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A Day for Tubing and Sad News

Hi there and happy Tuesday to you! How is your day going? Nice weather? Good workout?

Our day started off in the dark (well, Ken’s did!). I prepped all his stuff last night, so he got up solo and hit the road for some snowmobile/back country skiing this morning! Apparently, there was a TON of snow and it was well worth his early morning.

Brooke and I started our day a bit later (6:40 am was a much nicer time to roll out of bed!). Had some breakfast, did some chores…all that fun stuff. There was an unfortunate incident with a mixing bowl :(. The bowls were a wedding gift almost 9 years ago and I had done so well….At least it was a set of 4, so I am still up 3!


Around 9, I headed to the basement for a quick ride. I started with 50 minutes to use, but between moving laundry and answering work phone calls, I ended up with just over 40 minutes of actual riding. Sometimes you take what you can get!


It was a quick ride because we had to load up the car and head to a date on a tubing hill. A very nice family has a killer hill that he grooms for tubing. He invited our home school group to use it. We spent about 2 hours (17 kids!) hanging out and flying down the hill! It was incredible!! He was snow mobiles with sleds on that back to get to the top.




We got home just in time to have some lunch before anyone got hangry. Brooke’s Aunt Alle sent her the coolest Valentine’s Day craft kit and she cant get enough. So adorable!


Our snow (we got about 8-10 inches yesterday!) is looking gorgeous! It is pretty warm today, so the road is melting off and it was a bit muddy.


Just hanging for the rest of the day doing housework and working. Hoping to throw in some stretching or yoga this afternoon! Tubing is hard!

I am sorry to end this post on a sad note, but our neighbor’s had to put down our favorite Golden Retriever today. He has been battling an aggressive cancer for about 6 months and made it much longer than expected. He was only 4 and we are all going to miss him so much. There are lots of tears today, but we are thankful that we got to spend time giving him lots of love yesterday. He was the best dog friend you could ask for.




We love you, Jax.

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