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Single Parent Life.

Hi there! Not sure where the last 5 days went, but here we are! We have had some random happenings, but mostly we have been hanging out doing the summer things!

Last Wednesday, Brooke and I put on real clothes and headed in to Smartwool for a send off party. It is the 12th year that they have had a big bike ride to the Outdoor Retailers trade show. It used to be in Salt Lake, but is now in Denver. Much closer to home!

I even did my hair. Gasp.


Seriously, she is always show stopping!


Brooke enjoyed an evening playing with a bunch of kiddos!

The next morning, we dropped Ken off around 7:30 and then decided to play in town for a bit.

Went for a little ride (I ran).


Stopped at the park.



And climbed on some statues.


I turned it into an extra workout and did box jumps onto one. Perfectly normal.


Hit up the pool and grocery and all those fun things!

Brooke has been making sure that Jasper gets a workout too.


Friday we were home and reorganized Brooke’s closet, drawers, etc. Dream big.

Saturday was more exciting. Brooke wanted to go golfing so we ventured to the 9 am class. Girl LOVES it.


Went to the Farmer’s Market to hang out with the goats.


Enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.

Sunday morning started off with a bang. Literally. Ugh. Silly bird.


Brooke: Uh, yeah, pretty sure it’s dead.



We will just look at the sky instead.


Went to church and left a little early to make it to Craig to sell a guy some tires. Ha. Our “let’s meet at 12” turned into 3 pm. Thanks dude. (It was a much more involved story that included my mom hacking into Ken’s Facebook account to try to message this guy…eventually we found him.)

At least we found some toys and hung out at the park.


Much needed when we got home.


Did a lot of chores today (fun fact: I have been on the trainer the last 3 nights and I may pull out my hair). Must run outside tomorrowwwwwww.

Brooke got serious with a photo shoot for her bath toys. I dont even ask.


Missing Ken but really excited to see him soooon!!!

Not only did they ride to Boulder last week, but he added in a team race on Saturday (96 miles and 12,000+ feet of climbing). His team won-group of 4 that all ride the whole thing together. He is insane. Between Thursday and Sunday he was at something like 335 miles and 21 hours on the bike. No biggie.

And that’s about it! Looking forward to some fun things tomorrow!

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