagna so all we had to do was heat it up. Luxury camping 😉

Everyone was exhausted so we were all quick to bed.

Sunday started out with a mountain bike ride for Ken. Brooke and I made some mud pies and enjoyed the sunshine!



This guy loves to camp!


When Ken got back, I went out for just over an hour on my mountain bike! He sent me on some new to me trails and they were amazing!! Loving my new bike!!


The views stayed awesome.




Never enough desert for this guy!


While I packed up the trailer, Ken got out for an hour of gravel road riding to conclude his weekend of riding! He did a good job of wearing himself out!

Once back, we loaded up and hit the road! We stopped at Costco because it was kind of on the way home. Got home around 8:30, put the kid to bed and relaxed a bit before calling it a night. It was a wonderful weekend together!

Today has been a Monday with a side of Monday 😉 Lots of unloading, unpacking and laundry….and your typical post-camping weekend blues. Luckily, it is just the beginning of the Spring/Summer season!

Hope you had a good one as well!!

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