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The Shallows=Good Trainer Motivation and My Love Affair with my Sports Bra

Happy Hump Day!! What’s the plan today?? Wednesdays are my “workout” days….okay, I work out almost everyday, but while some days are active recovery or easy-ish without much structure…Wednesdays are the real deal. Intervals, hard sprints…that kind of thing. Looking forward to some sweating on the trainer today. (Sometimes I try to do my workouts with the Weehoo, but most of the time, I save that riding for when I dont have to worry about wattage, etc.)

Tuesday started out nice and early with some quality time on the trainer. How is it that 5:30 am comes so fast?! Ken and I decided to start The Shallows while we were riding. I was supposed to do a tempo ride, but my legs were still really tired from last week, so I did about 30 minutes of tempo and rode base for the rest of the hour. (Base=around 130 watts, tempo=175 watts). I must admit, there were intense moments in the movie that had me pedaling faster than I had planned!

We made it about halfway through the movie. For me, it has been a mix of excitement/what is she thinking, but I think all movies like this are like that? I happen to LOVE Blake Lively, so I am happy to watch…and my husband finds her pretty attractive, so he had no complaints 😉 Excited to see what happens in the second half.

Image result

We finished up around 6:45 and ventured upstairs to find a thick layer of fog around us. It was a balmy 17 degrees overnight. Hello, October?



Dont worry, our wood stove was doing a great job and it was 71 degrees in our house 😉 The thing is seriously amazing.

The highest I have seen is about 550 degrees. Kind of nuts!


Around 10:30, Brooke and I headed to town. The fog had mostly cleared and it was gorgeous out!


We came across a Momma deer and her kiddo on the way. I tried to snap a picture, but this is the best I could do. They are fast!

Brooke enjoyed her swim lesson while I hit the treadmill for a 1 mile warm up and then did arms and core. I feel a little funny at the gym. Most of the people in the weight room are having at it….hardcore, pick the biggest weights and go for it. Me, on the other hand, I am all about the 7.5-10 pound weights for the upper body. I don’t have any big desire to build a lot of muscle (endurance athlete over here…no one wants to carry around the extra weight on top! hahahaha), but I do love a bit of definition and stable shoulder joints. Finished off with so planking and a little stretching.

Once Brooke was in some dry clothes, we headed to the local bookstore which happens to have our favorite coffee shop. We took our beverages to go and hit up City Market for some grocery shopping. Brooke loves having her “coffee” while we shop (steamed milk with a splash of vanilla). It keeps her occupied and lets me focus on what I am doing! Win win!

We eventually made it home and got everything unloaded. It is possible that I got sucked into the couch for a bit watching Brooke play with her dinosaurs. Jasper decided to make himself comfortable in my lap.


He really makes it hard to get motivated to go move laundry!

Managed to pull myself off the couch in time to prep some dinner before putting on my second round of bike clothes for the day. Ken thought it would be a good idea to do some skills work in the yard when he got home.


We played outside for about 45 minutes (Brooke and Jasper joined us too!). It is pretty clear that I have been riding inside a lot lately. I had to do this weird thing called turning. Strange! Once we were freezing, we headed in for dinner before popping into the hot tub!

Okay, random: You will notice that there were 3 “workouts” in there. Ride, gym, skills ride. I have to tell you (dont think I am gross…) I had the same sports bra on (and didn’t shower until the evening) all day! Winter=much less sweat than summer. This would not have been a thing a month ago!

I am so obsessed with my Smartwool  sports bras (my workout top is also Smartwool). I have gone through a LOT of workout clothes in my time and this is my current love. I feel like I should do a whole post on my love…and maybe I will….but, my top reasons for this love affair: 1. Wool=no stink. (I kid you not, the thing smells amazing, even after all it has been through today!) 2. It dries pretty quick (I HATE being in a damp bra…this one gets sweaty, but somehow it bounces back faster than my others) 3. It is SO comfortable (I wear this bra with normal clothes, sometimes church clothes. (Yes, I lack a bit in the, er, chest department….this may not be the best/most supportive for those of you who are more blessed up top, but for small/medium=great support and I dont feel like I cant breath at the end of the day!) 4. There is just enough fabric that the, uh, headlights are under control even when it is cold out!

Yes, my husband happens to work at Smartwool (which is how I got introduced), but the love affair is completely my own!

Sorry for the random, I was just impressed and had to share 😉


And…that was our day! Hope that you had a lovely one as well!!

What’s for dinner tonight?? Going into a new season, I feel like I need some inspiration. I am in the “GIVE ME ALL THE COMFORT FOOD” stage of fall where I want to eat all of the chicken pot pies and lasagna. What else is out there??