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All the Random Things

on August 1, 2018

Hi, friends! Sorry, not sure where time has gone! How in the world did we end up in AUGUST?!?!

I really had no idea that it had been so long since I had been on here. Busy is good…but also, ahhhhhhhh!

Last week, Brooke REALLY wanted a magnifying glass…my little scientist!


And she made sure to bring it to my optometrist appointment. So that’s what my hair looks like from the back?!


We spent last Tuesday running errands, hitting the pool and having a date night!


We went to Mambo for happy hour…



Peach pizza….a summer tradition for us!


Me trying to figure out technology….


On Wednesday, we had a mega road trip day as we dropped off some things in Fort Collins before picking Ken up in Denver and driving home. It was a LONG day…but we had company along the way 🙂

The rest of the week was pretty low-key.

Friday I was able to sneak out for 30 miles of riding bliss. I chose to ride dirt roads to stay away from wildlife. There just happened to be a black bear in a tree next to the road. Ha.


Friday night, Errin and Colin arrived for a weekend of cycling.

On Saturday, the guys road the Stinger loop while Errin, Brooke and I went to the Farmer’s Market. Then we traded. The 25 mile loop was HARD (keep in mind, I rode that loop twice for 54 miles of a race last year). I clearly am out of shape this year (mostly mentally, for mtn biking). I struggled to finish and decided that doing the race as part of a duo team with Errin wasnt fair to anyone. (I have since found her a kick-butt partner and they are going to crush it!).

On Sunday, we rode some new to me trails and they were awesome! So awesome that I ended up with fern in my hair?!


Since I was just trying to keep it together, I turned around earlier than Errin. Next time, I will keep going! The trails were super fun and a little more my speed!


They headed home after our rides and Ken and I got to work checking out the siding on the house (we are getting ready to stain it….fun).

As we were measuring, Ken found a jackrabbit in a window well. We tried to get him out, but it wouldnt be until the next day when Ken finally aided in his escape!


The moon has been killer, am I right?


Monday was pretty much a day of chores and recovery, while yesterday was filled with errands and the pool. I got in a 3 mile jog and am hoping for another this afternoon (before we head in to town for Ken’s mtn bike race!).

Jasper got to pretend he was a cattle dog and chased these guys out of our yard yesterday….if they eat my garden, I will eat them 😉


And that’s about it! Time for more chores and a run!

2 responses to “All the Random Things

  1. Lindsay says:

    Gosh … Mambo’s looks like a KILLER restaurant and I will TOTALLY be adding it to my list of places to eat at in October. Do you know if they are open year round?? Also, do you have a recommendation of the best place to rent a bike when visiting Steamboat? I will be flying in to Denver so transporting a bike is not an option! 😦
    Hope you’re having an awesome Friday!

    • LeeAnn says:

      Love Mambo and yes, I think they are open year round! Their menu changes based on season but it is always delicious!
      I know Ski Haus and Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare both are popular options for bike rentals!
      Have a fabulous weekend!

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