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Thanksgiving, First Day on the Slopes and Back Pain Stinks.

Hey, there! It’s been a hot minute, huh? It seems like I have been on my computer SO much but have not been able to find a second to pop on here!

How’s it going?? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Is it winter where you are, yet??

We have had our fair share of work:play balance going on over here.

A ton of my time has been spent learning all things WordPress (working on our race site)…when I find a little extra time, I cant wait to bring that knowledge to my own site! Spending so much time on the social media side (like so much that it is making me a little crazy) but figuring out a lot of things. Everything has it’s own language and I am working on learning them all!

Work aside….here are some other things we have been up to…

Just working on her butterfly skills

Getting in a good amount of running miles…bring on the snow!

Spending some quality time working on selfie skills. ha.

My sister happened to be in town a few weekends ago to host a work event. She did a focus group on cold weather running apparel and the conditions were perfect! We got in a 4.5 mile run in the snow and then had lunch while she did some interviews. It was an absolute blast hanging out with some awesome runners! and having my sister here!

This guy was a little tired at the end of the weekend…

Last week, we headed down to the Front Range for Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law and her husband hosted and it was a great time. Ken and I got in a killer run on Thursday (6 miles of up and down). Brooke played with the kitties for 3 days (they napped when she left. Hard). Time with family and all the foods.

The sass makes me need a nap, too 😉 Good thing she is cute!

Yesterday, Brooke and I headed into town for our first day on the slopes! I actually had a conference call that I took in the lodge at the top of the gondola and then we got our shred on! The snow was seriously better than all of last season.

This little bunny crushed it! Couldn’t believe it was the first day of the year! She will quickly be out-skiing me.

We chased the slope time with a trip to the movie theater. Do it all in one day, right? Ken met us and we caught Wreck it Ralph 2. It was hilarious and Brooke loved her date with me and Ken.

Random picture of the most tolerant dog in the world?

On the workout front, just plugging away at winter miles. Over Thanksgiving, I was in a different bed and my back was not a fan. My SI joints got pretty irritated (like couldn’t sleep or sit…or stand…er). Luckily, they have been gradually improving. After taking 3 days completely off, I was able to run 3 miles Monday and Tuesday really slowly. Today, I rode the trainer for 50 minutes in the morning and then did 6 snow miles around an 8:50 pace. Felt the SI joints for the whole run (mostly downhills) but more of an annoyance than pain. Hoping they keep improving.

That’s about it over here. Hoping that I will have some more time to hop on here. Winter is in full swing! Cant wait to bust out my xc skis and throw those into the workout mix. Supposed to snow tonight……

Until next time!


Into the Abyss

Hi Friends! How is your Monday treating you? Did you have a nice weekend? We are having some crazy weather around here….snow/rain…lots of slush and mud! Kind of gross outside to be honest.

We took advantage of the fact that it was snowing on Sunday and headed to the Resort for our last day of skiing (closing day is this coming weekend and we have no intention of braving that crowd).

Visibility was a bit, er, limited on the top.


These two. My heart.


It was some pretty great snow up top and some pretty heavy slush at the bottom.


We were able to show Ken our fave porcupine who was still in his tree!!

Sent Ken up to do a couple of solo runs in the good snow while we played in the gondola. Just happened to get on the Smartwool sponsored “wool room”!



Ken made his last run end near the base and got the truck to move it closer so we didnt have to walk everything back with Brooke. #gamechanger

Since it was early and town was quiet, we popped into our fave Mexican restaurant for dinner! We were literally the only people there for the first 20 minutes or so! Winning for sure!

She can make any hat look good 😉


The rest of the afternoon included couches and the hot tub. And then some work on the couch.

This morning started off dark and early as Ken and I hopped on the trainers before 6 am. Time to get back into the habit until the weather lets us play outside some more!

Ken left for work and B and I got going on her school work. Some math, some letters and then her favorite, science. We made some fun slime and she went to town with her animals.


She worked on abcmouse for a bit while I got in 4 miles on the treadmill. Working towards that race at the end of the month!

Now it is all chores, all afternoon! And then it is conference calls/dinner making and grading all evening. A total Monday 😉

Any fun plans this week?? We have plans to venture into town for some fun and errands tomorrow. Hopefully the road will dry out a little 😉


Monday Meanderings

Hi there! How was your weekend? Are you making it through your Monday? Daylight Savings has got me like zzzZZZZzzzz. Ready for bed already 😉

We had a pretty fun weekend over here, but before I dive into that, here are two random things for you!

For dinner on Friday, I made this…..


It was absolutely delicious! I am not the biggest fan of cooking and this was pretty much a perfect recipe (super easy!!). Ken was a big fan and it will find its way onto our table again.

Another random…I have had this violet since before B was born. It went through a phase where it didnt bloom and then BAM. I think it likes where it is living!


Brooke was still rocking her cold on Saturday, so we spent most of the day cuddling and watching movies. Ken was out early and headed up to Little Agnes with friends to snowmobile and ski some powder!


While he was out, I got in 5 miles on the treadmill. Felt the knee, but no real pain. Fingers crossed. Once he was home, Jasper needed to get out so I put on my skinny skis and we went for about 1.8 miles. The snow wasnt great, too crusty on top and that made descending pretty sketchy!! The view was okay, though 😉


Ken got my new mountain bike ride-ready and I went out for about 5 miles just to try it out. Pics to come. I am in love.

On Sunday, Brooke was feeling a lot better and had pretty much stopped coughing. Win!! Since Ken was planning to meet friends for a ride, I went out on my new mountain bike at the *new* 8:50 am (so really it was the temperature of 7:50 am…18 degrees to start). It was pretty chilly but I was having such a good time with my bike that I was out for just over an hour. My toes were frozen when I made it home 😉

Ken set out around 10:20 am and rode into town. Met up with a friend and then some other friends and eventually met up with us to drop off his bike at work. Just under 50 miles for him! He ate lunch and I drove us over to the resort for some skiing (we like to fit as many things into a weekend as possible!)

It was Brooke’s (and mine-in this one) first time in the gondola and she thought it was just great!


We had an absolute blast skiing until the lifts shut down. Brooke did fantastic and skied a bunch of runs that she hadnt been able to a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing how fast they progress!

A quick change of clothes and pulling hair out of braids and we were ready to head to dinner at Low’s (a Southern style restaurant). We are celebrating 9 years of marriage on Wednesday (though we have known each other for about 21 years?!).

Not bad for helmet hair 😉


After a delicious dinner, we headed home for some hot tub time before I worked on Ken’s legs and then we headed straight to bed!

This morning, we opted to skip the trainer ride (no thanks to that time change business…would have felt like 4…).

Instead, Brooke and I have been working on chores and cleaning up. Jasper is literally beckoning Spring to show up.


Ken managed to sneak out for a fat bike ride and I went out for a 3 mile jog. No knee brace. Felt the knee on the edge so I went easy and was super cautious. Came home to an ice pack. Please knock it off, knee!


Time to finish up B’s bath and get some dinner prep going. We have a strange week over here and I have a ton of grading to do! Hope you are recovering from the time change…I will take that hour of daylight in the evening, though 😉

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