Fit After Little Bits

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Nine Years…Wowza.


Howdy, friends! How is your week? Ours has been different than usual as we have a little trip coming up. But let’s talk about what has been going on, shall we?

On Tuesday, the fridge looked like this…


Clearly a trip to the grocery was in order. Since we were going to be in town, Brooke and I swung by the pool for a quick swim before heading to City Market. (There is a bit more food in there now, but not much…dont want things to spoil!).

When we got home from our errands, I hit up the trainer for about an hour. Taking this style thing to the next level ;). What can I say, the knee likes to be warm and I didnt want to do extra laundry before the trip!


Ken was planning to take a rest day, but I told him that if he didnt get out for at least a little while, he was silly. He went out for 55 minutes on his bike and loved every warm (relative, right?) minute. (I sent him this to encourage his ride, hahahah)


While he was riding, Brooke was dressing me up. Dang, girl.


Random, we gave this book to my father-in-law and then I just had a friend post this on Instagram. Guess it is pretty good!


Yesterday (Wednesday) was my and Ken’s NINE year anniversary. I have no idea how 9 years have gone by. We have known each other for about 21 years, I am not sure if that makes the 9 feel longer or shorter.

In true wintery fashion, I stomped out “Happy Anniversary” in the snow in our yard. I spelled anniversary from y->a. Be impressed. PS that takes up a large amount of the yard. It took some work!


Spent most of the day packing and cleaning, with a side of a 4 mile treadmill run and a dip in the hot tub with the kid (we went in while it was sunny out and it was HOT).

When Ken got home, we chilled and grilled (and had a delicious dinner). Got to hang out for a bit before he went out to finish some garage projects.

Today, we are in packing mode. All the things! Took a break this morning to throw together some macaroons for the road. Yes, please. Road trip=snacks have no calories.


It was my first time ever using the “dry mixer” with the vitamix to make the coconut flakes a bit smaller. It is kind of thebombdotcom.


With weather like this today, it has been easy to stay inside! We have seen rain and snow and wind, oh my!


Took a 45 minute spin on the trainer before doing 20 minutes of Cosmic Kids Yoga with Brooke.

This outfit though….Went straight from bike shorts to….


Yoga shorts.


Yes, it is 78 degrees in my house!

The rest of the day includes finishing touches on packing. Good times!

Hope that your week has been awesome! Cant wait to check in with some adventures over the next week!

For now….just a random montage of couples photos to celebrate nine years of doing things together 😉







Yes, we do a lot of things with bike 😉