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A Bike Race and a Vacation

on September 17, 2018

Hi all! I have returned from falling off the face of the planet! The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of house staining and a trip to Wyoming! Since the house staining is a never ending and not too exciting project, let’s talk more about the trip 😉

On Thursday (yeah, like way back on September 6th), we prepped to go on our trip. There was a lot of food prep! I love getting everything pre-ready so camp cooking is easy and I actually get to relax a bit. Pre-made breakfast burritos are always a favorite!


Friday, we traveled up to Lander, Wyoming and found a place to park the trailer before heading to Ken’s pre-race meeting. Brooke asked me to take her picture. Should I be worried?

IMG_7107 (1)

Saturday was Ken’s race. It was 130 miles out in the middle of nowhere! They did not want cars on the course, so we spent the day going back and forth on some other roads to support Ken. We saw him twice and were happy to make it back to the finish to see him end his journey. He finished in eight hours and 11ish minutes and was the first person.

He was a perfect 3 for 3 in wins for the series and took home the overall finisher prize!

Brooke and I made sure to take a cuddle break before he finished.




Somehow he had the energy to play at the park with Brooke after the race. Not sure how 😉



On Sunday, I got out for about a 2 hour ride with lots of climbing. It was gorgeous!

IMG_7115 (1)

I met up with Ken, Brooke and Jasper and we explored Sinks State Park.









Got our hike on!





The water was freezing. Naturally, Ken went in.


On our way out of the canyon, we saw a gorgeous, young Golden Retriever in the middle of the highway. We stopped and looked for tags and he didnt have any. Naturally, we put him in the car and drove around. We tried several houses but no one was home. Luckily, we found a local couple that was willing to keep him and find his owners (since we were leaving that night!). They were so sweet and we left him in good hands!


We packed up camp and drove West towards Jackson. Spent the night in Turpin Meadows and made it to the Tetons the next morning!

After settling into camp, we loaded on to GrandBob and Nene’s boat and set out for an afternoon on the water!


Perfect Fall boating attire 😉


It was a bit hazy from smoke, but still gorgeous. Bald eagle, for the win!



On Tuesday, we headed up to Yellowstone to show Brooke some of the awesomeness!






Always spectacular!














It was pretty great!

We managed to get out on the boat on Wednesday morning before driving the 8 hours home. All the things!

While we were gone, Fall arrived.


I did some volunteering at a 50/100 mile running race on Saturday.


Did the Church thing on Sunday. Followed it up with some cookie baking (after some house staining of course 😉  ).


PSA: Dont fight a shopping cart with 4 flats of water bottles. It will win.

IMG_7142 (1)

Been getting some workouts in! Six miles of running on Sunday, 3 this morning with weights after. Threshold ride on Saturday. Just training for life right now 🙂

Hope you are doing well and squeezing the last bit out of summertime!

2 responses to “A Bike Race and a Vacation

  1. Lindsay says:

    Welcome back, Leeann!

    I was actually going to try to reach out this week if I didn’t see a blog post from you to make sure you were still alive. LOL!

    Were you in complete awe of all of the runners of the RunRabbitRun Race?? I know that if I were to run that race/distance I would probably die. I can run a marathon but I think that’s about it.

    I do have to ask if you guys hook up to electricity when you camp with the camper or do you just use a generator? I personally need air conditioning in order to sleep at night.

    • LeeAnn says:

      Hi Lindsay!
      I was in total awe! And now I am going to make it my goal to do the 50 miler next year! I have only done marathons, but I think I am going to try it!!

      We typically dont hook up to electricity. Most of the appliances run off of propane. If it is convenient, we will hook up so we dont have to use it. We tend to only run the generator if we need the microwave. Luckily, we do a lot of our camping at higher elevations and during the Fall. W are often going the other way and having the heater come on during the night (propane). There was only one time this Summer we had to run the generator for the AC….we were in the middle of the desert traveling home and it was HOT!!

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