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End of a Decade


Well, hello 2020 and Happy New Year!

Yes, I vanished for the end of 2019. Things were busy and life happened and trying to find balance was a challenge. But, I’m here and have a ton of pics that will represent the last few months of the decade!

Halloween happened. It was cold. But how cute is she? She kind of reminds me of a character out of Game of Thrones, but hey, best to be warm!


Did some good coloring. Thanks, Alle for the PNW coloring book-I love it, too 😉


Ken’s hair got a bit out of control (he will probably kill me for putting this on here-but come on…that’s impressive!).


My little rancher child.


And then she turns back into a princess 😉


We skied opening day (before Thanksgiving!!)



Have had some awesome home school field trips-learned all about screen printing!



Made bath bombs!


We traveled down to Fort Collins for Thanksgiving. The cats were a big help with dinner 😉


Brooke’s one Black Friday purchase…


Came home to some snow…


And recovered with some mega naps.


Brooke convinced me we should go skating. She did great!


We have spent some good time on the mountain! I really need one of these helmet covers. Brooke’s is sooooo cozy!



The new gondola is awesome!


She stole my headband and it looks way cuter on her 😉


More naps.


And loving the fire.IMG_1569

We are using Daisy the Dino to gauge the snow in the yard. Spoiler alert: there is not a lot left showing!


We had an incredible Christmas. Brooke got her first snowmobile. She is already so good on it! Like, stands and leans in corners. Apparently she got her dad’s athletic ability.



I cant.


Road trips are fun when you have your best bud!


Walked outside to find her like this. Yep, Ken’s kid.


We loved having Alle and David here for Christmas!


Jasper and Penny. Just being Vizslas.


Brooke was an angel in the Church Christmas musical. It was adorable!


Made Brooke famous in the SBT GRVL social media Christmas post. Cutest little Rudolf!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (1)



Tiny Magician!


She wanted this giant tiger soooo bad!


Best cross country ski buddies!


And then on my birthday, Brooke fell asleep at the table. Before dinner. I guess we had a good time!


And that’s how our year ended! There was a good amount of running involved as I head into my April race, but riding has been pretty limited. Finally jumping back into more of a routine and will be excited to share more on that later 🙂

I hope that the end of your 2019 was awesome and that you have an incredible 2020!


Thanksgiving, First Day on the Slopes and Back Pain Stinks.

Hey, there! It’s been a hot minute, huh? It seems like I have been on my computer SO much but have not been able to find a second to pop on here!

How’s it going?? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Is it winter where you are, yet??

We have had our fair share of work:play balance going on over here.

A ton of my time has been spent learning all things WordPress (working on our race site)…when I find a little extra time, I cant wait to bring that knowledge to my own site! Spending so much time on the social media side (like so much that it is making me a little crazy) but figuring out a lot of things. Everything has it’s own language and I am working on learning them all!

Work aside….here are some other things we have been up to…

Just working on her butterfly skills

Getting in a good amount of running miles…bring on the snow!

Spending some quality time working on selfie skills. ha.

My sister happened to be in town a few weekends ago to host a work event. She did a focus group on cold weather running apparel and the conditions were perfect! We got in a 4.5 mile run in the snow and then had lunch while she did some interviews. It was an absolute blast hanging out with some awesome runners! and having my sister here!

This guy was a little tired at the end of the weekend…

Last week, we headed down to the Front Range for Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law and her husband hosted and it was a great time. Ken and I got in a killer run on Thursday (6 miles of up and down). Brooke played with the kitties for 3 days (they napped when she left. Hard). Time with family and all the foods.

The sass makes me need a nap, too 😉 Good thing she is cute!

Yesterday, Brooke and I headed into town for our first day on the slopes! I actually had a conference call that I took in the lodge at the top of the gondola and then we got our shred on! The snow was seriously better than all of last season.

This little bunny crushed it! Couldn’t believe it was the first day of the year! She will quickly be out-skiing me.

We chased the slope time with a trip to the movie theater. Do it all in one day, right? Ken met us and we caught Wreck it Ralph 2. It was hilarious and Brooke loved her date with me and Ken.

Random picture of the most tolerant dog in the world?

On the workout front, just plugging away at winter miles. Over Thanksgiving, I was in a different bed and my back was not a fan. My SI joints got pretty irritated (like couldn’t sleep or sit…or stand…er). Luckily, they have been gradually improving. After taking 3 days completely off, I was able to run 3 miles Monday and Tuesday really slowly. Today, I rode the trainer for 50 minutes in the morning and then did 6 snow miles around an 8:50 pace. Felt the SI joints for the whole run (mostly downhills) but more of an annoyance than pain. Hoping they keep improving.

That’s about it over here. Hoping that I will have some more time to hop on here. Winter is in full swing! Cant wait to bust out my xc skis and throw those into the workout mix. Supposed to snow tonight……

Until next time!