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Moving all the Gravel…and then working out after!

on June 21, 2018

Hi there! How’s it going? Just popping by with some of the stuff going on in the past week or so!

Went for a ride the other night. Just your casual herd of elk hanging out. With ALL THE BABIES!!


I dont ride often at night, but it never disappoints.


Last Saturday, Brooke tried out golf. She LOVED it. Hopefully we will make it back this weekend.


Cutest little golfer ever.


Since Ken was riding with a friend, we took our time and stopped by the Farmer’s Market and Mustang show.



We spent Father’s Day doing the church thing and then moving gravel. My body is seriously so tired.


Just using the scary equipment.


Found a salamander in the yard. Super cool!


On Monday, we headed into town for some errands. Why is she so much cooler than me. And when did she turn 15?


She took my phone to take some pics…


Her view….


Did some more gravel moving throughout the week….



Had some tea parties.


New flooring in the playhouse.


Harvesting some veggies!!



Have gotten in some riding and running over the last week. My body isnt too keen on hard efforts (though I did get to do some climbing last Thursday!!), so keeping it pretty low key.

Saw a bear run across the field next to our house last night. Made me super motivated to go for my run 😉

Took the morning off and headed to the lake this morning with our neighbors for some SUP time. My body appreciated the break! Was trying to convince B to go for a ride with me, but we are still having a debate over it. May turn into a run….only time will tell 😉

Hope you have some super fun plans for the weekend. We are having topsoil delivered tomorrow. My back is super excited for what’s to come 😛

3 responses to “Moving all the Gravel…and then working out after!

  1. Rene' Benesh says:


  2. Lindsay says:

    You’ve been doing so much hard work. I just love all of the views of the mountains. I hope the summer is going well. Continue to keep checking back for updates. How is summer school going?

  3. LeeAnn says:

    Thanks! Summer is going well. Too busy! The days are completely filled and then up until 11 grading each night. Things should calm down after this weekend!!
    How is your summer?

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