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Where did March come from?

on March 2, 2023

Oh March, I am excited to see you! Does anyone else feel like March is the *almost Spring* month?! Yes, we will still be snow covered and possibly get A LOT more snow. BUT there is something special about the longer days and hopefully slightly warmer temperatures! Not that I don’t LOVE the treadmill, but it also brings thoughts of the approaching dirt 😉

February seemed to disappear in a blink! We were thrilled to have my mom pop in for a visit. It definitely was a nice little change up to the normal routine. Part way through the month, I was asked to step in to teach another online course for an instructor who could not complete his, so that made for a little bit of scrambling to catch up for a bit.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the month.

With my mom here, Ken and I were able to sneak out on a couple of date skis! Since most of my training is solo, it is really nice to have some conversation!

Got my mom out on cross country skis for her first time! She was unsure at first, but started to feel comfortable after a couple of miles.

We tried a *new to us* restaurant in town, Brunchette. It was delicious and Brooke keeps begging to go back. I have a feeling it has to do with the hot chocolate!

As for at home meals, I am always trying to mix it up a bit (but mostly fall into the trap of the same food on repeat). A crowd favorite has been French Toast with cinnamon bread from Trader Joe’s. We also love it with their Brioche bread.

A trip to Costco is never complete a “must have” piece of clothing for this one. But in reality, this thing is so warm and cozy and she wears it ALL the time. It is possible I also had it on for a while 😉

Really nailed a few meals last month. The fact that Brooke asked for it again due to presentation must say something about our family. Ha.

Skate ski conditions were a bit variable throughout February. There were a few days of some significant powder on the trails. Those were a little rough.

Just a casual blizzard at Nordic practice. Somehow she made it look cute.

Could probably do an avalanche course on the layers of roof snow at the house.

Only a few more Nordic practices for this lady. She has gotten pretty good on those skate skis!

Workouts have been going pretty well! It has been nice to be able to mix ski and running. My body might be a little surprised when the snow melts and those miles become all running. Thankful for the option to spend most of my time on dirt. So much easier than running on pavement.

Definitely running short on Netflix ideas at this point. Anyone have any good show recs? I have recently resorted to just listening to podcasts, but it is easier to zone out for long runs with a show. Let me know what you got!

Today’s hill workout is going to be a snowy one. Time to build up that motivation in my head!

Week of 2/20
M: 10 miles run, treadmill
T: Rest (1.8 miles skate-decided it was too snowy for easy)
W: 5 miles easy, treadmill
H: 7.2 miles snowy recovery skate ski
F: Rower/ski erg. Weights.
S: 10 mile skate ski (pretty fast, not super hard)
S: Rest

Week of 2/13
M: Rest
T: 8 miles skate ski (fairly hard).
W: 6.2 mile run treadmill. 3.4 mile skate ski
H: 4 mile run, treadmill. 2.4 mile classic ski with Brooke/Sonja
F: 10.2 miles skate ski. 7.8 miles run outside.
S: Rest (trip to Boise-no time)
S: 17.7 miles run, treadmill. 10.3 miles skate ski (snowing-tough conditions)

Week of 2/6
M: Easy trainer ride, 45 minutes
T: Rest
W: 7 mile skate ski. 3 miles easy treadmill
H: 4 miles easy skate ski
F: 10 miles skate ski. 2 mile easy jog outside!
S: 11 miles easy skate ski with Ken. 9 mile easy run outside
S: 12.2 miles easy skate ski with Ken

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