Fit After Little Bits

eat harder

Hi there! How’s it going? Cranking away on all the things over here. I dont know that I have even had such a busy end of winter/beginning of spring. Whew.

Training has been in full force. Which means that I have literally wanted to eat all day/everyday. Seriously, it is a problem.

Pictured below: Pork Chop on a fork. Cant even take the time to cut it.


Towards the end of February, Brooke had a home school sled day at the epic hill in town and Ken managed to sneak away for his lunch break to join us. Brooke was so excited. So was Ken.



I happily chatted with some other moms while Ken raced the teen boys. Living his best life.


We have been getting in our fair share of ski days while the snow is good.

Brooke skied her first Black Diamond. Maybe because lunch was at the bottom of it.


Tons of dinosaur play…and a tea party.


Perfectly normal.


She has been doing a lot of “book making” lately. Of course, they feature dinos.



We did some plaster of paris dog creating and then bandaging. Vet goals.


She turned it into a yellow lab 😉


She looked much cuter for my dentist appt than I did 😉


There has been a ton of time spent in the basement (February was sooooo snowy and cold). It is amazing that I can sweat that much in our 40 degree basement.


Some Friday nights you end up on the trainer with your husband. I made sure to dress up for the occasion 😉


Case in point on the snow…


Neighbor dog likes to come hang out with us. A lot.



My little goof.


More ski days. The powder was incredible in February!


She is happy to ski the Blues all day!



Jasper is my spirit animal.


The girl is a tiny engineer. Magnetic shapes are super cool!


Some days getting home is quite the task. No one wants to end up in a snow bank!



This past weekend, we ventured down to the front range for some errands and I got to RIDE OUTSIDE ON DIRT. It was incredible. It was also the first time I got to test the legs after a couple of months of hard work. They felt good 🙂

Ken and I went out to dinner for our 10th (?!?!?!) wedding anniversary while we were down there and had a babysitter 🙂 It was nice being able to focus on talking to each other without our little sidekick (that doesnt happen, ever).

We made it home yesterday afternoon. Ken had ridden in the morning there, so I hopped on the trainer after Brooke went to bed. Back to the dungeon! ha.


And there it is! Our life in a nutshell.


Last week looked like this:

M: Ride 1 hour, Run 3 miles

T: Ride 2 hours with intervals, Run 4 miles

W: Ride 1 hour

H: Ride 1.5 hours with intervals

F: Run 5 miles


S: Ride 1 hour

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Catching up and Getting Ready for Weather!

Okay, who hit the fast forward button?! October. Stop it.

I literally have not idea where the last 6 weeks went. It is like they zoomed by and I am freaking out a little.

We have had a TON of things going on around here….so this is kind of a Phone Photo Drop.

Brooke has been LOVING homeschooling. Me, too. Her group met up for some fishing a couple weeks ago and it was awesome! Someone even caught a fish!! (And the crayfish were a crowd favorite as well!).

Spent some time at the park….we are in full Fall mode over here!


There was a lot of zucchini bread consumed this summer…the garden was a success!!


Unfortunately, our dry and windy conditions over the summer have seen fires pop up all over. We have been lucky with wind direction and the smoke has not been much of a problem for us.


Some pretty stellar clouds…just saying.


The wind has made for some awesome kite flying (not so great when you are trying to stain your house on an extension ladder!).


It started dropping below freezing at night so we moved our tomato plant to the shop (hanging upside down!). It just keeps giving us great tomatoes!!


Science is her favorite.


With a side of tea parties. This was my date.


She has ridden outside more than me lately.


She is not mad about it!



Officially embracing the ranch style for Church. Either that or I am aiming for Rodeo Queen next year 😉


Getting SOOOOO close to being done staining.


Spent the weekend supporting a group of cyclists pre-riding our race course for next year! The long course is about 141 miles. It was a long day on Saturday, but everyone had a BLAST! We love our cycling community!


Our forecast is trying to make up for all of the lack of water this summer!


We are taking advantage by getting our Play-doh-ing on! I love her creative mind!


I HAVE been working out! Some days it is really hard to fit it in (and then I try to get up at 5:30 to do it before Brooke is up!) but it is happening. I am not really training for anything this Fall, but have BIG plans for next year!! There will be both bike races and running races. (This summer was very house-project centered for me). I look forward to all of my bikes and a lot of trail miles on foot!

Currently, I am doing a lot more running than riding. This is mainly because of lack of time and it is faster to get in a good running workout 😉 Last week I was at 20 miles of running with a little bit of trainer time. Just working on building miles and letting my body get used to the stress again.  Aiming for a 50 mile running race next Summer….better start now 😉

Weights have also made their way into my life (now that I am done moving gravel 😉 ). I aim for 3x per week. Brooke LOVES joining me for this. I try to do them on days where I run longer or harder so that I get real “easier” days surrounding them.

Now that the weather is getting chillier and we will be inside more…(maybe!?) you should see more of me!

I promise I have more exciting things to say 😉

*Took Fall pics of Brooke (okay, maybe I am just excited about those).

*I am trying zero-drop Altra trail runners (I will let you know how I feel about it!).

*Ski season is coming!!

*In a couple of weeks we will officially launch our Summer 2019 Gravel Cycling Race! It is going to be BIG. You can find us at or like us on Instagram…SBTGRVL  (A good amount of my time is going to working on this-hence radio silence).

Hope you are having a great Fall and taking some time for some leaf peeping! We are in the peak of our change right now and it is off the charts gorgeous!!!

Until next time!