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Jasper Turns 9!

on July 18, 2018

Hi there!! Happy Hump Day! Hope that your week is going well. We are mainly working around the house but have a dinner to meet Ken at tonight 🙂

Yesterday was a big day. Jasper turned 9 years old. Where does the time go?? (*crying all the ugly tears*)

He is totally our first kid and is treated as such. We love our sweet boy!



photo (43)



Finer moments hahahahaha






Happy birthday, buddy….you are the best!


We spent yesterday taking him to the pond to swim and doing chores around the house. He likes the days that we stay home 😉

Had to cut some lettuce because it is OUT OF CONTROL!!! Starting to get the hang of this plant life. hahaha.



Now, I just need a green house 😉

Spinach to be frozen for smoothies!!


This morning, we headed back up to the pond for some more swimming!




Some modeling….


And some playing in mud. Her favorite!


I managed to sneak out last night for an hour on my bike when Ken got home. Today, it is looking like the trainer. Blech. Brooke isnt in the mood for the trailer lately and to be honest, my legs are not in the mood to pull her either! 😉

Then maybe I can fit in some grading while she plays….mom life!

Hope you are finding some fun things to do…enjoy every moment of Summer!! 😉

2 responses to “Jasper Turns 9!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Happy Birthday Jasper! I don’t have a dog BUT I am sure that he is truly a member of the family and deserves the same if not more of a celebration for always being up for anything whether that be being ridden like a horse by Brooke or going on never ending run with mom and dad! 😉
    Hope Jasper got an extra special treat on his big day!

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