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Welcome to Twenty Twenty-three

on January 2, 2023

Happy New Year! Wow, did the end of 2022 just seem to fly by, or is it me?!

Last week was filled with some running, but am happy to report it also included some downhill skiing! We ventured up to Brundage (for better or for worst) on Friday and wowza, was it busy! One of the main lifts was down for maintenance, so the lift lines were really long on remaining lifts. We did a few runs, but called it early and decided to head back up to ski once everyone has left town after the holidays.

Instead, we headed over to Little Ski Hill. With the T-bar and short runs, it tends to be less busy. I also have a soft spot for just being able to ski home when we are done.

Brooke prefers to be towed.

Ken and I went out two evenings in a row. I know, kind of a big deal. One night we headed to a couple’s home who we have spent the last couple of months becoming Strava friends with (they are also runners/outdoor lovers). It was great to meet in real life! We also had some friend’s in town that we met up with for drinks and a good catching up. May not seem like a lot, but it isn’t often that we go out after dark. Yes, I am 96 years old.

And now we are into the new year!

Any goals/resolutions for you?!

A few of mine include:
Training for and running 100 miles. (That one probably is enough for the yeart)
Choose the healthy food option
Add weight training to my week
Actually do the stretching. Anyone else? 😉
Prioritize what is important, not just what feels immediately necessary
Take more pictures
Write consistently

Cheers to sticking with them and accomplishing big things! Have a wonderful start to the new year!

This week’s workouts:
M: 4 miles, treadmill
T: Rest
W: 5 miles, treadmill
H: 4 miles, treadmill. 6.5 miles classic ski
F: Rest/ Downhill at Brundage
S: 10 miles, treadmill
S: 5 miles, treadmill.

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