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Last Day of Ski Lessons and Hoping My Knee Cooperates with Life.

Happy Friday, Everyone!! Who is doing something fun this weekend?? Hot date? Long run? Sleeping until noon?

We had some plans (well, Ken still does), but Brooke woke up with a cold this morning, so we will play that by ear. Ken is headed out to ski with friends tomorrow morning and then to possibly ride with friends on Sunday. I feel like there is a lot of cuddling and chilling happening for the rest of us.

Let’s flashback to Wednesday! It was Brooke’s last day of ski lessons for the season (though she is really excited to ski with Ken and I until the snow leaves us).


Ken got to sneak away from work (lunchtime!) to watch her “performance”. It was really awesome to see how much she has improved in 10 weeks.

Rough place to learn to ski.



Killing it!


She was the only girl to make it into the “A” group. No biggie 😉



It was such a pretty day so we hit up the park after skiing.


Yes, please.


Such a fun day!

Spent most of the night grading….as well as every other night this week.

Since the knee is still on the mend, I have been riding instead. Making sure to keep the knee warm with my ’80s style leg warmers. Always a win.


Proof for Ken that I made it over 100 watts without my knee exploding…


Most of Thursday was spent doing chores and playing outside in the sunshine. Look at this weather love!


Starting to look like Spring and we are not sad about it.

This morning was spent on the trainers. I made it 45 minutes before hopping off to make breakfast. Brooke has been resting most of the day (and apparently that means playdoh and ballet performances to a 4 year old).

I had some things to go to the mailbox, so I decided to try out an easy jog. Made it down and the knee was okay, so I continued on for the rest of a mile. Turned around and finished at home for 2 miles. Dream big. I was conservative with every part of the “run” and ended up with a 9:30ish pace. Really worked on my gait for the whole thing. Still not sure what started the knee issue, so I am being very careful starting up again.

Just dressed like the most non-runner ever. Baggy pants and a cotton t-shirt. So much no…but it was more of a “jog” than a “run”, right? 😉



No big plans over here for the afternoon. Working on a training plan for Ken while giving Brooke all the snacks.

Hope that you have much more exciting plans for your Friday night!! Playing with tentative workout plans for the weekend. May try to run on the treadmill tomorrow so that I can bail if the knee acts up (and not be miles from home). We shall see how it plays out!


More Snow Runnings!

Hey there and happy last day of February! Can you believe that we welcome in March tomorrow? Craziness!

Sorry, I have a been a bit hit-or-miss lately. Lots of things going on and the class that I am teaching is kind of kicking my butt! Lots of students and lots of time returning emails. Needless to say, it has been a bit of a challenge to get some down time.

But hey, here are some highlights!

Sunday….looking pretty #basic for church. It was pretty stinking cold, so totally rocking the puffy jacket with a scarf that a friend brought back from Paris. All I needed was a Starbucks cup and it would have been perfect.


We spent most of the afternoon hanging out and playing. A bit of cross country skiing and I was happy to chill with the fam (they snowshoe-ed (word?) with me!).

On Monday, Brooke and I hung around the house and did chores. We ventured outside to play because the sun was SO nice! Brooke thought it would be a good idea to ride down to the mailbox. Strider for the win! (I had ridden with Ken in the morning and then did a 4 mile run outside earlier in the day).



Seriously, up the snow wall?!



Brooke only crashed hard once, but luckily she had snow clothes on, so it was a non-issue.


Once home, I had a bowl of puffins. And then 20 minutes later, I had a second bowl. Perfectly normal.


The rest of the day involved play time, some grading and 35 minutes of work on Ken’s legs.

On Tuesday, we visited with our neighbor who just got home from Hawaii. She found this adorable shirt and thought it was perfect for me. I think she was right. Super cute!


Since I had already showered and put on makeup (WHAT?!) to go into town, it was a bit of a toss up as to what I could do with Jasper to wear him out before B and I left for the evening. Enter: Cross country skiing. It was brisk out and breezy, so I just put on other clothes for a bit and we headed up the hill next to the house. It was perfect. Didnt get sweaty, I could see the house and the kid could see me the whole time! Excellent. Also, the views!






Just wondering how much hair I should chop off at the end of April…hmmmmm….


Changed clothes and headed to town with Brooke. We picked up some essentials..this was delicious…


grabbed some dinner and then my date and I headed to her FIRST MOVIE THEATER viewing!


She was super excited and did great! It helped that there were literally only 6 other people there 😉 We saw the Peter Rabbit movie that is out and it was really cute!


This morning, we did the usual things and got ready to head back into town for some grocery shopping and ski lessons.

They are cute.


Brooke skied and Jasper and I went up and down a mountain.


Literally….up and down!


It was a great 6 miles and then we headed home!

Ken is doing a fat bike race this evening under the full moon. (He just texted me that he took 2nd!!). I am sure it was beautiful!!


Looking forward to a relaxed day tomorrow around the house!

And now, my friends, it is time to dive back into the world of grading! Have a good night!!

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Some Cold Days, a Great Workout and the Pool!

Howdy friends! How has your week been? We have had a blast of winter the past few days but we are not complaining! Nice to finally have some snow.

On Monday evening, I headed out to move some snow so the husband could get back up the driveway. It was a bit chilly…and windy. Not the best combo…but we have all the clothes.


Tuesday morning was -3 degrees. Since the neighbors are in Hawaii (not jealous or anything 😉 ) I headed over to feed the horses and birds. Our other neighbors were also gone, so I had to grab eggs out of the chicken coop. I was a frozen hot mess when I got home!


I think he liked the smells on my pants, because he just wanted to be in my lap!


Ken opted to take his fat bike to ride at lunch, so I hit up the trainer for an hour just before lunch. It had been a while since I had done anything other than soft pedal or base riding, so it was nice to hop into the tempo zone for a good part of the ride!

Someone got a new rain jacket. Bring on Spring!


Yesterday, we headed into town for the usual errands and ski lessons.

While the B played on the slopes, I headed out for a 7 mile run. It was too cold in the morning to bring Jasper (-13 degrees) so I was solo. I opted to stay on the path so I could get in an actual workout.

1 mile warm up and 2 x 2 mile efforts with a mile between and a mile cool down (though at 19 degrees, not sure how much I needed to cool down!). The efforts averaged around 7:45 min/mile. I call that a win since I was shooting for an 8 min/mile pace and the path was a mix of concrete, spongy snow and ICE. Almost went down a few times, but happily kept it upright.

Post run arm sweat. Delish. Ugh.


I am a HUGE fan of leg warmers. I pulled them up over my knees on the easy miles since it really was cold enough to feel it in the joints and then pulled them down for the efforts. Perfection. Plus, who doesnt like to act like we are back in the ’80s?!


We did a little shopping and these two cute plants came home so we could pretend that it is Spring.


By dinnertime, I was eating this out of the container. Interval days, am I right?!


Ken got home around 7 from a long day of work and travel.

This morning (after feeding all the animals), B and I hit up the pool for some play time. It was perfect. Before grabbing the most delicious donuts (because we JUST realized that we have a donut place?!). No picture because we inhaled them!



Now it is time for some cleaning and cleaning out the fireplace! Dream big!

Have a great night!




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