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Rapid River and Soccer

on April 25, 2023

Another month is flying by! Only a week-ish left in April. Hopefully April takes winter with it when it leaves šŸ˜‰

We have had all sorts of weather around here the last few weeks. From super dark, dreary days (check the cloud line against the mountains on the pic below. Kinda crazy!) to gorgeous, sunny days…it has been all over the place.

I did manage to get my first outdoor, McCall dirt road run in a couple weeks ago. It was glorious. There is just something about running on dirt with snow on the sides of the road still.

You can peep Tamarack resort in the distance here. It was a lovely 5 mile run while Brooke had soccer practice.

Since we are (im)patiently awaiting the return of dirt in our neck of the woods, we have taken two trips down to Riggins to find some! While it is only about 45 minutes away from us, it drops down to around 2300 feet of elevation-making it a lot less snowy. Heaven.

Three weekends ago, I did a pretty big run. We were lucky enough to meet some friends down there, so Ken hiked with them (and Brooke) while I got in just under 26 miles (18 on the trails) of running. Felt so good!

Part of the run is right next to the river and the other portion that I did was kind of along the mountainside and more exposed. Just a few major drop offs. I preferred the river section šŸ˜‰

Once I made it back to the trailhead, I ran the rest of the way on the road to meet everyone at the beach (on the Salmon River-I think!). It felt pretty nice to just melt into the sand. And eat!

Then, Ken and our friend Mark headed out for a bike ride and the rest of us (they have two boys around Brooke’s age) enjoyed hanging for a bit longer before loading up and driving home-to the snow. Meh.

No pictures, but the next day I went cycling with Ken and Mark. After nearly a marathon in my legs the previous day, it was all I could do to hang onto their wheels! But a SOLID weekend of workouts.

In other news, Brooke has fully embraced the soccer life. She and I were in Boise for back to back Friday/Saturday games (3 of them). Talk about a new level of exhaustion for her! But she let me do her hair šŸ˜‰

We enjoyed the few hours we had at our hotel for our girls night šŸ˜‰ This is her watching HGTV. Far better than the cartoon life of old.

And the girl played her heart out! So fun seeing her improve and enjoy the sport.

Then we came back to winter, again. *Rolls eyes*

This past week was a rest week, so I enjoyed cleaning the house and some shorter workouts. We did go back to Riggins where I got in a 10 mile trail run (LOVED) and Ken got to do a big gravel ride while Brooke and I played at the beach. Some friends of Brooke’s happened to also show up at the beach so she was psyched! Also, small town living šŸ˜‰

*Random note: I used to not be bougie about running shoes AT ALL. Like, cool, here are some shoes. Go for a run. Great.
But now that I am older (wiser?-nah), my body/feet are far more picky about what I wear. I battle some tendon issues in my ankle/foot so I have been on a quest to find the right ones! Currently, I have 3 different brands in rotation and I will give more details on my thoughts once I have more miles on them. BUT I have to say, after my first trail run in these Nike Zegamas, I was pleasantly surprised. While they didn’t impress me on the slippery rocks/damp ground, the comfort level was high. More to come on that front! The fact that they are really pretty is just a bonus šŸ˜‰

Week of 4/17
M: 2.3 mile walk
T: Rest
W: 5 mile treadmill, easy
H: 8 miles easy (4 treadmill, 4 outside)
F: Rest
S: 10 mile trail run
S: Rest

Week of 4/10
M: 1 mile walk
T: 10 miles, treadmill
W: 5 miles, treadmill
H: Rest
F: 20 miles, trainer
S: 21 miles, trainer-harder
S: 30 mile hard ride with Ken, 5 mile run

Week of 4/4
M: Rest
T: 7 miles, treadmill. 6×5 min efforts.
W: 6.3 mile skate ski
H: 5 mile progression run-dirt!
F: 20 mile ride, trainer
S: 25.7 mile mostly trail run
S: 23 mile ride with Ken and Mark

2 responses to “Rapid River and Soccer

  1. TRAILBLAZER says:

    Farewell soon April and welcome soon May. I just hope and pray that these 2 months would bring good things in everyone’s life.

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