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Skating Rink for a Yard

Hey, hey Thursday! Missed you yesterday, but we were a bit all over the place.

We are not the only thing that was all over the place yesterday. The weather was out of control. It rained a lot of the night on Tuesday…nothing like going to bed to the sound of rain at the beginning of January…in the mountains. We woke up to a bit of light snow…on top of the soggy old snow.


Wet much?


Brooke, Jasper and I loaded into the truck to head into town (she had ski at noon). I was on the fence about taking her since she is still getting over her cold and my mind was 100% made up to skip it when it was POURING rain on us for our whole drive in?!?! Um, no one wants to ski in RAIN. No thanks. Happy with my choice.

Instead, we hit up the grocery store for some much needed food….since I currently need to eat the whole house.

When we came out…it was absolutely hammering snow. Oh weather…whatcha doing?!


The roads instantly became a crap show. Slush and slippery EVERYWHERE. Town was bad enough, but getting home on our dirt road was disgusting. I could turn the steering wheel a quarter of a turn to either side and it would not change our trajectory in the least. Perfectly safe 😉

Our driveway became an absolute disaster. Water under snow…gross.


Since I had looked at the weather and knew that it would be dropping to 11degrees overnight, I had to get out and TRY to move some of it with the quad and plow. Could you imagine it freezing like that?!

I spent over an hour moving slush-way harder than moving snow! And came in to this…


Well, I guess she had to stay busy somehow 😉

Ken was supposed to work late, but brought his computer home before it became more treacherous than it already was!

This morning, we took advantage of me being to tired to fight putting away toys last night and did some lego building.


This guy was so impressed 😉


I headed out for 4 miles of running…on a skating rink (thank goodness for spikes!!). Had to snap a pic of this though…sheets of snow/ice sliding off the shop!


Looked pretty neat!


The run was tough…even after taking yesterday off, my legs are pretty tired. Only 12 miles left in 4 days….I can do it…I can do it….

I legit couldnt have stayed upright without my spikes. They win the day.


I was thrilled to go out 😉


I must say, I got that Brooks headband about 5-6 years ago and still love it. Just the perfect amount of warmth!

Alright…time to attack my living room….and maybe take a shower 😉

Tomorrow is Friday…woohoooooo!!!!