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Some Cold Days, a Great Workout and the Pool!

Howdy friends! How has your week been? We have had a blast of winter the past few days but we are not complaining! Nice to finally have some snow.

On Monday evening, I headed out to move some snow so the husband could get back up the driveway. It was a bit chilly…and windy. Not the best combo…but we have all the clothes.


Tuesday morning was -3 degrees. Since the neighbors are in Hawaii (not jealous or anything 😉 ) I headed over to feed the horses and birds. Our other neighbors were also gone, so I had to grab eggs out of the chicken coop. I was a frozen hot mess when I got home!


I think he liked the smells on my pants, because he just wanted to be in my lap!


Ken opted to take his fat bike to ride at lunch, so I hit up the trainer for an hour just before lunch. It had been a while since I had done anything other than soft pedal or base riding, so it was nice to hop into the tempo zone for a good part of the ride!

Someone got a new rain jacket. Bring on Spring!


Yesterday, we headed into town for the usual errands and ski lessons.

While the B played on the slopes, I headed out for a 7 mile run. It was too cold in the morning to bring Jasper (-13 degrees) so I was solo. I opted to stay on the path so I could get in an actual workout.

1 mile warm up and 2 x 2 mile efforts with a mile between and a mile cool down (though at 19 degrees, not sure how much I needed to cool down!). The efforts averaged around 7:45 min/mile. I call that a win since I was shooting for an 8 min/mile pace and the path was a mix of concrete, spongy snow and ICE. Almost went down a few times, but happily kept it upright.

Post run arm sweat. Delish. Ugh.


I am a HUGE fan of leg warmers. I pulled them up over my knees on the easy miles since it really was cold enough to feel it in the joints and then pulled them down for the efforts. Perfection. Plus, who doesnt like to act like we are back in the ’80s?!


We did a little shopping and these two cute plants came home so we could pretend that it is Spring.


By dinnertime, I was eating this out of the container. Interval days, am I right?!


Ken got home around 7 from a long day of work and travel.

This morning (after feeding all the animals), B and I hit up the pool for some play time. It was perfect. Before grabbing the most delicious donuts (because we JUST realized that we have a donut place?!). No picture because we inhaled them!



Now it is time for some cleaning and cleaning out the fireplace! Dream big!

Have a great night!




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Winter Carnival and Outside Play

When you write “good morning” and realize it is the afternoon…..that’s how you know it is Monday 😉 We had a pretty nice weekend over here and are spending the day cleaning things up and getting ready for the rest of the week!

The weekend started on Friday…

Brooke and I headed into town in the morning to see some of the snow sculptures and hit up the pool! We had a lovely time and enjoyed seeing what some of the people in our town created!

Brooke was really impressed and (per usual) refused to look at the camera. Please excuse the pool hair.





We made it home in time to prep some dinner and relax a bit before Ken’s parents arrived. We had a nice evening hanging out and watching some Olympic action (which we kind of did all weekend…or at least when we were inside!).

On Saturday, we had breakfast and then I set out for 6 miles of running in the wind. Going out was nice and warm, but coming back in the headwind was rough! I literally had to stop and face the other direction to defrost my face 4 times!

Once home, I showered and then we all loaded up to check out some action at the Winter Carnival. It was pretty incredible! These kids were fearless! Not sure that I want to get towed behind a horse on chunky snow?!?!


Brooke thought it was pretty cool!




We ventured home to warm up and have some lunch before heading out into the yard for some snowy playtime! The boys spent the afternoon working on a welding project (it’s going to be awesome!!).

After a quick (and windy) dip in the hot tub, we went back into town for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Town was pretty nuts, so we had a bit of a wait, but it was worth it (as always). We finished up quickly and headed into the crowd. We were lucky and found a great place to park to watch the firework show. Brooke was very excited and they didnt disappoint!

Sunday started with breakfast and Church. We made it home in time for some lunch before heading out to play on the cross country skis!! It was awesome! The weather was prefect, the snow conditions were phenomenal and we all had a great time!


Nice rig! And a killer workout for Ken 😉


The views!


Oh hey, GrandBob!


Brooke wore her skis and crushed the descents.


Then they figured out that this was a great mode of transport…all she needs is a water ski handle!!


Outside is my happy place!!


Love my little family!!


Safe to say we all had a good time!!


And one with Jasper 😉


Seriously, awesome. She kept asking for a tow back up to come down the steep parts!


The boy!


It was an amazing day! Followed it up with a delicious dinner and then it was time for bed! I had a rough time falling asleep and Brooke had me up at 12:15 am and then I was back up at 4, so the alarm at 5:30 was a bit brutal. BUT I dragged my behind out of bed and hit the bike trainer with Ken. I did 45 minutes of spinning and 10 minutes of weights before heading back to up to get breakfast going. We said goodbye to Ken and then GrandBob and Nene and spent the morning cleaning up the house. Around 10:15 I jumped on the treadmill for 4 miles at around a 8:20 pace. I planned to run outside in the snow, but it was coming down pretty hard and Brooke insisted I head to the basement instead.

Pretty happy to see this white stuff!


Pretty jealous of this guy…that is what I would like to be doing today!



Pretty low key rest of the day for us over here! Not sad about it!

Hope that you got to play outside this weekend! Have any Valentine’s Day plans this week??

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Fitting It All into the Weekend.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was great!!

Missed checking in on Friday. I started to clean the house and then I got a little crazy with cleaning the house! Seven hours later and I was ready to sit down 😉 Or run on the treadmill. Got a bit rebellious and turned my 4 mile run into a 3 mile run. I was tired. Woof.

We were pretty excited when Ken showed up around 4! Always nice when the family is back together. Brooke received a nice surprise in the mail…She loves Moana and has several figurines, but was missing Maui. Of course, my mom found one with him and sent it….she was all about them!


Jasper took my cleaning super seriously.


Brooke also got her special monthly box in the mail from Nene and GrandBob and Errin and Colin! She got to make her own stuffed snake and a special little box with a turtle! Reptiles….the girl loves them!! (I promise to find them and take pictures because they are adorable). She was pretty happy that Dad was home to help her make them, too!

On Saturday, we took our time getting things going in the morning. By that I mean, I waited until it was at least 17 degrees before going out for my run. Made it 7 miles on the snowy/icy roads. Didnt wear my spikes….I love them for shorter runs, but enjoy the freedom on longer runs. Just extra careful! I made sure to dress extra sexy for those 2 cars that passed me. Ha!


Sunday was a whirlwind day! We started out the morning watching the last World Cup Cyclocross race. Followed that up with a trip to Church. Headed straight from Church to town to go skiing!! Brooke was doing really well on the magic carpet, so we made the decision to take her on the chairlift for the first time. The girl crushed it!! So good!



Once we were all starving, we grabbed a pizza and ate in the parking lot! Super classy…but it was 2:00 and we needed food. Next time, I will take food with us…

When we got home, Brooke insisted that she and Ken wash the trucks. The road was muddy (?!?!) and she takes great pride in her clean vehicles. 😉


She lasted a while before making Ken finish on his own…though I am sure he was faster once she came in!

Post-truck wash, Brooke played for a while and Ken and I jumped on the trainers for an hour. Never a dull minute over here!

It was an early bedtime 😉

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend and have a great start to your week! February will be here before you know it! Not sure what our big plans are for today….Soft pedal on the trainer, a run and playing on the fat bike?

See you soon!

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