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Over the Hill

on December 28, 2022

The last couple of weeks have been all things holiday and family related. Wrapping up classes and turning in grades before Christmas was fantastic. Decorating, celebrating and eating. Lots of eating πŸ˜‰
Have been MIA on here, but really enjoyed spending time relaxing with everyone. That doesn’t mean I took a break from workouts though-but thankfully, they were some chill recovery weeks and I wasn’t mad about it.

The weather this last week has been a little wacky-ranging from -17 degrees F to hammering snow to 37 degrees and rain?! Weather whiplash!

Before things got nutty, the snow was pretty great for some skiing. During Brooke’s Nordic course, I love that Ken and I get to fill that time with workouts of our own.

A little classic skiing, some skate skiing…all depends on what the snow looks like!

Definitely a winter wonderland out there-and I am here for it!

Compared to Steamboat, there are a lot more cloudy days here. Something about the Pacific Northwest πŸ˜‰ But those sunny days feel really special.

Did some family skiing at Brundage. Took full advantage of that sunshine!

And started exploring the Little Ski Hill that is right next to our house. Brooke is a little obsessed with it. There is only a T-bar, so it is a lot less intimidating than the resort skiing. It tends to be pretty quiet and the size of the runs is right up her alley. Plus, we can ski home after.

Some friends invited us to meet up to skin up Brundage on Saturday. Ken and I joined them at 7 to start the climb. Fun fact: it is dark here until about 8:00, so the way up was dark and headlamps were needed. But once we made it to the top, the ski down was just beautiful.

The beauty of it will make you forget that 5:45 am alarm. Mostly.

A fun group and a great workout πŸ™‚

My sister, her husband and their pup came to stay with us for Christmas and it was such a blast. At about 7 months pregnant, she did a great job dealing with the higher altitude and our snowy conditions. We took walks everyday and it was good to get this girl out, too!

On Sunday, I turned 40. Wow, that is strange to actually type out. Something about turning 40 just hits different πŸ˜‰

We spent the morning at the tubing hill. My sister and I watched as Brooke and the boys did laps. They had a great time. Also, I know I am biased, but she is pretty cute.

After a quick treadmill workout (because you dont get out of workouts on birthdays-ha!) we went to dinner at a restaurant called Cutwater at Shore Lodge. The food was great-but the highlight might have been the giant fish tank!

And that about wraps up the happenings! Our company has gone home, so it is back to our quiet house.
Time to start thinking about all the exciting things coming in 2023!

Last week’s workouts:
M: 6 miles, treadmill
T: 6.2 miles skate ski
W: 5 miles, treadmill
H: 8 miles, treadmill
F: Rest
S: Morning skin up the resort (2.5 miles total), afternoon 5 miles treadmill
S: 5.4 miles skate ski

Last, last week’s workouts:
M: Rest
T: Rest
W: 6.2 mile classic ski
H: 5.7 mile run, snow
F: Bike trainer 60 minutes
S: 10 miles easy, treadmill
S: 5 miles easy, treadmill

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