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Trip to Oregon and the Endless Winter

on April 5, 2023

Pretty sure we are going to be in winter mode forever 😉 It is April 5th and we saw 4.7 degrees overnight and there is plenty of snow in the forecast. Not going to lie, while I love the snow, I am definitely ready for a change. Bring on the dirt.

There have been a solid amount of gloomy snowy days in the last few weeks, but thankfully we have had pops of sunshine. I believe that I am solar powered and days that are sunny bring me so much happiness! Have gotten out a couple of times on the skate skis-the snow conditions range from ice to slushy concrete to not-too-terrible. You just never know what you are going to get in a day!

I love this before and after look. All sunshine and rainbows until you are done and exhausted. Or maybe it is just me? The hair says it all!

Last week, I convinced Brooke to join me for the last half mile of my run. It was the best! Need to do much more of this-because we both loved it. Now that she has soccer twice a week and ballet, somehow she is tired all the time 😉

Brooke and I were able to sneak to Portland for a few days to meet my new little niece, Joey. She is just utterly precious and we soaked up the newborn cuddles. She was a solid 3 weeks old when we got there. Brooke’s first time with a baby. She was a little unsure of all the noises and crying. Haha.

I definitely ate her up. Adorable sleepy!

It was super fun to get in a couple of runs without snow! It did rain quite a bit, but there were windows to head out on pavement! The forests there never cease to amaze me. So much green and moss everywhere!

You can tell that I am not the one with the newborn-my sleep there was out of this world! Part of it is that there was a time change and we got some extra hours in bed. It was incredible!!

Brooke was pretty excited when we ventured to the Zoo. Joey slept the entire time-what a champ. There were some animals that we didn’t have at the Denver Zoo, so Brooke was in Heaven. She LOVES the cheetah and was thrilled to be up close and personal.

She also has a current fascination with the sturgeon.

Another of the animal favorites was right at home in the barn. Brooke adores kitties and gave lots of love to Monica the barn cat. Such a sweetie.

Really hoping that we will start to see some spring weather soon! Then maybe it will be interesting to talk about my workouts, etc. Currently the treadmill is not exciting-ha. Maybe I need to do a post on all of the shows I have worked my way through on that thing this winter?! So many shows. Currently watching the Night Agent. Exciting enough to keep moving through. Any good recommendations? Something obscure that maybe didn’t pop up on my list?

Have a great rest of your week-hoping that you are enjoying some much warmer weather than we are here! 🙂

Week of 3/27
M: 9 miles with hill efforts
T: RES (travel)
W: 6 miles easy, treadmill. 1 hour weight lifting class
H: 3 miles easy, treadmill. 4.5 miles bike trainers. (Sore!)
F: 10 miles easy, treadmill
S: 13 miles, treadmill. 12 miles, treadmill=25 total miles
S: Ski at Tamarack! (Ran out of time and tired)

Week of 3/20
T: 3.2 miles easy, treadmill
W: 5 mile skate ski, 3 miles easy, treadmill
F: 5.4 miles easy, treadmill
S: 8 miles-hills in Oregon. Mostly easy, but solid 2.6 miles in the middle

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