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Twenty-Twenty One

Hi there! It has definitely been a minute. Or 7 months, but who is counting. My absence has been due to a combination of needing a break from the social media/blog world and equal parts being overwhelmed by work and family doings. But…I thought I would try to sneak in and share a little be about our year and what we have been up to! (Plus I am procrastinating cleaning our office which gives me anxiety just mentioning it!)

The beginning of the year was jam packed. I took on teaching a general biology course which basically consumed most of my life. Between my normal online classes, an A and P course and gen bio, it was a struggle to find time for much else. Thankfully, we did find some time to play in the snow! Because things were still weird, we did not get ski passes last season. (We do have them already purchased for this coming winter, though-bring on the snow!) We did, however, purchase uphill passes. I had never tried the uphill ski thing (skinning), but wow-I totally fell in love. It is an absolute butt kicker of a workout. We spent many a morning earning our turns! Cant wait for this year!

We also got into skate skiing. Another killer workout. This one took a bit more practice to figure out, but both Ken and I ended up loving it. Brooke rocked her classic skis all winter.

Brooke also got pretty into climbing at the Hot Springs. Girl is braver than me!

As the snow melted, we took advantage of the trails being dry (it happened too fast!). Love hiking with these two!

We have had the opportunity to visit some neat places over the course of the year. This is at Gates of Lodore. So cool!

Brooke got a quad for her birthday. She has been having a blast ripping around.

Brooke turned 8 in June and requested a Harry Potter themed day. Cutest ever, I know, I am biased. 😉

Always be hiking-and finding places to cool off!

So cool.

We spent some time in early June in Wyoming camping with family. It was lovely to get away. I did about 70 miles of the 100 mile Dead Swede gravel race, but was dealing with some nerve issues (which we later discovered was due to a mis-sized saddle). Luckily, I had a support crew that found me out in the middle of nowhere! Still fun. 😉

Joined our friend, Brent to ride to the top of Mount Evans. Wow. What an experience. So hard, but so worth it. I definitely scored a ride partway down the mountain in the back of a pickup truck because it is EXPOSED and basically terrifying.

Jasper is just living his best life.

For 4th of July, we headed up to Flathead Lake in Montana to camp with my sister and her husband. We had an incredible time and did so many fun things!

Brooke was sure she needed to bring her horse, Parker, home with us.

We also took the time to drive up to Glacier National Park. It was amazing! I didn’t even cry as we drove up Going to the Sun road-but it was close 😉

Just spectacular.

Lots of lake time!

Maybe even some relaxing!

Camping on the way home. Never ugly.

As we were getting home, we saw the beginnings of the smoke from this fire. Not my favorite summer time staple. Luckily, the weather has been cooler and there has been decreased activity. Hoping for more rain.

And that is about it!

As far as exercise-I have ridden a LOT of miles this year. It has been amazing getting to ride with Ken. Brooke is at an age where we can leave her home (basically she tells us to go ride! ha) for a couple of hours. I have definitely gotten much better riding with him. I have decided that I am not currently into the bike race scene after everything that happened last year, so I skipped the Crusher this past weekend. I have started to incorporate a lot more running into my life (hello marathon in Sept.-looking at you!). Trying to find all the balance.

It has been nice to only have online classes this summer, but come August, I will have 2 online and then two in-person A and P courses. Better start getting on that prep!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Hoping to jump back in more regularly-especially as workouts progress. Someday I will figure out how to fit everything in….maybe 😉


Save the Daylight

Happy “Lose an Hour of Your Day” Day!

Anyone else tripped out by the fact that it was so light this evening? I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be making lunch or dinner 😉

We had quite a fun week over here! It started out with babysitting a polar bear. His name is Angus and he is a giant animal. He was also terrified of the stairs. It took about 15 minutes to get him down.


He and Jasper love each other. I promise. Jasper is about 1/2 his size but he is still Alpha and what he says, goes. Don’t be fooled by the fact that he completely disappears under the giant fluff.


More pickleball fun…totally normal to wear your trench coat while playing. At least she was warm?



We hit up the pool afterwards to practice her strokes-she has tryouts tomorrow!

She takes recovery very seriously…hydrate and compress those legs!


We had an awesome time at our homeschool meet up-why not pull your friends around on an ice rink?!


Her first time on groomed snow for cross country skiing! Mine too!? Her form improved a large amount over the course of the 2 miles. 😉




In preparation for swim tryouts, we grabbed a swim cap. As you can tell, we are still working on figuring that one out! haha.


On Friday, I got in a good downhill workout. Ken dropped me off on the top of Rabbit Ears and I ran the 12 miles back to town. It felt really good at the time (my quads were not so happy about it today) and was so nice to be running outside in the sunshine!

Ken got in a long ride on Saturday while Brooke and I hung around the house. I got a short little recovery jog in just to get outside! Today we were back to snow/rain/yuck.

Workouts this week…

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 2x3k efforts for 7 miles total
Wednesday: 5 miles easy recovery
Thursday: Off
Friday: 12 miles with 7 at sub marathon pace
Saturday: 5 miles easy recovery
Sunday: Was supposed to run but quads were painful so 1.5 hours on the bike!

Looking forward to one more tough week and then some tapering!

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Still Winter.

Hi everyone! Happy belated Valentine’s Day…I only started this post a week ago and have just been adding pictures to it so I am sure it will be very well put together and make a ton of sense. Someday I will get all of my life things together again.

There was been some good running. My neighbor told be that I looked like the sun. I guess I will take that as a compliment. Pretty excited how the numbers have been and the paces the I have been running at-promising at altitude and on not-ideal conditions (a good amount of treadmill miles too-those are hard on the brain).


Brooke and Ken made a snow cave. Not sure who was more excited.


I randomly ended up at urgent care at midnight a couple of weeks ago with a lovely kidney stone. Guess I better start upping my water intake game. ha. And yes, I drove myself because I didnt want to wake Brooke up and take her. Loved Steamboat Emergency Center-great service and had the whole place to myself. 😉 Luckily it was short lived-one CT later and 4 ibuprofen later and I drove myself right back home to wait it out. Didn’t miss any workouts, so I cant complain too much. Priorities.


When did she become a teenager?


Ken had so much fun at camp in Tuscon-guess he was tired the day he got back!


This guy has a hard time relaxing, too.


It’s been a pretty snowy winter.


Brooke started Pickleball with her homeschool group. She loves it!! (Ken, another mom, an instructor and I played this past week while the kiddos had their lesson and we had a great time, too!).


That look when Ken walks out the door and Jasper has to make sure he is not starting the snow blower.


What I wish I was doing right now.


Ken had a 50 mile fat bike race 2 weekends ago…


Mark raced as well…


and they ended up having to hike about 12 of those miles…he was a little tired after.


At least it was pretty waiting 3 hours for him 😉


Not mad about playing in the snow.


Last weekend we were supposed to travel to the front range for a race (both of us) but it snowed SO much that we decided it wasnt super safe to travel (not to mention the race would be yucky) so we stayed home. It was a good call because they ended up canceling the race because of road conditions.

So we played in the snow.





There was a lot of snow plowing and blowing!


Wind blew a bit, too.


Jasper’s winter paw fur game is strong.


Brooke and I met up with her homeschool group in Dillon on Thursday night to go to the ice castles and it was awesome!





We have recently watched all of the Star War movies (and took Brooke to the last one in theaters-she loved it!)-hence the need for light sabers 😉



Ken gifted me with a day to myself-which hasnt happened since Brooke was born. ha.

I spent the day in town running, working out, hitting the slopes solo, soaking in the hot springs and wandering around town. It was incredible. He had a meeting for dinner so we me up and Brooke and I went on our own little date.


And that has been life as of late!

Ken is out riding this morning and I have 14 miles to take care of today-still working out the when part. 😉

Anyone else getting excited for Spring? We have loved all the snow and skiing, but it has been a pretty gray winter and we wont be mad about some sunshine!

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