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Riding Outside in Shorts.

on May 9, 2018

Hi there. How’s it going? Good week? It has been a bit rough with hints of awesome over here.

Last Friday, Brooke woke up with a cough/cold/something. Then Ken woke up with the sore throat, etc on Saturday. Now I wait to be taken down. Stellar. No good vacation goes unpunished?

In other news….it rained just down from us on Friday and it was pretty neat to watch.


Ken got in 112 miles on Saturday so Brooke and I got out for a little ride of our own.


Seriously though. Cant say no to these dirt roads.


We ventured over to the neighbor’s for Derby Party/Cinco de Mayo Party. Since Brooke was feeling a bit crummy, we stayed outside for most of it and only ventured in to see the actual race. She sure looked adorable though.


Someone has to make up for whatever I throw on. šŸ˜‰


Ken stayed to socialize while B and I headed home after the race to hang out in the hot tub.

Random: I think I need this for next mud season!


On Sunday, Brooke got to inflate her new bounce house. Life is tough out here in the boonies.


She literally played in that thing for almost 5 hours throughout the day. Ken rode for 4 hours, I dug holes for posts for a raised bed, pulled out sage brush and then about died when I went out for a 34 mile ride! Getting back in shape (cycling) is no joke! I almost got off my bike and ran the last 5 miles home. Running shape does not equal cycling shape. Umph.

Monday: All the outside chores. Galore. I literally have zero pictures from Monday. Brooke was hacking away so we kept our germs at home and did not go to dance. Also, I have not slept since last Thursday….the other two cough at night. Awesome.

Ken had a work call from 6:30-7:30 but was able to get home by 5:15 so I got out for an hour and 12 minutes on my bike before his call!

Today, Brooke’s cough was substantially better (though I am typing this at night and I have heard her twice already). Sleep is overrated, right?

Dinosaurs came to breakfast. Perfectly normal.


Spent much of the day outside, because, you know, Spring. Moved the outside furniture to the porch (I sat this down for a second to put on the other cushions and he decided it was a new seat).


After working outside, cleaning up the house and prepping dinner, as soon as Ken got home, I jumped on my bike for an hour! Playing catch up is hard. But the views, though!



And that is where we are at.

I must admit, blogging becomes a bit sporadic this time of the year trying to get things done outside/inside/etc. I am in between classes for a couple of weeks and then I will be back at it with teaching. So many things!!

Here’s to hoping for a few more hours of sleep tonight and we will see which day I get taken down by this plague. Maybe I should start a pool…. šŸ˜‰



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