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Hi there! Happy Tuesday (I think?!)!

Just popping in to say hello 🙂 Anyone else feel like their house is a constant disaster during this whole thing? I feel like I cannot keep up with the “projects” that Brooke begin…and then there are the dishes. Let’s be honest, the dishwasher is the real hero in our house.

Thought I would just share some random things today. Basically, I am procrastinating unloading said dishwasher 😉

The other morning, I realized how much our fish, Zoom Zoom, really loves when the morning sunlight streams into his tank. He flutters all about looking gorgeous. I like to think that is how I look when the sunlight hits me in the morning. ha.


Last week (I think-seriously, the days just seem to roll together at this point), Ken got a new toy. Meet our new skid steer. I feel a lot of projects coming on 😉 It is also intended to move snow in the winter. Yes to an enclosed cabin and heater. Woohoo!


The melt-off has been real this past week and that has made for some squishy runs. New look for the pants? I kinda like it.


Brooke found a paint stir stick in a bag and naturally transformed it into something awesome.


We have played Chutes and Ladders about 78 times. I have lost 78 of them. Apparently I am a very terrible spinner.


Brooke has her heart set on a certain toy. I told her it is $90 so she made a chart to count down all the numbers until she gets there (by earning money doing chores). She did it all on her own. I counted that as math for the day 😉 (and yes, she did complete it on the back!)


Legos have also become a very important tool for learning. She could play with them for hours at a time!


Making sure to utilize the nice days for quality outdoor time. Her snow mound has shrunk substantially!


Ken just out “doing stuff” in the skid steer (I think he just likes to drive it).


Brooke got in trouble the other day. This was her apology note. Creative kid.


Spring in Steamboat=WIND. Like, gnarly, gross wind. Luckily, it makes it pretty fun to fly a kite. Isn’t this how most people do it?



We lucked into some warm weather (50 degrees!!) last week and I never wanted to leave the dog bed after my run. So warm!


She loves Prodigy. It is a math game where they have to do problems to go up in levels. Whatever works!


Did some Easter Egg coloring.


And played in puddles. The snowsuit and water gun clearly go well together.


Pretty excited to see some grass!!!


It was cold this morning (5 degrees-blah, I am ready for Spring!). Brooke didnt care. She decided to work on her golf game.


She got some new clothes delivered (mega sale!) and decided it was best to pair these two pieces. You do you, kid.


As far as workouts go, I have been a little unmotivated this week. Part of that is because I got in over 10 hours of biking and running last week and am tired. Part is because the weather is uninviting. And part is because my guess is the only event I am training for will most likely be cancelled. Sooooo, I am giving myself a couple of days to rest and then will hop back in. Luckily, I love to workout, so that isnt going to go anywhere, but also, I want to make sure to keep it fun. If there isn’t a specific event, I will keep mixing it up with running, riding, weights and maybe even some yoga in there!

Alright, kid is trying to drag me outside to play….she’s crazy. It’s cold.

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The Missing Month

Oh, hey. A whole month blew by. Wow.

Here are a few {million} pictures from the past month-ish…I will try to nail the highlights. Things have been busy. Really busy. Need a vacation, busy.

But enough of that…In {mostly} chronological order…


Ken jumped into a mountain bike race in Denver. Mountain bike nationals happen to be about 1.5 hours from our house this summer so Ken hopped into a qualifying race in case he wants to race later this month. He did okay.


It snowed. {Spoiler alert…It snowed a LOT this spring/summer}.


Brooke is quite the artist. One night she brought this to me. I couldn’t even come close to this!


More snow.


We ventured to Sheridan, Wyoming for a gravel bike race/camping trip. Normal camp essentials: Giant bear and lite beer.


This girl was ripping around on her bike!


It was a 100 mile race and I could bore you with details, but…. I actually raced it and had a blast. Ended up 4th overall for women and 2nd in my age group. It was a rush! Finished 100 miles in under 6 hours.

Ken raced really strong and due to some tactics ended up second overall, but with a killer workout!


That camp life.



We spent a couple of days camping with my parents-in-law and had a blast. This kid loves to camp (so does the creepy photo-bomber dog).

Got in a 7 mile run. It was GORGEOUS!


When we got home, Brooke decided she didnt want to deal with the struggles of long hair tangles for the rest of the summer, so we chopped her locks. I miss the long a little, but we are loving the low maintenance style!



Got in a few good rides.


Yanked out a baby tooth (her big tooth was coming in and the dentist was going to pull it, so we bribed Brooke with a toy instead of paying the dentist to do it and she let me pull it out).


As much golf as possible.


Some railing building.


We celebrated this girl turning 6. How it happened, I dont know.



For real mountain bike!


Her own paddle board (maybe, spoiled.)



Has yet to sleep without her giant dino!


(Yes, on her birthday we started with paddle boarding and finished with golf-her request).


Put together our porch swing!!


The rivers are raging!


Brooke got a dino taco holder for her birthday (thanks, Alle) so she has been requesting them.


More railing building.


Helpful when it snows.


Representing our race.


Home school end of the year party!


And then, for the first 3 days of summer…..yeah.



Birthday party goodness.


And extra sass.


Finally, sunshine!


We hosted a ride from our house last weekend (third year in a row). There were 28 riders who did 110 miles and 9k of climbing. I headed out into the middle of nowhere with drinks and food about 13 miles from the end (the last climb is rough). Had a little search party for a couple of guys. Another successful bike event/party!


On Sunday, Errin, Colin and I met up with my friend Kelly for our own adventure ride! It was awesome and I ended up with 84 miles on the day (with a stop for beer and fries around 60 miles in!).


Other than the normal craziness, those are the highlights of what has been happening!

Hope that you are having a great (slightly less crazy) summer!!

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Still Snow Season and Ken’s First LandRun

Well, the weather has continued to be pretty uni-colored so far, but we have some sunshine today! Woohoo!!! We have missed that blue sky, lately!

Colorado got some of that Bomb-cyclone weather, but up here it was really just a normal storm. Sure, it snowed and the wind blew-but what’s new this year!?

When you spend 2 hours moving snow, it helps to be prepared. And warm.


Ken was able to sneak away last Thursday (on our anniversary-ha) to go to a bike race in Oklahoma with his business partners/teammates. Any time he is gone, Brooke begs to make zucchini noodles.


We spent some quality time playing outside when the sun came out!


Treated ourselves to some donuts. Not sure what the confused face is for. You eat it, kid.


Went to the pool…and took a picture with the snow in the parking lot. Yep, it’s a lot.


Since everything outside is still so white, we decided to liven up the kitchen. Feels a bit Spring-ish!


The other houseplants are a bit out of control. This guy is to Brooke’s head level-and comes from the loft above!


Random wedding picture for our 10th anniversary!


Brooke loves her a good puzzle. She did a solo 100 piece!


I was the queen and had to grant my subjects their wishes. mhmmmm perfectly normal.


Brooke and I went on a lunch date while Ken was traveling. Cutest date ever.



Back to Ken’s travels….

Made him some rice cakes and energy bars for the race.


He found his “Good Luck” treat the night before. Perfect.


We followed along via whatever social media we could find.


I rode the trainer while Brooke worked out and we stalked Ken’s race.


Ken called me when he was done and told me he was 9th!! Top 10 with a huge field of pro cyclists. Couldn’t be more proud!

That hair, tho.


Amy took 3rd for the women and Mark came in 3rd in his Age Group. What a weekend!


Meanwhile, Brooke and I continued our snow play. That’s a fence post. Guessing about 4 feet high. Yep, that’s me standing on top of it.


Quality Momming. Ha. This stuff is delicious!!


Quick pic of Brooke’s incredible hair.


And her moves. Ha.


Yesterday, she just HAD to play outside in 13 degrees. In her bathrobe.


She launched some animals down the yard in a sled and had to go rescue them.


Another snap from Ken’s race. They all stopped for the picture.


And, because-HOPE….we see the ground today! (Note: snow in the forecast for 3 days starting Friday-ha).


Sorry for the super all over the place post, but it was that or wait 2 weeks to put it together better 😉



M: Ride 1 hour, Run 3 miles

T: Ride 1 hour, Run 4 miles

W: Ride 1 hour

H: Ride 1 hour, Run 3 miles

F: Run 5 miles

S: Ride 4 hours (2×2 hours on the trainer). Mom life.

S: Ride 1 hour on Trainer