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I Said Snow…Not Rain :/

Hi there and happy Tuesday 🙂 How’s it going? Get out for a run today?? Ride your bike??

We have a cloudy sky today, but it is WARM. Like over 40 degrees. On January 9th. Not great. Send snow. We are SUPPOSED to get a good storm starting today through tomorrow….BUT our snow has become rain today. What?!


That could mean a sketch drive for the husband tonight. Ugh.

The B is still under the weather with the cold garbage that is plaguing everywhere it seems. She feels fine and wants to run around and be crazy, but she has a super stuffy nose and cough (luckily the cough took a break overnight!). She is spending some quality play time in the house. Hoping it is better tomorrow and she can ski, but I wont take her if she still sounds iffy. We try to keep our germs to ourselves.

This morning, I got in 3.1 miles of super easy running (I did 3 yesterday too instead of two because it was sunny and gorgeous and in case I end up with her cold, I am trying to get as many miles in as possible!). I am currently at 56/80 km or 70% with 6 days left! That is about 15 miles in 6 days…I hope I can handle that 😉 Created a bit of a buffer there pre-loading last week! Maybe I will even throw a rest day in there! My legs would be okay with that.

Spent some quality time with the foam roller today. Need to stretch more this afternoon.

My plants are wondering why they are not covered in snow yet.


Post-run wood moving is a great cool down, right?


Rough view


These guys are ready to go….just need some snow to fall.


I mean, really….melting….and the sun is not even out! Feels like Spring.


I was way overdressed for my run and ended up pulling off clothes left and right. I have not even worn my spikes once this “winter”. So weird!

On a happy note, it is starting to be lighter longer in the evenings!! It was still light-ish at 5 yesterday evening. I will take every single extra light-filled minute!

That’s about it for us today…unless you want to hear about Paw Patrol or Shimmer and Shine…trying to keep this kiddo low-key is tough! Current mood: washing her dinos in her bathtub. Whatever works!

See ya later!

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Hello crazy time of the year! Wowza. It has been pretty busy over here, but I just wanted to pop in with a few pics from the last week….

We have had some gorgeous days…but are hoping for some snow soon!


Got in a few days of super short runs last week. Slowly building.


Brooke currently feels the need to wrap EVERYTHING. At least she gets to work on her letters!


Just the usual play landscape.


Outside play! Because it has been warm…not for long!




Friday was Ken’s work party. I even put on make up.


From the height of a 4 year old. Super flattering 😉


Comfort food the next morning 😉


Just a baby hangover 😉 Seriously, two glasses of Prosecco…I’m a wuss.


Brooke caged her animals…


Cleaned out the basement and found this high school gem.


And this one of baby Jasper!!


Our sweet neighbor invited Brooke over to build a Gingerbread house!



And there is all the excitement!

Last week of classes=crazy grading over here. Back at it!!

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