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Riding, Running and Projecting.

on May 29, 2018

Hey, guys! I’m really killing it in the blog world right now, huh?!

The weeks are filled with so many projects, prepping for classes, cleaning and such and the weekends are filled with even more projects and a lot of workouts with a side of family fun!

I do have some highlights from last week….

Wednesday morning I got out for a ride at 6 am and it was gorgeous (and brisk). Got splashed by a truck….the guy is 25 and new to the area. I dont think he knows that everyone knows everyone out here and I know exactly where he lives…not the greatest way to make friends with your neighbor!


Ken and I spent last week drilling and welding and painting some metal for a custom shelving unit for the living room. He is really excited to spend his free time doing my projects 😉


Especially when I dress super sexy.


To add more animals to my list of things to do (Jasper, the fish, the hummingbirds, Ken and Brooke-I kid, kind of), we are raising butterflies. Perfect.

IMG_5979 (1)

Brooke got in some quality park time in town of Wednesday.



First time she made it up to the top chair!


We ran several errands before heading home and doing some more shop work.

IMG_6013 (2)

On Thursday, I spent most of the day outside mowing and cleaning up the yard. Apparently, I need sunscreen between my gloves and shirt when I mow. Ouch.

IMG_6046 (1)

Did some cleaning in the house too…


On Friday, Ken got off a bit early for the long weekend. He rode his bike home for his workout and then I rode to town to pick up the truck. Multitasking at its finest! The views were pretty outstanding. Seventeenpointseven miles of pure bliss. Bring on summer!


Friday evening, Ken’s sister (Errin) and her husband (Colin) made it to our house for the weekend. They brought their two adorable 7 month old kittens. Brooke and Jasper were in absolute Heaven.

On Saturday, the guys rode while Errin did science projects with Brooke. I spent the morning digging a 99 foot ditch to put paving stones/bricks in to separate gravel and grass. All.the.projects.

Once the guys returned, Errin and I went out for 48 miles of awesomeness. I definitely felt the fact that my longest ride of the year had been 34.5 miles. Way to prepare, LeeAnn.

These kind of views (Hahn’s Peak) make it all worth it!


So do all the babies!!


Sunday was filled with another boys ride in the morning followed by E and I getting out for a 30 mile loop on the gravel roads around Elk Mountain. I was pretty much toast by the end and happy to flop on the floor.

In the midst of all the play, Ken got a water tank pulled off the trailer to fix, he and C moved a large bench/cabinet to the basement and we finished up the metal portion of the shelves! I love them already!


We said goodbye to Errin, Colin and the kittens around 10:30 on Monday morning and did some work around the house. Ken offered up a paddle boarding trip so we ventured to Steamboat Lake for an hour of paddle boarding and a picnic lunch (plus a stop for ice cream on the way home!).

Did a little of this and a little of that and before I knew it, it was time to take Brooke to her dance class. Spent the evening working on Ken’s legs watching a documentary on the Ouray 100 mile ultra that Errin recommended to us. So interesting! I am toying with the idea of running the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile race in September of next year. Could be exciting, right?? I am sure the 3.3 miles I ran on the treadmill today will translate 😉

And there you have it! Hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day. We are very excited to usher in summer over here!

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