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One Hundred Miles-A Starting Point

One hundred miles. It’s a lot of miles. When I get in the car to drive that far, I have to pump myself up a little bit! Riding a bike 100 miles, that’s long too. But having done that on many occasions at this point, it doesn’t intimidate me anymore. Running 100 miles? That’s a different story. That is a serious amount of time on your feet and to be honest, it scares me. More than a little. So, why not try it?

If you were to ask my family if I am adventurous person, you would probably get mixed feelings. Yes, I like to see cool things and go incredible places. BUT I also like when it is calculated and safe. I have some pretty serious anxiety when it comes to heights and falling. Interestingly, I am much better about these (and far braver) when I am alone. Maybe I feel like it is just myself that I am putting in danger and I am okay with that. The major struggle comes when Ken or Brooke are with me. If they are close to the edge, I cannot even watch. Panic mode engaged. My heart just cant deal.

Driving on narrow mountain roads with steep drops off the edge: not for me. Being in the backcountry solo with the (mountain) lions and tigers (okay, maybe not here) and bears (definitely here!): oh my! Even riding my bike (mountain, gravel or road) in areas with a lot of exposure: no thanks. Am I a wuss? Yeah, maybe so. BUT I do like to see what my body can handle. I do like to see how far I can push myself. And I do like the challenge of training to get there. So, enter in a new challenge. An unknown. A “maybe and hopefully” possible goal. Something to encourage me to train through the winter. Something to make me excited to strive for. Something big.

Training is not something new to me. Having run multiple marathons, a fifty mile trail race and a couple of longer gravel racing events, I understand all of the basics. Lots of miles, lots of time, lots of recovery. But this goal has some new challenges. More time, more recovery and trying to balance a serious amount of fatigue with the rest of life! Never have I ever done so many double digit runs back to back. And really, I am just getting started with training. It is definitely going to be something I have to get used to-and figure out how to make work. Also, figuring out how to eat. Never have I been so hungry?!

When I trained for my 50 mile trail race (Run Rabbit Run) in 2019, I spent the early part of the summer training and racing on my bike. There was maybe a run or two thrown in each week, but I didn’t really start with my feet on the ground until about 8 weeks before the event. Some people thought I was a little nutty, but it felt right and I had a great race. I kind of have a feeling that it might not work the same with 100 miles. While I am a HUGE proponent for cross training and will absolutely utilize many non-running forms of cardio to get ready for running 100 miles, I do think that there will be far more running miles in my future this time around. And maybe even some stretching. Maybe. (IYKYK)

Enter my outside help: Running Your First Ultra by Krissy Moehl.

I used this book as a baseline when I did my 50 mile race. She has awesome weekly training plans in there with workouts and recovery laid out. It helps to take out a lot of the guess work. I have jumped into her workouts and am able to alter them as needed to make me feel comfortable with the training. While I thought about seeking out a coach for this endeavor, I have decided against it for now. I really think I would be terrible to coach-ha! While I am good at following a plan, I like flexibility. I feel like I know my body pretty well and what it can handle. I like to be able to switch out some running miles with some skate ski miles-or skinning miles or trainer miles. So for now, it is me and the book.

Over the course of training, I am planning to keep track of things here. The good, the bad and the ugly 😉 One of the reasons is to share it (because I have stalked so many blogs trying to get tips and hints for this process), but the main reason is to be able to look back (fingers crossed) after the fact and have something tangible about the process. See what worked and maybe what didn’t. Accept that not every workout went to plan, but hopefully enough of them did to make it successful. And to use it as therapy-because the mental component is huge for this!

So here we go! Cheers to making big plans. Not being afraid to fail. And to learning something about yourself along the way. (And to hopefully still love running at the end 😉 ). Follow along for fun adventures, poorly taken training pictures and bad advice only! Kidding, I hope!


Last Week’s Workouts:
M: 5 miles steady, treadmill
T: 6 miles total, hills. Pyramid workout: 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 minutes with equal recoveries
W: 4 miles easy, treadmill
H: Race! 6k Turkey trot (second place female-on icy roads) plus 1 mile warm up, 2 mile skate ski with Brooke
F: 7 miles skate ski
S: 12 miles, treadmill. 7 miles skate ski with Ken
S: 10 miles, treadmill

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Girl’s Trip and Fall Pics

The last few weeks of “Fall” felt a lot like summer-which was amazing! There was a solid amount of time spent on trails-both riding and running. That has quickly been replaced by strictly running-on snow. Ha. Things changed quickly this year.

Brooke has been taking skating lessons for about a month and a half and it has been so fun watching her improve. I spend her lessons sitting on the bleachers grading assignments or preparing for lectures (and really trying not to freeze). The first few weeks, we headed to the boat for wake surfing after her lessons. This past week, it was warming inside the rink and snowing outside!

Before the snow, we soaked in every last moment of the blue sky and warm temps!

One of my favorite places to run is the Huckleberry Trail that goes out and around the point at Ponderosa State Park. The views are spectacular and the trail is nice and flowy with a couple of technical sections. It is about a 7 mile run depending where you start and stop. Just enough (with some good climbing) to make your legs feel a little like Jello by the end.

In addition to workouts, Brooke’s social calendar and you know, actual work, I have been working on our master bedroom. Someday I will post some after pictures…but this was during the painting process. We definitely slept in the middle of all of that mess. Kind of like camping? Anyone need a very ornate fan?

Last week, Brooke and I had a girl’s trip to Boise (well, mainly Meridian). Brooke has very little experience with “malls” and big stores other than Costco, so she wanted to experience them. By the end of the day, she was exhausted and happy to take a break from shopping for awhile. But, in all fairness, it was a blast. She picked out some fun clothes and looked far too grown up doing it.

Another fun outing involved taking fall pictures. Last year was nuts and we didn’t make it, so I was very happy to bring back the tradition. We headed to Ponderosa and snapped away.

It feels really funny to finally be feeling some decent fitness…as we roll into winter! Ken assures me that it will be helpful for all the Nordic skiing he has planned for us 😉 Brooke is signed up for the Nordic ski club lessons and will also do Downhill. I guess that will leave some time for us to get you there, too! For now, it will be some muddy season running and the ski machine and rowing machine in the garage.

Workouts this week have included a 5 mile snowy trail run, 4 mile road run (that was hard and fast, uphill and downhill) and another 4 miles on the snowy trails. Ken has done all of them with me….guess he is a runner again 😉

Tire season is also in the beginning stages as we try to start that business up here. Going to take a little bit to get the word spread, but hopefully we get busy here soon.

Have a wonderful weekend! We are supposed to see 50 degrees and I am not mad about it!

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Hi there! Happy Tuesday (I think?!)!

Just popping in to say hello 🙂 Anyone else feel like their house is a constant disaster during this whole thing? I feel like I cannot keep up with the “projects” that Brooke begin…and then there are the dishes. Let’s be honest, the dishwasher is the real hero in our house.

Thought I would just share some random things today. Basically, I am procrastinating unloading said dishwasher 😉

The other morning, I realized how much our fish, Zoom Zoom, really loves when the morning sunlight streams into his tank. He flutters all about looking gorgeous. I like to think that is how I look when the sunlight hits me in the morning. ha.


Last week (I think-seriously, the days just seem to roll together at this point), Ken got a new toy. Meet our new skid steer. I feel a lot of projects coming on 😉 It is also intended to move snow in the winter. Yes to an enclosed cabin and heater. Woohoo!


The melt-off has been real this past week and that has made for some squishy runs. New look for the pants? I kinda like it.


Brooke found a paint stir stick in a bag and naturally transformed it into something awesome.


We have played Chutes and Ladders about 78 times. I have lost 78 of them. Apparently I am a very terrible spinner.


Brooke has her heart set on a certain toy. I told her it is $90 so she made a chart to count down all the numbers until she gets there (by earning money doing chores). She did it all on her own. I counted that as math for the day 😉 (and yes, she did complete it on the back!)


Legos have also become a very important tool for learning. She could play with them for hours at a time!


Making sure to utilize the nice days for quality outdoor time. Her snow mound has shrunk substantially!


Ken just out “doing stuff” in the skid steer (I think he just likes to drive it).


Brooke got in trouble the other day. This was her apology note. Creative kid.


Spring in Steamboat=WIND. Like, gnarly, gross wind. Luckily, it makes it pretty fun to fly a kite. Isn’t this how most people do it?



We lucked into some warm weather (50 degrees!!) last week and I never wanted to leave the dog bed after my run. So warm!


She loves Prodigy. It is a math game where they have to do problems to go up in levels. Whatever works!


Did some Easter Egg coloring.


And played in puddles. The snowsuit and water gun clearly go well together.


Pretty excited to see some grass!!!


It was cold this morning (5 degrees-blah, I am ready for Spring!). Brooke didnt care. She decided to work on her golf game.


She got some new clothes delivered (mega sale!) and decided it was best to pair these two pieces. You do you, kid.


As far as workouts go, I have been a little unmotivated this week. Part of that is because I got in over 10 hours of biking and running last week and am tired. Part is because the weather is uninviting. And part is because my guess is the only event I am training for will most likely be cancelled. Sooooo, I am giving myself a couple of days to rest and then will hop back in. Luckily, I love to workout, so that isnt going to go anywhere, but also, I want to make sure to keep it fun. If there isn’t a specific event, I will keep mixing it up with running, riding, weights and maybe even some yoga in there!

Alright, kid is trying to drag me outside to play….she’s crazy. It’s cold.

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