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Pretty Days and Bear Cubs

Good Hump Day Morning to you! Halfway there!

How was your Tuesday? We started off with a chilly 17 degrees but it warmed up to about 50 in the afternoon and was just an amazingly beautiful day.

We started off with some play time. Brooke loves that cornstarch/water mix. Her toys really enjoy playing in it 😉 Luckily, clean up isn’t too terrible.


Brooke took it upon herself to write her Christmas list out on the chalkboard. In order from top to bottom: Puppy, Race Car, Small Canoe, Puppy Treats. Glad she could translate those images for me 😉 Dont think we are quite ready for the puppy, but glad to see where her heart is!


Took some snack breaks. Not even joking, I didnt like Jarlsberg cheese until I was about 30 years old. Brooke adores it at 4. No big deal.


It was a bit chilly out and Brooke didnt want to bundle up for a trailer ride, so I hit the trainer for 50 minutes (35 of those at tempo) and then got in 10 minutes on the treadmill (about 1.25 miles of some quick running). I watched Wimbledon (the movie). It never gets old!


Post workout, Brooke and I had some lunch before setting out for some outside time. Brooke rode her bike down to the mailbox while I jogged with her. It was awesome.




Just a quick dip in the hot tub. My legs…they are still soooo tired!


Spent the afternoon playing on Brooke’s swing set before Ken made it home.

Because the weather was so gorgeous (cold, though=ski clothes!), we decided to take a trip on the quad up the hill to see some of the fire damage. It was crazy!



Deer butts!




Big highlight…Seeing a Momma bear and her 3 cubs!!!!

It was hard to get a picture…

FullSizeRender (40)

Jasper took it upon himself to soak up some fireplace warmth. Rough job.



Worked on Ken’s legs for a bit before calling it a night!

Now we are on to Wednesday things….Includes the dentist….ugh! At least it is the last time! Who needs to feel their face.

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