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Launching, Puppy Sitting and Halloween

Happy November, Everyone!

It’s been even more crazy than usual over here the past couple of weeks. So many different balls bouncing around in our lives.

We officially launched our race website at the beginning of the week.

It was a lot of crazy effort getting all the things together. When you are anticipating large amounts of social media traffic, it makes life a bit nutty! Let’s just say that I may need a social media vacation soon! But when you see the likes of Lance Armstrong, Reggie Miller and a lot of other pro athletes talking about your event, it is pretty neat!

Luckily, in the midst of all the nuttiness (I have a class going right now, homeschooling B, Ken is working on a separate business venture that has required some outside work, researching all things media (like how I created a race YouTube channel..nothing too exciting yet), starting up training again and all of the other things that come with prepping for winter and regular life)….whew!!

I have ridden my bike a couple of times…and by that, I mean like 15 times in the last 2 months and maybe 6 of those were outside (running has been more convenient)….although, last weekend I decided last minute to complete my one cycling summer goal and ride a solo century (100 miles). It took about 7 hours and 20 minutes and I was TIRED at the end, but checked that box off!


Random photo shoot with Ken’s bike. The fog was so cool!


We puppy-sat last week. It was super fun, but also reminded me how much work it is to have a puppy!


He is only about 4 months and is HUGE.


Someone enjoys a good coffee….er, steamed milk 😉


She got to craft a dino hat/feet and then found Ken’s green shirt to complete her look.


Fall was gorgeous and clearly winter is coming quickly.


More playtime!

IMG_7378 (1)

Jasper took his recovery seriously. Play hard, rest hard!


Killer sunset!


More puppy time….


Just rocking her Nike headband…


We had a blast on Halloween. We grocery shopped before Trick or Treating (our town shuts down the main street and the kiddos hit up all the stores). The grocery was SO quiet. I want to do that every year!

Sleeping Beauty. It was 40 degrees, hence the underclothes 😉


She was GAME ON!


Brooke is super funny. She is so quiet during it and hard to read but then will tell you what a blast she had. Cracks us up!

We stopped for pizza mid-trick or treating and then popped back out for round 2! It was sub freezing, so we added so warmer clothes too 🙂


The next morning we woke up to a couple of inches of snow. She couldnt help it and had to go right out there…


She LOVES throwing snowballs at me (via the glass door).


Later, we put on actual clothes and went out to play for a bit!


We have been a little lazy today (it’s raining and pretty icky outside). Brooke is playing dinosaurs in her bath. I am debating running inside or outside….not sure what will win (maybe a combo?).

It has been pretty fun getting back into training.

I have had 2-30 mile weeks and then this week I will end up somewhere between 20 and 25. Recovery miles this week after that random 100 mile bike ride on Sunday 😉

And that’s about it!

Hope you had a fabulous Halloween and are getting excited for the Holidays!

Are you a Christmas music in November person or do you wait until after Thanksgiving??

–I used to wait until after but the weather in this mountain town makes you want to pop on a Christmas station sometimes!!


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Halloween 2017

Hey Everyone! How was your Halloweeen?

Ken and mine started out early with an hour ride on the trainers. It was his only time of the day to ride and I just gave in 😉

It is soooo dark in the morning. Love hate relationship with Daylight Savings, but it will be nice to not feel like it is the middle of the night when we get up next week.



Post ride cuddles.

She found a moth. Couldnt quite hold still long enough for a clear picture 😉


Once we were mostly awake, we got to rolling out our pumpkin sugar cookies. Such a good helper!



We added some icing later and they were delicious!


Did some Clifford experiments! She was mega excited about this one!


Since my ride was a bit lacking (I don’t do so well early in the morning!), I hit up the treadmill for 3 miles of work.


Post lunch and some play time, it was time to head to town to pick up Ken and head to the Downtown Stroll!

Brooke was not super impressed with me stopping her for a picture.


Had to rock the jacket and UGGS since it was cold out 😉 But she was adorable!

There were a lot of people and she was a little nervous at first, but she warmed up and got really into it!







It was pretty late when we got home so it was a quick dinner for the Princess before heading to bed.

She snapped this nice shot of my Smartwool outfit. Who needs a head?


We are chillaxing today with a lot of play and some packing for the weekend 🙂

Hope you had a super fun-filled, costume attired day yesterday!!

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