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Hi, Friends!! Anyone else having a mild panic attack about the Fall feel in the air?!

Don’t get me wrong, we are very much looking forward to some cooler weather and snow after this hot and dry summer…..but SO MUCH TO DO!!!!

I know it has been a little bit, but I have had a long to-do list and not enough hours (read: grading until the late night and waking up early to workout!).

Some highlights from the past couple of weeks….

I am pretty sure that our tomato plant really likes where it is at. This is from over a week ago and it is even larger now. Possible?! There are a ton of little tomatoes on there and they are finally starting to ripen. Brooke and I have had a few each and they are beyond delicious!! (So are the cucumbers, zucchini and carrots!).



I had a conference call for work. So lucky this little girl is so patient and just plays the whole time!


Still working on staining the house! We needed to replace some wood pieces and we FINALLY have all of those to work with! Big progress this weekend….really no choice…..#winteriscoming!

IMG_6987 (1)

We finally had some rain over a few days. Everything sucked that water right up.

IMG_6990 (1)

We got to celebrate Ken’s 35th birthday last week!! Dropped these off at work on Thursday πŸ˜‰


Brooke officially started (homeschool) Kindergarten last week and we are LOVING it!! So fun to spend a bunch of one-on-one time watching her learn. She would do math and science all day if she could!


We went out to Happy Hour last Thursday which was a real treat. We rarely go out to dinner for date night and of course we took the kid with us. Ha. Back to Mambo because that Peach Pizza….and $3 beers πŸ˜‰




Ken took the day off on Friday (his actual birthday). He got in a nice ride and then I set out on mine! The only problem is that I ran into thunderstorms and had to get rescued. Changed our afternoon paddle boarding plans 😦

Saturday involved a nice long ride for Ken while Brooke and I headed to golf. Poor Jasper had a bad reaction to his shots earlier in the week and we ended up back at the vet. He is doing a bit better now. Only acting drunk occasionally.

Sunday I was able to get in a 30ish mile ride. It was gorgeous….minus the wind πŸ˜‰

IMG_7028 (1)

Got a bunch of house projects in before Ken headed out to dirt bike with a friend.

Yesterday, Brooke and I got to take an unexpected trip to Kremmling. Turns out some of the wood that was ordered for us was not the correct measurements, so we went straight out to a mill to get it ourselves! Yes, those are 12 feet long. So long!


Other than that, life has been pretty much a steady state of school work, grading, projects, chores and workouts!

Pretty proud that I have actually been getting up with my 5:30 am alarm and getting my workouts done. Sure makes it easier to fit everything into the day….sure, I want to go to bed with Brooke at 8….but that’s when I start “working”.

Another fun fact: We are legit throwing a Gravel Bike race next August. Sponsors are becoming a real thing. It’s looking big. Almost time to take over that website and start up the social media! Always ready for another project!!

Hope you are enjoying the rest of summer! Fall is right around the corner up here!

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Pretend Training, Staining and a Duathlon

You know how sometimes when you let something go for so long, it feels awkward to come back? Kind of how I felt about blogging today! Things have been such a whirlwind that it was like calling someone back after the first date….but having waited 2 weeks.

So much going on, but also a mix of boring content….so I thought I would just throw out some of the fun things…..

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to train for an olymipic distance duathlon. Let’s put it this way, I was severely under-trained! ha!

It meant some time in the basement where I proceeded to take gross pictures of my sweaty hair and send them to Ken. He loves me still, mostly πŸ˜‰


Because I was trying to cram a lot of intensity into a short time, my legs HATED me. To the point where I looked forward to an ice bath. I forgot just how cold they are….


We did some other things too….

Like babysit this 9 week old little dude. I cant even. His face.



Worn out.



Brooke got to play some more golf…the best.


And I spent the majority of the last week stainingΒ  the ceiling and beams/posts on the front deck. Talk about sore! My legs and arms killed from all the ladder time. Perfect for training, I’m sure.


Brooke is always a rockstar when I am doing projects and I found a lot of pics on my phone of her antics.


I was just impressed that I could figure out the ladder (only dropped it on my forearm once!).


Managed a couple of outside rides.


Did some “back to ‘home school'” shopping!


Harvested our beets. Impressive, right?!


Then this past weekend Errin and Colin were here to race! The kitties came too and took care of all the moths/flies they could find in the house!


Saturday we were up around 5:30 to get E, C and Ken on their way to race the Stinger. Brooke and I went in a little later to spectate. Poor Colin had a mechanical issue and didnt end up on the course until over an hour after the start. Errin had a great lap and PR’ed the course in under 3 hours! Ken finished off in a sprint and ended up in 6th for the day in the Pro race. His best finish to date!


IMG_1136 (1)


We spent the rest of the day relaxing before calling it a super early night!

Sunday morning…ugh…Ken and I woke up to an alarm at 2:40. Did you know that was even possible?!

Ken was working the triathlon and had to be there at 3:45 to prep. It was rough, but nice to ride together. Since Errin and Colin were at our house, Brooke had someone to wake up to and it made it all possible!

We got to the venue at 3:45 am and Ken got to work. I got to lay in the truck and close my eyes for a bit. While I didnt actually fall asleep, it was better than being outside working!

Around 5:45, I got out and dressed and then helped with packet handout. Since I was busy, there wasn’t even an opportunity to get nervous for the race.

At 8, we lined up (it was a small field for the duathlon) and we were off!

The 5k was nice and cool and we went out really fast. It was WAY faster than I should have gone out, but I was excited to stay with the lead group. I was at a 7:40 min/mile pace for that first 3.1 miles! Really good when you havent done any speed work over the summer πŸ˜‰

The bike was my favorite part (shocker). While first place was way off the front, I ended up heading out in 3rd position. I passed a girl who I knew was a really strong runner within the first 100 feet and then was passed by a legit looking lady on a full blown tri-bike. Super aero. Much more than my cyclocross bike with 28s on it. I went pretty hard on the bike (saw Ken on the course!!) in order to put in a gap on the girl who I knew would kick my butt on the run!

Returned from the ride and threw my running shoes back on. I made it exactly 1.05 miles before my legs started cramping…bad. Maybe that is why you actually do “brick” workouts in training. My legs were not exactly sure what was happy or why I wanted to kill them. The rest of the 10k became a run/walk to make sure that I actually made it….I have never wanted to quit a race that bad in my life!

The strong runner girl was putting some time into me so I was very conscious of whether or not I could see her! I kept it together enough to get through the finish line in 3rd place!


Turns out that the woman in first is super fast and actually travels internationally to race dualthons. No biggie.



I was pretty excited with that result given the lack of training!! It was one of the hardest races I have done….super fun, but physically and mentally super hard! Maybe I will try it again on some actual training πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, we got some interesting news about Ken’s company. It will be moving to Denver next summer… many decisions in our future :/


All the Random Things

Hi, friends! Sorry, not sure where time has gone! How in the world did we end up in AUGUST?!?!

I really had no idea that it had been so long since I had been on here. Busy is good…but also, ahhhhhhhh!

Last week, Brooke REALLY wanted a magnifying glass…my little scientist!


And she made sure to bring it to my optometrist appointment. So that’s what my hair looks like from the back?!


We spent last Tuesday running errands, hitting the pool and having a date night!


We went to Mambo for happy hour…



Peach pizza….a summer tradition for us!


Me trying to figure out technology….


On Wednesday, we had a mega road trip day as we dropped off some things in Fort Collins before picking Ken up in Denver and driving home. It was a LONG day…but we had company along the way πŸ™‚

The rest of the week was pretty low-key.

Friday I was able to sneak out for 30 miles of riding bliss. I chose to ride dirt roads to stay away from wildlife. There just happened to be a black bear in a tree next to the road. Ha.


Friday night, Errin and Colin arrived for a weekend of cycling.

On Saturday, the guys road the Stinger loop while Errin, Brooke and I went to the Farmer’s Market. Then we traded. The 25 mile loop was HARD (keep in mind, I rode that loop twice for 54 miles of a race last year). I clearly am out of shape this year (mostly mentally, for mtn biking). I struggled to finish and decided that doing the race as part of a duo team with Errin wasnt fair to anyone. (I have since found her a kick-butt partner and they are going to crush it!).

On Sunday, we rode some new to me trails and they were awesome! So awesome that I ended up with fern in my hair?!


Since I was just trying to keep it together, I turned around earlier than Errin. Next time, I will keep going! The trails were super fun and a little more my speed!


They headed home after our rides and Ken and I got to work checking out the siding on the house (we are getting ready to stain it….fun).

As we were measuring, Ken found a jackrabbit in a window well. We tried to get him out, but it wouldnt be until the next day when Ken finally aided in his escape!


The moon has been killer, am I right?


Monday was pretty much a day of chores and recovery, while yesterday was filled with errands and the pool. I got in a 3 mile jog and am hoping for another this afternoon (before we head in to town for Ken’s mtn bike race!).

Jasper got to pretend he was a cattle dog and chased these guys out of our yard yesterday….if they eat my garden, I will eat them πŸ˜‰


And that’s about it! Time for more chores and a run!