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Still Snow Season and Ken’s First LandRun

on March 19, 2019

Well, the weather has continued to be pretty uni-colored so far, but we have some sunshine today! Woohoo!!! We have missed that blue sky, lately!

Colorado got some of that Bomb-cyclone weather, but up here it was really just a normal storm. Sure, it snowed and the wind blew-but what’s new this year!?

When you spend 2 hours moving snow, it helps to be prepared. And warm.


Ken was able to sneak away last Thursday (on our anniversary-ha) to go to a bike race in Oklahoma with his business partners/teammates. Any time he is gone, Brooke begs to make zucchini noodles.


We spent some quality time playing outside when the sun came out!


Treated ourselves to some donuts. Not sure what the confused face is for. You eat it, kid.


Went to the pool…and took a picture with the snow in the parking lot. Yep, it’s a lot.


Since everything outside is still so white, we decided to liven up the kitchen. Feels a bit Spring-ish!


The other houseplants are a bit out of control. This guy is to Brooke’s head level-and comes from the loft above!


Random wedding picture for our 10th anniversary!


Brooke loves her a good puzzle. She did a solo 100 piece!


I was the queen and had to grant my subjects their wishes. mhmmmm perfectly normal.


Brooke and I went on a lunch date while Ken was traveling. Cutest date ever.



Back to Ken’s travels….

Made him some rice cakes and energy bars for the race.


He found his “Good Luck” treat the night before. Perfect.


We followed along via whatever social media we could find.


I rode the trainer while Brooke worked out and we stalked Ken’s race.


Ken called me when he was done and told me he was 9th!! Top 10 with a huge field of pro cyclists. Couldn’t be more proud!

That hair, tho.


Amy took 3rd for the women and Mark came in 3rd in his Age Group. What a weekend!


Meanwhile, Brooke and I continued our snow play. That’s a fence post. Guessing about 4 feet high. Yep, that’s me standing on top of it.


Quality Momming. Ha. This stuff is delicious!!


Quick pic of Brooke’s incredible hair.


And her moves. Ha.


Yesterday, she just HAD to play outside in 13 degrees. In her bathrobe.


She launched some animals down the yard in a sled and had to go rescue them.


Another snap from Ken’s race. They all stopped for the picture.


And, because-HOPE….we see the ground today! (Note: snow in the forecast for 3 days starting Friday-ha).


Sorry for the super all over the place post, but it was that or wait 2 weeks to put it together better 😉



M: Ride 1 hour, Run 3 miles

T: Ride 1 hour, Run 4 miles

W: Ride 1 hour

H: Ride 1 hour, Run 3 miles

F: Run 5 miles

S: Ride 4 hours (2×2 hours on the trainer). Mom life.

S: Ride 1 hour on Trainer

5 responses to “Still Snow Season and Ken’s First LandRun

  1. Lindsay says:

    Please tell me that you guys are still getting out on the slopes to ski with all of the powder on the mountain? I didn’t get the opportunity to ski this year I ended up getting a terrible case of the flu the week my family was heading out to the mountains and then my mom got it so my dad was the only one to ski this year. But he said it was incredible. If I could go before the end of the season I would but I don’t see that happening this year! 😦
    p.s. Have you guys gone to the Iron Waffle Coffee Co before for lunch while near the mountain? I’ve been a few times and it was great and I think Brooke would love it!

    • LeeAnn says:

      Hi Lindsay! Yes, we are still skiing!! The snow has been so amazing. Sooo sorry to hear that you were sick and didnt get to ski. 😦 We are supposed to get more snow this weekend, so we will be up on the mountain.
      So funny that you mention Iron Waffle! We randomly ended up there one Friday night and literally had the who place to ourselves. Got to watch the fireworks and have our own personal restaurant. We loved the pizza and had a waffle for dessert. We will go back there for sure!! And you are so right, Brooke LOVED it!!
      Hope you make it out here!!

      • Lindsay says:

        LeeAnn as soon as I know when I will be out there next we will HAVE to plan to get together. I am hoping to make a trip to my parents place in July for my Birthday! Can’t wait … I am hoping I can make it work logistically! ❤

  2. LeeAnn says:

    Yes!! Absolutely. July is the best. It should be so green this year!

  3. Rene Benesh says:

    Such a fun posting! Love the pictures…and “stories”.

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