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Hint of Spring (but winter will be back)

Friday!! So happy to see you :-*

Brooke and I have been hanging at home the last 2 days, so nothing too exciting over here. The weather has been beautiful and Spring-like, so we have been outside quite a bit!

Yesterday morning, Ken headed into town early for the Smartwool Ski Day. That meant that we skipped our morning trainer sesh in favor of a few more minutes in bed! Don’t mind if I do!

Brooke and I took advantage of the sunshine and played outside! Some finger paining with a side of snowman building.



It is hard to find inspiration here…said no one ever!


Just laying out on the porch soaking in the sun!



Took a snow-break to bake some cupcakes for Ken to take to work. Chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting. Oh man…


Excuse the frosting job…these were the extras and I was trying to use up the leftover frosting!


I managed to fit in a two mile run that included grabbing the mail. Sometimes you just have to burn off all the taste-testing. hehehe. I also was supposed to do 8 miles on Wednesday and only did 6….so make up miles. 😉

This morning, Ken and I rode the trainers before hearing the pitter patter of little feet about us. We have been enjoying the show VEGAS that is on Amazon and it makes it a bit easier to get up.

I got in my 4 mile chillaxed run (8:34 pace-strange when that feels comfortable) before hopping in the hot tub with Brooke. We were going to go into town for the pool, but we were both okay with this option (and this view!).


We had grand plans to head back out to play after lunch, but the wind has picked up. Going to do some play-doh-ing and see if the wind dies down. We would love to get back out in that sunshine!!

Have any big plans for the weekend?? Ken is planning on doing a group ride tomorrow and I am hoping to run. Snow is in the forecast for Sunday, so we are hoping to SKI!!

Whatever you do, I hope it is great!

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Too Warm for January, but We Will Take Advantage of it!

Okay, can we just talk about the fact that February is literally right around the corner? What happened to January? Wasn’t it just December?!

The weather is NOT helping. It felt like April today. It was 40+ degrees and the sun was shining and it was HOT.

But, let’s rewind…. This morning started off at 2 am. Yep, read that right. The moon was SO bright last night that when I woke up in the middle of the night, I legit thought that we had overslept. It took me looking at the clock to realize that I had a few more hours to snooze.

The alarm went off at 5:30 and it was a strugglefest to get my butt out of bed. Should have just gotten up at 2 😉 We eventually made it down to the trainers. It was around 42 degrees down in the basement, so I was happy I opted for long socks for my 45 minutes of easy spinning.

Smartwool for the win!


After breakfast, Brooke decided that she wanted to style my hair. It took quite a while for me to undo this mess. I was pretty sure that I would be shaving it off. Thankfully, I managed to get all the “decorations” out.


Around 10, I headed out for a 4 mile easy run. I needed to drop something in the mailbox and killed two birds with one stone! It was already quite warm and I was overdressed. Jasper was panting?!


Post-run and lunch, we all headed back outside for some sunny goodness. Brooke had a blast playing in the water from the snow run-off.


I took advantage of the warm day to load up the wood on the porch.


I started in ski pants and a jacket and ended up in yoga pants and a tank top. Seriously, though!?


After we had our fill of play time and chore time, Brooke insisted that I go check the mail. I did a quick wardrobe change and took my fat bike down to the mailboxes. Naturally, there was a box (thanks, Mom) that I had to precariously ride with on the way back to the house. Ice and slush and one handed riding. It is a miracle that I made it home in one piece. Pretty sure it increased my skill game about 900%.

The box absolutely made Brooke’s day. It included a shirt and a bathing suit and a doll from her current favorite show, Vampirina. The joys of having Grandparents that are currently working with Disney Studios.

She somehow ended up in her new suit and insisted that we try it out in the hot tub. I was happy to oblige. My legs were pretty thrashed!


She spent the afternoon playing with her new doll and then we cleaned up the house and made dinner before Dad got home!

We will take any day that we get to spend hours outside in January. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm as well and then we are hopefully going to see a bit of snow by the end of the week. Time to mix some cross country skiing in to the workout schedule!

Not sure what today holds just yet! We hope to get outside and enjoy the sun if it decides to come out again.

Any fun Tuesday plans for you? Big workouts? Rest days?

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