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Spring has Sprung (mostly!)

And just like that, an entire month went by! How?!

Things have changed up a bit since the last time we chatted. Ken finished up at Smartwool on 4/1 meaning that he has been around and we are still working on a schedule.

But, let’s talk about what has been going on lately, huh?
The weather has been making a conscious decision to move towards Spring. Finally! haha.

There were a good amount of rides in the cold/sun/snow/slush…but we are sooo excited to be outside! I take visibility very seriously. Best jacket ever.


Someone else is incredibly excited for warm weather! Short sleeves and a snow shovel. Perfectly normal!


I have been doing some reading. I mean, just a few 100+ mile bike races before I need it, but September will be here before you know it and I will have to RUN 50 miles!


There have been plenty of indoor projects. My tiny paleontologist.


And school. Full class as always.


Seriously, the sun comes out and we just cant get enough!


The Great Melt started….


Put on real clothes a couple times. Most of the time I am in a uniform of Bike/Run/Yoga clothes. Brooke is always baffled when I have something else on.


Brooke thought that Jasper needed to be pampered outside.


Snow levels decreasing….


Early Easter Egg Hunt



Kept skiing!! Brooke and I ended up with 20 ski days this year! She is going to crush me next year.


Haven’t been running much the last month because I have been riding a LOT in preparation for May 5th’s 140ish mile bike race. We made a quick trip to Fort Collins so I could get in 100 miles with Errin!


Last ski day goodness!!


This girl and her hair!


She is getting very proficient at the puzzle game.


The mud showed up and you couldnt get her to come inside. She loves it so much!


Her style. I kind of love it.


Had a wonderful Easter!





Current state of the yard! Dirt>Snow!! Spring is here!!!


Yes, there have been many other happenings…lots of grading, media work and race meetings, Ken’s dad helping him build out his new work trailer….so many things!

We are very excited for all the happenings this year and cant wait to share with you…I just need to make myself sit down and type it out (instead of passing out at 9:30….or 8:30!).

Hope Spring has shown up where you live and you are enjoying some great weather and lots of time outside!!


Friday Faves

Hi there and Happy Friday!! Fun weekend plans? The husband and I have a sweet date night of Chinese take-out and a movie on our schedule. I cant wait!!

Thought I would pop in for a few Friday Faves before hopping on the trainer!

Christmas coffee mugs


My Mother-in-Law surprised us with these last weekend. The are Starbucks mugs and just too cute. I have been drinking out of it all week and it just makes things feel extra festive!

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar 


This thing and I already have a love/hate relationship. It is stinking adorable and Brooke gets to open up a new little toy each day (instead of candy!). Thanks, Mimi! This morning she opened up a super cute little polar bear. The downside….she woke up at 3:40 this morning trying to convince me that it was time to open it. Ha. Thanks, Brooke!

Christmas Decorations


I love having the stockings and lights and other decorations up! Cannot wait to go get the tree this weekend. Brooke has already been plotting where each ornament goes. Starting to feel like Christmas over here!



After yesterday’s run in shorts, we are pretty excited to see some snowflakes today!! It was not really in the forecast-such is mountain life….but we will take it. Nothing is really sticking, but we are happy with whatever we can get right now!

Tiny Tree


Nene also picked this little guy up for Brooke and gave it to her last weekend. Brooke loves the little tree and feels like it is just her size. She has been decorating it over and over in order to practice for the big tree. She is pretty much a pro by now.

Painting Time


Brooke and I spent some quality time with watercolors yesterday. Love the Crayola sheets of paper with the characters. They are HUGE and make things less intricate. Can you guess which is mine? We have about the same painting skills.

Training Plan Writing!

My sister is doing the LA Marathon in March and has allowed me to write out a plan for her! I did Coaching Certification the summer and am excited to put it to use! Interesting process and cant wait to see what happens with it!!

Alright….that’s about it for today. Hanging out and waiting on the weekend!! Bring on the snow….

Now time to find some spandex and get on the bike!


Golden Life, Emotional Running and a Flashback.

Hey there hump day people! Checking in a little late today. We had a pretty fun day over here as well as got some grading done, etc.

A little bit from yesterday….

Everyone needs a Golden Retriever friend to come over and play, right? We get him tomorrow too!


She dressed herself.


Wanted to take the trailer out, but couldnt find the adaptor….trainer it was.


Brooke thought it would be fun to dress up for the evening 😉


Just before bedtime, everyone one wanted in on some snuggle action.


For some reason, I woke up in the middle of the night with some low back pain and couldnt go back to sleep. That was a nice 4 hours of hang out time. Blech!

Brooke and I started the morning off with a dip in the hot tub to loosen things up. She didnt complain 😉


Somehow, that is the only picture I took today! We did a lot of playing, took a trailer ride (1 hour of base), working, laundry and all that jazz.

Came across this article…

It talks about the emotional side of trail running. I dont really think about the emotion involved with workouts often. I am not one to cry because of a workout or the excitement or emotion of a race. I dont often reflect on body image. I know that I am not the fastest runner, the fittest cyclist or have the rock hardest (word?) body and you know what, I am A-ok with that. I am happy where I am and with what I can do. Running for me is a great way to burn off the crazy and I am so appreciative of that!

Thoughts? Are you a run-thinker? Does emotion come into play for your workouts? Do I need to see a psych for my lack of self reflection? 😉

Anyways….came across so fun flashback photos! Thought they could be fun!





I cant handle the tiny Brooke. That hair!!


Alright, time to brush the teeth and make up for lost sleep! Have a good night!!

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