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Just Us Girls….and Jasper :)

on January 19, 2020

Hey there!

Hope that your January is going awesome! We are in the land of one color: snow!


Brooke seems to be confused as to what season it is…or maybe it is the fact that our house stays in the 70’s all winter. Cutest little Moana though!


The Zirkels have been on point! This view never gets old!


Her doll game is strong. I love watching her imagination work.


We love the monthly Koala boxes and December’s was one of our favorites.


Blue skies.


Penny spent the first part of January with us and we weren’t mad about it. These little Vizsla besties!


Lots of skiing!!


And the dinosaur keeps getting buried!


This week, it has just been me, Brooke and Jasper. Ken has been living it up in Tuscon at a week long bike camp. He saw 80 degrees and I am jealous 😉 We are very excited to see him very soon. He got in over 26 hours and 404 miles since Tuesday. Mind blown.

While Ken was away, we made Brooke’s fave: zucchini noodles.


Jasper kept looking for Ken.


The three of us road tripped down to Denver to go to the Zoo. She took it upon herself to take some selfies. There are about 498 others on my phone.



We got to see Tatu. My he has grown.


Who wore it better?


Then we came home and went skating the next day….


And chased it with some skiing!


On Friday, the weather was terrible. Blowing snow and zero visibility. So naturally, we drove to Hayden for a home school field trip. Brooke was super excited to learn all about bees!


It was a sketch drive home, but we made it! Our neighbor ended up getting stuck in a snow drift. It was a doozy of a weather day!

The next day, I had my work cut out for me. We didnt really get much snow, but the wind halved the size of our driveway and it was so thick and crusty that it was insane to try to move. Luckily, a neighbor showed up with his tractor and blower and made much shorter work of the job!


I chased 2.5 hours of snow blowing with a 1.5 hour trainer ride. Then I wanted a nap.


Today I got in 10 miles outside and 2 on the treadmill. Training right along! Fun fact: speedwork means being hungry and tired all the time. Training for my ultra last year, I could still function like a normal person. Trying to be fast is much harder than long easy miles!

On to the next week!!

3 responses to “Just Us Girls….and Jasper :)

  1. Lindsay says:

    EEK! Stay safe with that blowing snow! I spoke with my parents who are in steamboat right now and they didn’t ski as long as usual on friday because of white out conditions at the top of the mountain. Do you guys have any fun ski day traditions? My parents love going to Gondola Joe’s each day after a long day of skiing! 🍪☕

    • LeeAnn says:

      Friday was crazy! The joys of living here are that we typically pop onto the slopes for an hour or two (which is great for Brooke) and then do things like go to the grocery (Brooke loves grabbing a vanilla steamer at Starbucks) or run other errands. Gondola Joe’s sounds like an awesome tradition!

  2. Rene Benesh says:

    More fun pictures…THANK YOU!!!

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