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on October 12, 2022

Truthfully, I have toyed with the idea of shutting this down. With all of the hustle and bustle of the year, I have not really had time to sit down and share my thoughts and life…BUT I also realize that I miss the mental health aspect of journaling. I am not really good at sitting and writing things down in a book at night-mainly because I typically want to zone out and fall asleep! So, I am going to give it a whirl again and see how it goes.

First and foremost, this year has been a LOT of change. Like, A LOT.

It would take me pages to go over all of the details, so I am going to hit some of the big ones and go from there.

This year we said goodbye to our bestest friend, Jasper. On June 1st, he crossed the rainbow bridge. We are now 4 months removed from it and I still can’t say it without immediately getting tears in my eyes. He was the absolute best. He went quickly and in my arms and I am forever grateful for what he brought to our lives.

We also moved. After much deliberating (we loved our home in Steamboat) and good market timing, we sold our home and made the adventurous journey to McCall, Idaho. There was a lot that went into this decision and even more that went into making it a reality. We are really grateful for our family and their helping moving all of our small *cough cough* belongings hundreds of miles!

In mid-June, we arrived in Idaho and lived in the RV park for about a month and a half. Now that was an experience. 😉 I cannot say that I miss it, though there was a good amount of relaxing and many mid-day bike rides!

McCall is an adorable town of somewhere around 4-5 thousand people. It sits on a lake and really just has a magic about it. It definitely grows in the summer and winter as a travel destination, but it is currently mud season and we are loving it!

There is just something about fireworks over a lake!

We also purchased a boat (after selling our Steamboat house) and spend a solid amount of hours out there. Having never done much driving, it was a learning experience of a summer for me as Ken tried out his hand at wave surfing (and of course he is good at it).

We just pulled the boat out of the water as it is starting to shift into cooler fall temps.

The biking doesn’t suck here either 😉 We have been able to spend a good amount of time exploring the trails, gravel and roads. There is a little bit of everything and we cant wait to find it!

Brooke is basically living her best life. She has made a bunch of friends at church and through soccer. She is doing Basic 1 Ice Skating and trying out ballet for the month. Living closer to down has meant many more activities for her and she is not mad about that! We have purchased and moved into a wonderful home. It is beautiful, but needs a bit of updating to make it our own. I will definitely be sharing more on that and some of our “before and afters” on the rooms as we go along. We are blessed to be on 7 acres and very close to two of our ski areas. Bring on winter 😉

The hiking and trail running are basically unreal here also. We are continuously finding new trails and I have not ran on pavement since we moved here. The singletrack trail running has my heart. I look forward to sharing more as part of the actual “FIT” in the title of this blog. Somehow, through all of the craziness, I have managed to get back to a place where I would say I am pretty fit! (Though still nursing a chronically swollen ankle but you cant have everything, right? 😉 )

Ken and I have been blessed to also find some awesome friends here already! Ken has a few buddies that he gets to ride with and I have made some girlfriends-crazy, right?! 🙂

I actually went on my first ever “girls trip” just over a week ago. We traveled to Bend, OR. It was my first time there and it was gorgeous. We tent camped (it has been a hot minute-or decade since I had done that) and did a LOT of adventuring. From a 14 mile hike to No Name Lake and the Bend Glacier, followed by a 12 mile trail run along the McKenzie River to a solid 20 miles on the mountain bike, it was a jampacked 3 days!

I was happy to get back home to soak up a bit more of our fall weather. Brooke did a good amount of ball hitting this summer and it was fun to sneak one more in!

I am currently still teaching my online courses and getting ready for tire season to start up. Since it is our first season here, it will be interesting to see how it takes off.

For now, I will continue to get in my workouts and enjoy the 70 degrees and sunshine 😉

After an 8.5 mile trail run chasing Ken up 1000 feet, today is a bit low key. Maybe a trail run tonight, but maybe just some relaxing 🙂

Looking forward to writing and being much better at taking pictures of what we are up to in our new home!

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