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Prepping for Winter


Howdy and happy short week!! Who is looking forward to some relaxing and overeating?? **Raises both hands** Okay, excited for some riding outside, too 😉 #balance

This weekend was on the low key side. Most of it was spent “winterproofing” our yard/shop/etc.

We picked up miscellaneous materials from around the yard, organized and covered our fire wood piles, put stakes around so as to not hit things with the snowblower….you know, the normal stuff! hahaha.

On Saturday, I worked around the inside of the house while it warmed up. Ken and I jumped on the trainers but he ended up having to bail early to help a neighbor, so I finished up the hour alone. Found this gem on RunEatRepeats Insta-story. I think ALL races (bikes and running) need this! Yes, I will go ahead and feel endless pride! Perfect.


Super fancy lunch of champions.


Then it was time to head outside. It wasnt quite 30 degrees, so the sexy clothes came out.


I should be sponsored by Carhartt, BOGS and Smartwool=>my life.


I mentioned to Ken that I was thinking about a triathlon (gasp) next summer. He informed me that there is a local DUATHLON. Running and biking and NO getting wet. SOLD!


After working, we all headed into the hot tub to warm up!

On Sunday, it was more of the same. Ken managed to get out on his bike, but from the looks of it when he got home, I opted for the trainer later. MUDDY.

Just another day of looking extra hot. Yikes.


It continued to the trainer as well. Maybe later this week I will brush my hair and/or put on make up. That could be a fun change!


More working outside and then dinner and falling asleep on the couch (or at least Ken did!).

This morning, the sunrise didnt disappoint.



Cant complain about this forecast either!!


I am taking some time to grade, do the laundry and work around the house. Naturally, Brooke chooses one room to destroy. Guess I will be cleaning that up later, too. Ugh.


We did some Thanksgiving crafts this morning and made dino fossils. The things the kid is thankful for….mostly dogs 😉



This guy has a weekend hangover.


About to hit up the trainer for a bit and then continue the normal Monday chores!

Hope you had a great weekend and have super fun plans this week!

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Halloween 2017

Hey Everyone! How was your Halloweeen?

Ken and mine started out early with an hour ride on the trainers. It was his only time of the day to ride and I just gave in 😉

It is soooo dark in the morning. Love hate relationship with Daylight Savings, but it will be nice to not feel like it is the middle of the night when we get up next week.



Post ride cuddles.

She found a moth. Couldnt quite hold still long enough for a clear picture 😉


Once we were mostly awake, we got to rolling out our pumpkin sugar cookies. Such a good helper!



We added some icing later and they were delicious!


Did some Clifford experiments! She was mega excited about this one!


Since my ride was a bit lacking (I don’t do so well early in the morning!), I hit up the treadmill for 3 miles of work.


Post lunch and some play time, it was time to head to town to pick up Ken and head to the Downtown Stroll!

Brooke was not super impressed with me stopping her for a picture.


Had to rock the jacket and UGGS since it was cold out 😉 But she was adorable!

There were a lot of people and she was a little nervous at first, but she warmed up and got really into it!







It was pretty late when we got home so it was a quick dinner for the Princess before heading to bed.

She snapped this nice shot of my Smartwool outfit. Who needs a head?


We are chillaxing today with a lot of play and some packing for the weekend 🙂

Hope you had a super fun-filled, costume attired day yesterday!!

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Vacation Days


Hey there and happy middle of the week to you! Our week has been a bit strange over here. Ken worked on Monday, but is taking the rest of the week off, so there is a lot of projecting going on over here.

Couple of Monday things….

Totally normal to have a horse princess with you.


Threw together some banana bread because we had 5 bananas that were in need of quick use!



Found myself on the trainer for an hour. Blech.


Why yes, I am watching Hart of Dixie.


Unloaded the truck from the weekend and found Brooke’s new snow boots that Ken found her.


Opened up this bad boy! And it was everything.


On Tuesday, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast before Ken set out to destroy the kitchen. Kidding. Kind of.

He is putting in lighting above and below the cabinets. It is going to be AWESOME…but for now….disaster.


While we worked away, B kept herself occupied.


Mid-day cold brew coffee with coconut milk…yes, please.


Ken let me slip away for an hour and 4o minute ride. It was gorgeous out!!


A bit chilly….but gorgeous.


Post-ride, we all headed into town for some errands. Pool, grocery, renting Brooke’s skis for the season!! Now she just needs some snow 😉

This morning, Ken got straight back to work on his lights. Jasper took the morning off.


I got out for an hour and 20 minutes. Perfection!! 3×10 minute efforts were a bit tough!


Spent the afternoon moving firewood, helping Ken unload a trailer and cleaning up some of this mess!!


Brooke likes to see how many toys she can get out in one day.



Ken headed into town for a night mountain bike ride. I would die. I can barely keep it upright with a sun above me!

Sounds like a night of grading over here!!

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