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Another Week (or Two)

Howdy! How’s it going?? Days continue to pass by over here-we are keeping busy and finding ways to have fun. The weather has finally started to feel like Spring, so we are taking advantage of being outside and beginning the never ending list of summertime chores and projects.

Rewind to about 2 weeks ago (and a nice little snow storm)-I was moving some firewood over to the house and ended up with company. These guys escaped from our neighbor’s house and decided to visit. They are so stinking cute, but I was a little nervous being so outnumbered. Luckily, I was able to herd them back up to the road and they meandered homeward.




Thinking (hoping?) that this was the last big snowstorm of the season. Not mad that it has all melted off at this point 😉


I wish I could just melt into the bed, too. Jasper knows how to do nap time!


Brooke has been enjoying some quality dress up time. Snow or no snow, it is always Moana time!


We were looking for a fun project, so we got started on some seed planting.


This is how Brooke asks to go in the hot tub. She has some art skills, that’s for sure.




Full blown mood- headed out to search for dinosaur bones.


We got to attend my niece’s birthday party (she lives in California) on a Zoom call. It was a lot of fun. A little overwhelming, but they did a scavenger hunt and a couple of other games. Brooke thought it was great.



My buddy


Ken and I set out for a quick 3 mile jog after the party. It ended up pellet snowing on us-so painful! We were pretty much frozen when we got home!


I like where Brooke’s thoughts are….tropical sounds pretty good.


Pretty excited to see the daffodil bulbs in the kitchen popping up! SPRING!


Brooke has been spending time out in the shop with Ken in the evenings after he gets home from work. I am pretty sure it is the best part of her day.



Melting off!


Not sure who was driving at this point: Ken or Brooke.


Crafting together her birthday list. There are a lot of Legos on there.


This past weekend, we ventured out to a local trail. Brooke hiked 4 miles with us and absolutely crushed it. She did so good and had a great time. Hoping there is a lot more of this to come this year!




Jasper pretty much had the best time ever.





Post-hike cuddles


Baby plants starting ❤


Yesterday, I spent the day pulling down all of our snow fences. Ken has been working like crazy so we have been trying to get things done around the outside of the house. We are *hopefully* going to start the footing for my greenhouse this weekend. I cannot wait!

Workouts are going fine. Mainly easy miles of running outside and riding in the basement. I miss outside. Hopefully soon. I have been doing a Strava Challenge and working towards 100 run miles for the month of April-I have 2.2 miles left so I plan to knock those out today! Brooke has been LOVING her bike recently, so I sneak in miles with her when she rides.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I need to go to the grocery-we need some fresh fruit and veggies-but it is challenging trying not to take Brooke and Ken working-guess I will aim for the weekend!

Hope you are doing well and staying active!



Hi there! Happy Tuesday (I think?!)!

Just popping in to say hello 🙂 Anyone else feel like their house is a constant disaster during this whole thing? I feel like I cannot keep up with the “projects” that Brooke begin…and then there are the dishes. Let’s be honest, the dishwasher is the real hero in our house.

Thought I would just share some random things today. Basically, I am procrastinating unloading said dishwasher 😉

The other morning, I realized how much our fish, Zoom Zoom, really loves when the morning sunlight streams into his tank. He flutters all about looking gorgeous. I like to think that is how I look when the sunlight hits me in the morning. ha.


Last week (I think-seriously, the days just seem to roll together at this point), Ken got a new toy. Meet our new skid steer. I feel a lot of projects coming on 😉 It is also intended to move snow in the winter. Yes to an enclosed cabin and heater. Woohoo!


The melt-off has been real this past week and that has made for some squishy runs. New look for the pants? I kinda like it.


Brooke found a paint stir stick in a bag and naturally transformed it into something awesome.


We have played Chutes and Ladders about 78 times. I have lost 78 of them. Apparently I am a very terrible spinner.


Brooke has her heart set on a certain toy. I told her it is $90 so she made a chart to count down all the numbers until she gets there (by earning money doing chores). She did it all on her own. I counted that as math for the day 😉 (and yes, she did complete it on the back!)


Legos have also become a very important tool for learning. She could play with them for hours at a time!


Making sure to utilize the nice days for quality outdoor time. Her snow mound has shrunk substantially!


Ken just out “doing stuff” in the skid steer (I think he just likes to drive it).


Brooke got in trouble the other day. This was her apology note. Creative kid.


Spring in Steamboat=WIND. Like, gnarly, gross wind. Luckily, it makes it pretty fun to fly a kite. Isn’t this how most people do it?



We lucked into some warm weather (50 degrees!!) last week and I never wanted to leave the dog bed after my run. So warm!


She loves Prodigy. It is a math game where they have to do problems to go up in levels. Whatever works!


Did some Easter Egg coloring.


And played in puddles. The snowsuit and water gun clearly go well together.


Pretty excited to see some grass!!!


It was cold this morning (5 degrees-blah, I am ready for Spring!). Brooke didnt care. She decided to work on her golf game.


She got some new clothes delivered (mega sale!) and decided it was best to pair these two pieces. You do you, kid.


As far as workouts go, I have been a little unmotivated this week. Part of that is because I got in over 10 hours of biking and running last week and am tired. Part is because the weather is uninviting. And part is because my guess is the only event I am training for will most likely be cancelled. Sooooo, I am giving myself a couple of days to rest and then will hop back in. Luckily, I love to workout, so that isnt going to go anywhere, but also, I want to make sure to keep it fun. If there isn’t a specific event, I will keep mixing it up with running, riding, weights and maybe even some yoga in there!

Alright, kid is trying to drag me outside to play….she’s crazy. It’s cold.

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Lots of Pictures, Little Text

You guys. My social distancing wardrobe is off the hook.

Apparently I am getting really excited for the Olympics…#202One USA.


We are on day 1432 (but really I dont actually remember what number at this point) of our “quarantine”-yes, I do realize that it is not technically a quarantine being that we are not sick and are actually able to go outside..but sometimes it feels like that, no?

We have absolutely been making the best of it and are so blessed to live where we do. We are able to be outside as much as the weather permits-or how tough we feel that day 😉

Brooke’s bike skills have increased so much in the last few weeks as a result of our walks down to the mailbox.


Jasper is not mad about the walks either!


And then he ends up like this…which is basically a mood in itself.


The Denver Zoo is closed, but they are doing a lot of things on FaceBook that we have been enjoying. We got to meet their new baby Rhino (1 month old and 180+ pounds). So adorable!


Brooke has been spending a LOT of time riding her snowmobile. I think she is going to be pretty sad when the snow is gone! It is funny to be outside and listen to her-she sings and talks to herself the entire time.


We have been enjoying some Spring cross country skiing.






They played extra hard 😉


There has been some of this…


And some of this…


And far too much of this…(Seriously though, that was straight out of the oven and the 3 of us devoured the entire loaf of banana bread.)


Tiny hints of Spring in the kitchen window. Come on, daffodils!


Just making hearts out of rocks. Totally normal.


Enjoying some pretty fun experiments thanks to KiwiCO.


Cant teach this style. wow.


These mountains are the absolute best.


When water gets a bit boring to drink, GU to the rescue. Strawberry Lemonade for the win!


Someone is living the dream!



A little magic (and some crazy eyes).


These plants love it here!


Margaritas any day is totally fair game.


This is what it has come to. Be afraid.


All day, every day.


Ordering some clothes online. Her face. I die. Not sure she approved of his choice.


I love when she reads to me!


Her book making continues to be strong!


As does her board game playing!


And then today, this happened. It made my 4 easy miles a bit harder than anticipated. And a bit more painful on my face!


But alas, had to do something to combat the covid 19 (pounds). Ha.


And maybe the best part of today-Brooke was using modeling clay and made bacon and pancakes for her dolls. It looked so good, too!


Hope that you are staying safe and healthy and finding all sorts of exciting things to do with your time at home!

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