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Moving all the Gravel…and then working out after!

Hi there! How’s it going? Just popping by with some of the stuff going on in the past week or so!

Went for a ride the other night. Just your casual herd of elk hanging out. With ALL THE BABIES!!


I dont ride often at night, but it never disappoints.


Last Saturday, Brooke tried out golf. She LOVED it. Hopefully we will make it back this weekend.


Cutest little golfer ever.


Since Ken was riding with a friend, we took our time and stopped by the Farmer’s Market and Mustang show.



We spent Father’s Day doing the church thing and then moving gravel. My body is seriously so tired.


Just using the scary equipment.


Found a salamander in the yard. Super cool!


On Monday, we headed into town for some errands. Why is she so much cooler than me. And when did she turn 15?


She took my phone to take some pics…


Her view….


Did some more gravel moving throughout the week….



Had some tea parties.


New flooring in the playhouse.


Harvesting some veggies!!



Have gotten in some riding and running over the last week. My body isnt too keen on hard efforts (though I did get to do some climbing last Thursday!!), so keeping it pretty low key.

Saw a bear run across the field next to our house last night. Made me super motivated to go for my run 😉

Took the morning off and headed to the lake this morning with our neighbors for some SUP time. My body appreciated the break! Was trying to convince B to go for a ride with me, but we are still having a debate over it. May turn into a run….only time will tell 😉

Hope you have some super fun plans for the weekend. We are having topsoil delivered tomorrow. My back is super excited for what’s to come 😛


A 5th Birthday and Lots Of Yardwork

Hi there! I feel like I need a disclaimer that says: See you in the Fall! Barely a minute to put thoughts together in the Summer!

Quick recap on some things going on….

A pallet of natural bricks showed up at my house last week. Projects Projects Projects.


Made sure to get right to work 😉


And because I can never only have one project at a time….refinished my Teak bench.


Looks sooooo good.


More bricks.


Someone thought they were a balance beam.


I got a little break over the weekend when my sister and mom showed up to celebrate a certain little lady’s 5th birthday!


Brooke was SOOOO excited and we did all the things.


On Saturday, Alle and I did a 30 mile ride before we all headed to the lake for some paddle boarding.

On Sunday, we had a reservation for brunch at 11. Someone dressed up!


That face though!!!!


Brunch was on top of a mountain. The views were insane.


Girl loves her Daddy!



Due to some airline issues, Ken ended up taking Alle and my mom to Vail to fly out. They left at 4 am. Ouch.

Brooke and I got to stay home and spend the day cleaning up before heading to ballet. We rode there. Good combo 🙂


Tuesday was Brooke’s actual birthday. We spent the day doing all sorts of fun things. Mini golf, the pool, grocery shopping 😉



Got home and celebrated with Jasper.


It was a great day! I even fit in 10 x 1 minute hill repeats good for 4.5 miles of running!

This morning, I got to work on digging some trenches. Always good when you have worn through a glove by mid-June. Ugh.


Nice trench next to the back of the house to run some pipe. It is a foot deep. Be jealous.


More trenches for more bricks. I’m tired.


And it appears a fire hath started. Again. Mid-June. Scary.


And that’s about it! There have been many other workouts in there, I am just too tired to think about when 🙂

Hope you are having an amazing summer!!


The Dead Swede (the name of the race!)

Hey there! How are you?? Time for another weekly round up?! I seriously do not know what happens to the weeks. They just vanish in the summer.

Last week was a lot of the usual. Workouts (running and riding), yard work, prepping for the class I will be teaching online, pool time, etc.

On Thursday, I was preparing for our trip to Sheridan, Wyoming. Brooke took that to mean: put on random clothes and get in a weight workout. Girl is crazy! Side note: I cannot believe that she will be 5 in a week?!


A lot goes into race trips and Brooke always makes things a bit more exciting 😉

Friday morning started out with rides for both Ken and I -we have so many awesome roads to choose from. Cant beat that!


We loaded up the truck and trailer and hit the road by 9:15 am. Took most of the day to get there, but we made sure to stop for a hike to the top of a rock mountain in 50 mph winds. It was a little scary on top and we didnt stay long! Super cool though!








On Saturday, we were up nice and early for Ken’s 7 am start. Brooke actually slept through most of his prep (laying right next to him?!) and Ken even gave me coffee and breakfast in bed!

Ken rode to the start (1.8 miles from our camp spot) and Brooke and I got things together before getting on the road for our support duties. We ended up getting lost a bit but caught him at the second aid station before he started climbing.

And climb they did! I kid you not, I LOVE to go uphill on my bike. Love it. Not so much the downhill, but I LOVE the uphill. This, my friends, was insane. It was about 20 miles of climbing or something crazy. We are talking some gnar sections of rocks and 19% grades.


I was in 4 wheel drive for parts of it in the F-250.




Ken ended up not needing anything from us, but it was worth the experience and the views were incredible.

Another side note: I know that my husband is an incredible athlete, but I was BLOWN away by his ride. He is 6 foot 4 inches (not your typical tiny climber) and he was right there with the guy that we were nervous about getting away on the climb. RIGHT THERE and looking insanely strong. I was so impressed.

After seeing Ken, we headed back down the mountain. This was a bit stressful as I was driving a rather large vehicle with other cars coming up, a ton of cyclists coming up and then my husband FLIES by me on the outside heading down. I had a small heart attack. At least I was ready when second came up a few minutes later, but good grief. He went down that mountain like a mad man! And we are not talking paved roads, they are gravel/rock/sand….wow.

The rest of the day was a series of rolling hills. We caught up with Ken at the next aid station and gave him a sandwich, bottles, etc. Then he set out on his way. We aimed to follow him, but the road got a bit soft and I did not want to spend the day digging out the truck. We turned around and tried to follow the map to another point to meet him.

He actually called us a bit later to say he hoped we didnt get stuck and was happy to hear we made better choices 😉 We tried to meet him at mile 90 but we were not informed that there was rerouting that morning and ended up on the original course with a fellow supporter. They still had signage out there, so it was a shock to us when Ken called from the finish line. oops.

He won by over 13 minutes on second and then more and more time on the others. It was a successful day for him on the bike and we couldnt be more proud! I even got to sneak out for 25 mile ride after he was done!




Nothing says gravel racing like winning a weapon, right?


Working on her break-dance moves.


After the awards, we actually hooked up the trailer and headed for Casper. We were hoping to take a few hours off the trip for Sunday to enjoy the afternoon at home. Not a bad morning view, either.





Once home, we did some chores and I got out for just over an hour of riding. Quick hot tub, worked on Ken’s legs and called it a night!

Monday was filled with mowing. And dance class. And really that was it.

This morning, we had to drop Ken off in town, so we made the most of it and took Brooke’s bike. We got in 3 miles (I got to run with her!) and it was awesome! Girl did so good! Excited for more of this!





When we got home, it was time to set free the butterflies that Brooke raised. It was really cool and we were so happy they all made it.




Brooke then proceeded to destroy the living room and dress like a mermaid. Perfectly normal.


And that is another week in our lives! Hope that you had a great week and have lots of fun things coming up! We have company coming this weekend and we cant wait!

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