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Weekend Round Up and Fitting Workouts in Anywhere!

Hey, Friends!! How is it going? Did you have a nice weekend? So far, I have managed to stay on the healthy side of things…I better go find some thick wood to knock on!

Blogging in the Spring and Summer is a lot harder than in the Winter. We spend SO much time outside that it makes it hard to sneak on the computer. I have to start prepping for my next class, so I will be back to a more regularly scheduled program in a week or so 😉

Some random happenings as of late….

Last week, Brooke and I did some playing with play doh. I was pretty proud of the flame on my candle. Feel sorry for the husband…these are the texts he gets during the day. Super entertaining.


We also ventured over to cut some asparagus at our neighbor’s house. She was out of town and afraid that they might go to seed if they didnt get cared for. We head over for one more batch tomorrow morning. Brooke is currently obsessed with eating it. I didnt like it until I was, like, 30.


We got in some dirt road riding during the week!

IMG_5829 (1)

With some stops to say hi to our fave friends.


Took a peak at some rock before skate lessons. She tried to lift it. Didnt budge 😉



Brooke did GREAT at her skating lesson…some light bulb clicked and she actually appeared to be SKATING! One more week and then we will do a lesson punch card for the summer!

Since we were both starving (with groceries to unload), we stopped and grabbed a couple of pizzas. (Coupons for the win!!)


This girl…she will occasionally push some buttons, but man is she a good kid!

IMG_5882 (1)

On Friday, we hung around the house. It was windy so I wasnt feeling the trailer. I actually hopped on the trainer for an hour.

Got fancy with some dinner!


On Saturday, Ken dropped a friend’s car off at work (he installed a hitch for her) and rode home. I got to sneak out for a 2 hour ride and it was just glorious! Even ran into some friends who were doing a long ride and they stopped to fill up water at our house for the rest of their ride. Ken and I spent the rest of the day organizing the shop.

Sunday (Mother’s Day) started out with some crepes and lattes before Ken and I set to work building my raised bed. Everything takes longer than you think, but he was able to head out for a 2 hour ride before I got in a 1 hour spin.

It was pretty ugly out 😉


Today has been a typical Monday. Spent all morning outside: lining the bottom of my raised bed, adding rocks for drainage and beginning the daunting task of adding dirt. Eek.

Around 4, Brooke and I loaded up on the bike/trailer and headed for her ballet class. It is about 8 miles there and then 8 miles back. We had a nasty headwind on the way there that somehow only translated to a tailwind for half the way home?! She had a blast and I was excited to sneak in a workout that way! My legs are now thoroughly trashed!

And that’s where we are at! We shall see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully more time outside 🙂