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It’s Raining, it’s pouring…but at least it is Friday!!

Hey, hey Friday people!! Three cheers to the weekend!

We woke up to some gloomy weather over here. Happily curled up with a fire going and a kiddo playing dinosaurs.

But first, yesterday!

Thursdays are pretty busy over here, but Brooke and I took some time in the morning to get our coloring on! My mom was super sweet and surprised us with some cool pens that you use with a water-filled brush after and it gives the look of watercolor paint.

I am not sure who had more fun with them, me or Brooke.



While Ken and I had a frittata (that I had made the day before-easiest breakfast ever!), Brooke pretty much won breakfast with Noosa Vanilla yogurt and a sliced peach. I was only a little jealous.


After our coloring sesh, we quickly packed up and headed into town for some yoga/story time at the library. From there, it was a easy hop to swim lessons. I enjoyed my 25 minutes of weight lifting (1 mile warm up on the treadmill followed by arms and core-I skipped legs since they were pretty tired from the previous 2 days of workouts). I did a quick change into my swimsuit and met Brooke for 20 minutes of swimming in the warm pool.

We wanted to grab a couple more Halloween decorations, so we headed to Walmart (I MISS Target) for some spooky shopping. It was after 1 when we finished and Brooke was rightfully hangry. Popped into Qdoba to grab her a quesadilla before we headed home. She inhaled it.


Current obsession: Dinosaurs. She found this “Team Rex” and convinced me that her other 2 dinos needed a 3rd friend.


We spent some time crafting before heading outside to play for a bit. Perfectly normal to wear a princess dress all afternoon.


Not a bad afternoon view.


Storm rolling in.


Dress and rain boots. Perfect combo.



Threw together some fajitas for dinner and spent the evening playing with balloons and silly putty. Dream big! (We were supposed to hop on the trainers, but were both more into the couch).

This morning, Ken and I managed to pull ourselves out of bed and head to the basement to ride the trainers. We started watching The Accountant the last time we rode together and continued that this morning. It is really interesting and it was kind of hard to stop mid movie!

Came upstairs to rain and (thankfully) coffee before starting the day. The sky and colors were really interesting this morning.



Just enjoying some oatmeal and wet hair.


Jasper convinced me to make a fire. Guy loves the warmth!



Still raining outside, so I see a lot of inside play today. We have some coloring on our schedule, with a side of the Letter C and Number 3!

I could also go for a round of Nap Time…but that is unlikely 😉

Hope that you have an amazing Friday and a wonderful adventure-filled weekend!!

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